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Interpreting Dreams of Spiritual Significance


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We now interrupt this dream...

This is part of my series on interpreting dreams. In this series, I am sharing my own approach to finding meaning in dreams, meaning of a spiritual nature. This page speaks of dreams with unusual spiritual significance, or what I call Medicine Dreams. Such dreams are often profoundly transformative for me and always directly relate to some significant and immediate aspect of my life.

Medicine Dreams: I long for these. A Medicine Dream is a dream where I recognize something larger than ego struggles being played out. When I have a Medicine Dream, I know there has been Divine Intervention and guidance is coming through of a higher nature.

To have a medicine dream indicates that I have successfully surrendered the ego to the degree that the Sacred can touch me, for guidance and healing that is soul deep and may affect more than one lifetime or more than one issue.

Medicine Dreams have certain components, for me. Animals are often in my Medicine Dreams, due to my work with totems and power animals. Archetypal figures may be present. Also, there is a different feel to a Medicine Dream, which I cannot articulate fully. There is a richness of texture to the dream environment and an intensity of focus on the medicine elements within the dream. I notice this same crispness and feeling of actual flesh and blood reality with prophetic dreams too.

Additionally, when I wake from a Medicine Dream, I literally feel altered at a cellular level. My cells may seem to be buzzing or filled with light of I just may be very energetically aware of my entire body. Often, after a Medicine Dream, I notice my perspective on situations are different and my connections with others more meaningful, especially if the dream involves someone currently in my life.

The appearance of archetypes, angels, guides, etc signals a spiritually rich and significant dream too, of course, but some of my most powerful medicine dreams had no commonly recognized archetypes.

On the other hand, anything can represent the archetypal energy of itself. For example, in one medicine dream I had, the Earth herself figured prominently. There were fresh-plowed fields and as I went through the dream, I was very aware of the energy in the soil even though Earth did not appear as "Mother" or in some form that communicated with me in the dream.

I have just come to know (through observing different aspects of my dream, asking myself questions about my dreams on waking and meditating on dreams that seemed significant) the difference between a dream where I'm working things out for myself and a dream where the Divine has intervened in my dreamtime for specific transformative effect.

Once you invite medicine dreaming into your life, and start to notice the textures, colors, feelings and sensations in your different levels of dreaming, a Medicine Dream can always let you know it isn't just about what went on yesterday. Instead, it is about a bigger picture view and offers the opportunity for spiritual valuable shifts in consciousness, awareness and perspective.

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