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Organic Sulfur Flakes and Radiation
Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Spread

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Organic Sulfur Flakes - Impact on Radiation Exposure


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Organic Sulfur Website - I can't recommend or not recommend the sulfur promoted on this website but they do seem to have some of the concerns covered, in particular the concern I have about additives and anti-caking materials being added.

Nutritional Mushroom Supplements - Potential health benefits from specific mushroom types. Specifically, Turkey Tail has been studies for anti-tumor effects.

Did you know... airborn radiation from Fukushima showed up in U.S. milk and rainwater in 2011? We've had nuclear radiation from Fukushima in the US since March or April of 2014. And ... Fukushima radiation testing was NOT being done by Washington or the Federal Goverment in 2014. It's now 2016 and do you hear about Fukushima now? It's still leaking, folks, tons per day ... This is not a political article. However, I'll just mention that the impact from Fukushima is from a single reactor breaking down. We have over 100 nuclear plants in America. It's time to stop building time bombs and find a cleaner way to produce energy. This is not a fear-mongering statement but a fact... every person on this planet is being impacted by what happened at the nuclear plant in Japan.

Natural approach to radiation exposure: If you have concerns about radiation exposure and your health, the good news is that nature provides some help for the body that has been explosed to nuclear radiation. One such helper is sulfur. Organic sulfur has unique properties for helping cleanse the body or radioactive elements. It also has benefits beyond radiation detoxing, like reducing joint pain and inflammation.

There are good articles on the subject if interested in researching sulfur for reasons other than radiation particulate detoxing. If it feels right for you, consider supplementing with organic sulfur flakes, not just for radiation poisoning but for your overall health. I've linked to the brand I tried after reading about health benefits of organic sulfur, Sulfur Defense, but there are lots of other choices. Just make sure to get a good brand. The more I read, the more confused I get about the difference between MSM, Sulfur and DMSO. I ordered some DMSO but it was a long time before I finally used it, due to all the cautions about contamination if used incorrectly. Here's some info on using DMSO safely. I continue to use the Sulfur Defense and find it helpful. It is good for joint pain.

Sulfur Intolerance Caution:
Some people who have mercury fillings and are experiencing symptoms of mercury toxicity may have trouble with sulfur as well as sulfur-containing foods. I did but found this intolerance went away when I added goat whey high in glutathione precursers. One detox specialist who is adamant about avoiding high thiol foods (sulfur-containing foods have high level of free thiols) is Andy Cutler. Read more about sulfur intolerance and how to avoid foods that might trigger it.

Tips for getting good sulfur flakes:
1. Realize that there are different sources of sulfur. Most retail versions of MSM flakes, crystals or capsules contains about 34 percent sulfur.
2. Natural mineral sulfur is yellow. Most sulfur flakes are white, not yellow like natural sulfur because they have been precipitated from DMSO.
3. Flakes produced by distillation are considered superior to those produced by crystallization.
4. Flakes produced without additives, fillers or anti-caking ingredients are considered safer and more effective.
5. Sulfur products may be sourced from mineral sulfur stores in the earth or from pine lignans.

You may have read about MSM before and may have even taken MSM for joint health. I did. I was ultimately disappointed by it and after reading that organic sulfur (and by that I mean, sulfur taken straight from a sulfur-rich source such as pine lignans NOT organically grown) binds to just about everything, including the anti-caking ingredients and fillers always added to processed MSM. This binding drastically reduces the ability of the sulfur to do what we are wanting it to do in this case, help the body release radiation. Source: NaturoDoc Website

Health Disclaimer: This information about sulfur flakes and nuclear radiation is certainly not intended to replace medical advice. If you live near the Fukushima nuclear plant, please avail yourself of all medical testing and evaluation opportunities. If under a doctor's care for radiation poisoning, please ask about taking pure sulfur flakes and Vitamin C as support for the body.