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Are Thermogenic Diet Aids
A Safe Weight Loss Option?

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Ask A Healer Healthy Weight Loss Series

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Are Thermogenic Diet Aids the Best Way to Lose Weight?


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This is part two of an article on healthy weight loss. Please read the introduction to losing weight safely.

What you should know about thermogenic weight loss formulas before you take them to lose weight.
The rapid weight loss some overweight people initially experience with thermogenic diet aids is that it is often a sacrifice of lean muscle mass because the weight is coming off too soon, or it is due to dehydration and water weight loss. What good is weighing less if you look flabby or you skin starts looking dead from lack of hydration?

Another serious issue with OTC diet pills and prescription diet pills alike is that they are potentially addictive and also potentially harmful to the kidneys, if taken too long or if people take too many. Also, if diet pills change your appetite through reving up the metabolism artificially, you end up with overworked adrenals and exhaustion. Then, the weight comes back like gangbusters and is even more difficult to lose next time you diet.

What has been needed is a weight loss plan for overweight people that incorporates healthy eating, moderate exercise and a weight loss supplement that would support the body without having an almost amphetamine effect (and resulting dependency) or something that made us not want to eat at all until our body rebelled and we overate to compensate. For me, the missing components in most weight loss formulations were sustained natural energy and nutritional support.

As an herbalist and wellness counselor, I have worked with so many who have struggles with weight. I have seen, over and over, that either energy or basic health was sacrificed to lose a little weight but that the loss wasn't permanent. As a spiritual healing facilitator, I have also had acute awareness that the body is simply our diagnostic tool for how well we are living in accordance with our High Self and Truth. Any kind of imbalance on the physical, even weight gain, is a signal of a non-physical imbalance. Until we get to the core of the imbalance, there is no permanent change. This is why I recommend that any kind of weight loss program be coupled with either healing work or, if you are not open to that, at least counseling.

Detoxing and Weight Loss
Colon, blood and liver cleansing can eliminate some of the hidden obstacles to weight loss. Sluggish kidneys, lymph or eliminatory organs can affect your weight loss results quite a bit so if you feel all your body systems are not functioning at optimal health, consider detoxing as an aid to losing weight. Visit the detox section for more information.

Enzymes and Weight Loss
Digestive Enzyme supplementation can provide remarkably beneficial support for weight loss too. When we are deficient in digestive enzymes (which can happen due to age, not eating enough raw foods, and stress) our digestive systems labor and our body cannot function as well. This can affect your ability to lose weight as well as your overall health. For weight loss, choose an enzyme formula with high levels of lipase, the enzyme that digests fast.

Body Wraps and Weight Loss - A guide to doing body wraps at home plus an offer to save on body wrap formulas and kits.

Additional Cautioning About Diet Pills

A Caution About Fasting to Lose Weight

Health Care Disclaimer: This weight loss information is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace any needed medical assistance with your weight loss goals.