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I just thought I was in full Menopause!

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The Healing Waters Series

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My Third Day of Enhanced Water - A Totally Unexpected Result


This is part three of my results from experimenting with some energetically enhanced water products called Ausome Water and Clear Light. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: Beginning of Experiment

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Important Note: Ausome water, Clear Light and the other energetically enhanced products offered by Keith Perry are not represented as nutritional supplements, nor are they presented as having medicinal properties beyond simple hydration. Any reported benefits of a physical nature may be seen as indicative of enhanced spiritual connection prompted by the spiritual intent of the user and the supportive frequencies in the energetically enhanced water.

Also Important: I am using A LOT of this water. It is not recommended that anyone use as much as I'm using when first starting out. Please use spiritual discernment if you decided to try it. Keith Perry, the fellow who developed these spiritual enhancement tools, suggests starting with just one drop of Ausome Water in 16 ounces of regular water til you see how you do with it.

3rd Day on Ausome Water:

I woke to a real shocker. I had started my menstrual cycle in the night. This after 6 months of no cycle. I had thought I might be in full menopause and was very surprised to find out that it wasn't over yet. While it isn't unusual for a woman in peri-menopause to go 6 months before having another cycle, prior to hitting full menopause, the timing was quite interesting and I do instinctively feel the energized water was a factor. I probably should have thought about cutting back on dosage when this happened but, spiritual daredevil that I am, I actually increased dosage.

I got a call that afternoon from a friend who teaches at a beauty salon. She asked me if I'd consider teaching some of her students how to do the Raindrop Technique. She offered to get the students together, collect the money and host the class. I agreed and we ended our conversation. She called back later in the afternoon to say that the class was full (8 students) with three or four on waiting list for the next class. I have not put myself out there publically in a teaching capacity in many years.

My carpal tunnel type pain came back again so I decided to try the little energy bead from Keith. These are just those little beads like you'd buy to put in a rock garden or aquarium but they've been energetically charged. I don't know the process for doing so but the beads are somehow charged with the enhanced water frequency. I just held the energy bead in my hand while watching tv and noticed after about a half hour that the pain was gone.

I'm noticing that my elimination is very good since drinking the water. As a wellness counselor, I'm used to being very graphic with people about what a normal, healthy bowel movement should look like so forgive the graphic nature now: What I'm noticing with the Ausome Water is that my stool is soft, unformed, long, thick, uncrimped and even. That's very good and this type of movement has been consistent for all three days I've been on the water so far. However, the color is not that of healthy stool ( light honey brown) but looks like the stool one would see when detoxing. I have a strong sense that detox is going on in the entire system but this is the only visible clue I've gotten.

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Health Disclaimer: Energetically enhanced water is a spiritual catalyst. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health.