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The Raindrop Technique,
Using Pure Essential Oils

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The Raindrop Technique for Relaxation and Healing Bliss!

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what is aromatherapy?

I fell in love with the Raindrop Technique years ago, when I was a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I did not fall in love with MLM. I left Young Living and all other mlm-structured businesses years ago but still love their essential oils, particularly the Valor blend, which is a key component in the Raindrop Technique. Gary Young's Raindrop Therapy was my first exposure to application of essential oils along the spine. This is an incredibly powerful application of essential oils and I find the results quite immediate.

This natural healing technique is delicious, luxurious and relaxing. During the Raindrop Technique process, essential oils are applied along the spine in a specific sequence. Since my major experience with spinal applications is through Young Living, I'll list the sequence of oils used by Gary Young: Valor (since my time with Young Living, they've come out with a Valor II and this is now recommended instead of Valor), Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen (This is a replacement as well - in the beginning, Birch essential oil was used but Birch has become hard to get so they replaced with the inferior wintergreen at some point), Marjoram, Aromasiez, Peppermint. The only two that you can't get anywhere except Young Living are Valor and Aroma Siez. Quite frankly, Valor is one of the best blends I've ever used and I'd probably still get that one to start the technique.

In addition to particular essential oils applied in a particular sequence, The Raindrop Technique as designed by Gary Young involves several unique application processes. The person applying the oils uses a specific type of stroke called Vita-Flex, which is taught in the PDR of Essential Oils and on videos by Gary Young, available on youtube. It may be helpful to explore these videos before doing a Raindrop application, if you want to do it the Gary Young Way.

The particular essential oils chosen for application during the Raindrop Technique are potently perfect for creating a powerful healing effect.

The combined properties of these specific pure essential oils pack a powerful antiviral and antibacterial punch while also relaxing muscles and delighting the senses.

Essential Oils used in the Raindrop Technique:

I've listed the specific oils used in the Raindrop Technique Above. A lot of these EO's will be familiar to massage therapists and aromatherapists: Thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram, peppermint, cypress and wintergreen, to name a few; other oils chosen for this delicious experience are essential oil blends which are specific to the Young Living line of essential oils, such as Valor and AromaSeiz. Some therapists add in other oils on an "as needed" basis. For example, if the person receiving the Raindrop Technique has a specific health challenge, the therapist might add in an EO that is specifically beneficial for that particular challenge.

How a Raindrop Technique is done:
There are variations to this technique, as there usually are with most techniques in body care. I am just sharing a bit of information for those who might be interested in experiencing the Raindrop Technique.

To begin with, the Valor E.O. Blend (as mentioned earlier, Valor is a blend exclusive to Young Living and I do love it though I don't love the mlm structure it is sold under) on both feet and on both shoulders. These points are held and this part of the technique is extremely relaxing for most people.

Then, one by one 5 to 6 drops of the other essential oils are dropped along the spine. With each oil that is dropped and smoothed along the spinal column, there is a series of Vita-Flex movements that follow. This enjoyable and feather-light stroke involves contact between the spinal area and the finger nails as they lightly move up the spine. I love the way the Vita-Flex stroke feels but it is also very different from any type of massage therapy that you might be used to getting so it kinda has to be experienced.

If you want to learn more about giving the Raindrop Technique, getting a session is a good way to start, as is taking a class. Keep in mind, if taking a class, that the oils are usually not included and buying them may be a bigger investment than the class itself.

Expect to spend around a hundred dollars for the essential oils kit for doing the Raindrop Technique. Contact me if you are interested in learning the Raindrop Technique . You may also order the PDR for Essential oils book but frankly, I'd have a hard time figuring it out just from the written word. It helps a lot to actually experience it and to see how it's done. I think you may actually have to order this book through Young Living. Couldn't find it online and I got mine when I was a distributor, before I gave up on mlm.

Health Disclaimer: While the Raindrop Technique can sometimes produce powerful cleansing and detoxing and can assist the body by way of potent, potent antivirals and antibacterial properties in the essential oils, it is not claimed here that it will cure anything. If you are dealing with medical conditions requiring treatment, please check with the appropriate healthcare professional. Also realize that a qualified aromatherapist is knowledgeable about essential oils in a way that the casual user is not. So consulting with an aromatherapists before using E.O.'s is good advice. Aromatherapy or the therapeutic use of essential oils is not presented here as replacement for any medical attention or evaluation you may need.