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Interesting Self-Defeating Pattern Emerges
Headache to Light-Headed to Clear-Headed

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This is part four of my results from what has become a very intense and interesting spiritual experiment with restructured water. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: Beginning of Healing Waters Experiment

Ausome Water and Clear Light are forms of restructured, energized water that have been put through several processes involving standing wave principles, implosion, magnetic fields, diamagnetism, and vortexes. These products are for spiritual use only.

Please note: These energized waters are for spiritual purposes only. Any benefits emerge from a combination of spiritual intent and the frequencies within the water and should not be construed as a nutritional or medicinal supplement. My results may not be typical since I elected to take larger doses than recommended. That's only a good choice when a person can assume full responsibility for their actions.

Important Note: I am using A LOT of this water. It is NOT recommended that anyone use as much as I'm using when first starting out. Please use spiritual discernment if you decided to try it.

4th Day on Ausome Water:

So much has happened in the past four days that I no longer doubt that these products are, in fact, energetically enhanced and very potent.

I woke with a menopausal migraine this morning after not having one for months. This type of headache is fairly common among perimenopausal women but, again, I just notice the timing of it. On rising, I splashed diluted Ausome Water on forhead, side of head and neck. Menopausal migraines are pretty brutal but I noticed about a 50% reduction in pain within minutes of doing this.

After noting this reduction in pain, I applied about 1/2 drop of pure Au Water and the pain went down an additional 10%.

Then, I lay down with the bead on the side of my head where the menopausal migraine pain was worst and it relieved by another 20% within a half-hour. All in all, it took about an hour of working with the products for the headache pain to diminish 90%. Usually, when I have gotten menopausal migraines in the past, they have lasted all day and sometimes more than a day. This was impressive to me.

You would think I'd cut back on dosage now, right.....nope.

I took a bath with 3 drops of the Clear Light, which is 50 times more concentrated than the Ausome Water. The rest of the day I felt light-headed off and on.

In the afternoon, I got clear on a self-defeating pattern that kicks in when I get bored. It wasn't a new pattern but a new way of looking at an old pattern. I was able to understand some of the factors that, in the past, had led me to turn to food, alcohol, sweets, chips or other comfort foods. Tonight, this craving manifested in a desire for red wine.

Keith had mentioned on one of his pages about how the waters added to coffee intensified the effects of the caffiene and I wondered if I would experience the same intensification of effects with the wine. If so, might one glass do what 2 normally did?

An experiment you should NOT do:
Boldly (or foolishly) using myself as a guinea pig, I put one drop of Clear Light in a glass of red wine with the SPIRITUAL intention of understanding my relationship with alcohol and other comfort foods and drinks.

Remember, Clear Light is 50 times stronger than Ausome Water so that was a MASSIVE dose of spiritual frequency.

I drank that glass and noticed absolutely no effect other than I actually felt more clear-headed than before I drank the wine. I poured another glass and added yet another drop of Clear Light.

Usually, after 2 glasses of red wine, I'm very mellow and relaxed. Not this time. Totally clear-headed. So, I repeated the experiment a third time. Almost unbelievably, I noted the same clear-headed results. No intoxication whatsoever.

Normally, 3 glasses is my absolute limit. I usually stop at 2. However, since I was feeling no effects at all, I added a 4th drop of Clear Light in my fourth glass of red wine. I did feel the fourth glass but only at the level of 1 glass. In other words, the effect of 4 glasses was about the typical effect of 1 glass or a glass and a half at the most.

I don't exactly know what happened in this experiment but I saw the energetic gridline of my habits in the past and saw how that gridline was strengthened each time I made the choice of numbing myself with food or alcohol. It was a sobering moment, pun intended. I also don't know how to describe a shift in perception that accompanied that realization. I see red wine differently now. Maybe that will clarify in days to come but all I can say right now is that my relationship with red wine has changed, in some way I perceive to be good.

Abundance continued with two checks in the mail. I think, so far, I've received income every single day since I started this experiment. That's pretty awesome, in and of itself, since one of my spiritual intentions at the beginning involved clarifying my path to the abundance I know the universe holds for each being.

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Health Disclaimer: This restructured water is a spiritual tool ONLY. Any reported benefits may be seen as emerging from a state of better spiritual alignment and balance. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health. Feeling light-headed after a hot bath can be a sign that you have stayed in too long or that the water was too hot. Take it easy.