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Acupuncture Treatments as
Complementary Medicine

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Information About Acupuncture as an Alternative Medicine Therapy


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Acupuncture, as a complementary medicine modality, has been around since B.C. times - I'm taking the stone age. However, it is NOT so simple a caveman could do it, ha. Sorry for poking fun, Geiko, and cavemen everywhere. No, seriously, acupuncture is a respected part of traditional Chinese Medicine and is also recognized as a CAM therapy here in the U.S. CAM stands for complementary alternative medicine.

An acupuncture / accupuncture treatment involves the insertion of a very thin (not thin enough for me, even so) needle into meridian points on the body. Many swear by it for a wide range of health challenge including infertility, weight loss, headaches, pain relief and more. The simple but very precise placement of these thin needles along recognized meridians in the body can off bring dramatic and rapid improvement. Learn More About Acupuncture

Two of the many applications of acupuncture include utilizing the meridian modality to help a person lose weight. One of the most common use of acupuncture treatments is in cases of chronic pain. Those who suffer with of some types of chronic pain, such as low back pain from an injury or the pain of osteoarthritis in joints, such as around the knee joints often see remarkable reduction in pain after acupuncture / accupuncture treatments. The rapidity with which pain can be relieved with acupuncture is one of the reasons it is so popular for pain relief applications.

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Health Disclaimer: Acupuncture is not presented as any type of substitute for any needed medical attention. Chronic pain may often mask an underlying medical condition or structural issue. Seek any needed evaluation or testing and be wise with your health. Sometimes, I see it spelled accupuncture but the correct spelling appears to be only one p.