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Promote Yourself as an Actor; Get an Agent; Auditioning Techniques that Book Acting Jobs and More


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What I learned in Hollywood - Some acting classes are taught by frustrated actors who hate what they are doing, don't want to be there and generate a pretty nasty vibe from the beginning. I'm grateful I walked out of a few of those classes, even after paying for them.

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The Acting Guide offers techniques and strategies for boosting your career, getting the acting jobs you want and making it as an actor. Learn how self-promotion as an actor help you get the break you deserve.

Steve Snyder is listed on He's very young to have experienced so much success so the guide he offers might be quite valuable to those just starting out in the biz. I have no personal experience with Steve's acting guide but he does have quite a few credits so it might be worth checking out.

In an interesting "6 degrees of separation" sort of way, I noticed that Steve worked on the same film that one of my friends in Los Angeles. It's called "You Should Meet my Son" and that's my friend, Carol Goans, in the middle of the poster (She's hilarious!). Carol played Rose and Steve played Chase in this film.

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The Acting Guide

What is the Acting Guide?
The Acting Guide is written by a professional actor, Steve Snyder. Steve certainly has demonstrated quick success in landing starring/supporting roles in 3 feature films, a dozen short films and 6 web-series, all in less than one year. I don't know anyone else who had that level of success right out of the starting gate in Hollywood.

The Acting Guide contains 123 pages of resources and informaition specific to acting and the business of acting. Steve covers all areas of challenge for the new actor, teaching how to break into the business, create your own unique branding for yourself, get a great agent, etc. Steve also shares acting and audition techniques, teaches you how to get more auditions, how to get into the unions, how to save money and where to study your craft. Also includes are tax savings ideas specific to actors.

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