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Hypnoisis for Improvisation
Removing Creative Blocks

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do you give your best audition on the drive home? conquer stagefright

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Acting Resource for Improv Artists: Hypnosis for Spontaneous Performance

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Need a new monologue?

Improve your improv skills with hypnosis - The Hypnosis to Increase Spontaneous Acting CD Eliminates Blocks to Improvisational Genius

Do you freeze up in improv situations? I understand. I used to cry after a Groundlings Improv class in Los Angeles. I'd be so brilliant on the way home but, there in the room with the likes of Patrick Bristow, I'd freeze up and wonder if I had a brain in my head.

Improvisation is a must for actors. Improv is particularly important in the audition process because casting directors may have been instructed to "try new things" or audition in broad strokes. Improv is also one of the skills that many actors find challenging to develop. Something happens when you are told not to think. We are so geared to analysis and thinking that letting go enough to listen and let a scene unfold is difficult for many. If you are frequently thrown by improv situations, this cd may help.

I didn't know about these cd's when I was taking the improv class at the Groundlings. However, I've used hypnosis and subliminals more than once in my life and they have successfully helped me release all kinds of personal blocks so I don't see why they wouldn't work for increasing improv skills.

Read more about the Be Spontaneous Cd Now
and utilize the subconscous levels of your mind to improve your improv skills.