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Featured creativity program: Comedian's Pack Hypnosis Program

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Are you bombing as a comedian, or just wanting to step up your funny? This 4-session hypnosis program is designed specifically to help the standup comedian to step into a new level of creativity and power.

mp3 hypnosis download # 1 contains programming to tune up your timing and delivery of the punch line for maximum laughs. I think one reason hypnosis can be so useful for performers is that it connects you to your inner wisdom and intuition. Once you are accessing that, you are more able to sense the right timing and delivery.

mp3 hypnosis download # 2 Calms stage fright and pre-performance jitters, getting you in touch with a self-confident performer within. Many a wonderful performance has been derailed by stagefright. Hypnosis is one of the more powerful ways to access the part of you that is not afraid, the part that effortlessly remembers the lines and knows how to present them.

mp3 hynposis download # 3 Hones your wit to a razor sharp edge, giving you the edge over hecklers and tough houses. I used to love improv classes most of all, and I was also terrifed of them because you had to come up with something instantly, without a script. I'd suggest improv classes to any comedian but I'd also suggest a hypnosis or subliminal program designed to access the parts of your brain that are fearless and know what to say and when to say it.

mp3 hypnosis download # 4 Invites and entrains right brain creativity and intuition into your standup routine. I believe accessing the right brain capacity is vital for any creative performer. The left brain will bog down in odds and trying to figure things out and judging how the performance is going, while it's going on. That's death to comedy. Hypnosis can help free up the right brain functions for your work.

Get the Stand Up Comedian's Hypnosis Pack Today!

You'll be slaying the audience with laughter at your next stand up gig.

Standup Comedy takes guts: I really respect stand-up comedians because they are out there on the front lines. They don't have a camera crew and the ability to reshoot the scene. It's live or die with every joke. If you are a comedian and aren't getting the laughs you want, hypnosis may be able to help. By accessing the part of your mind that I call the genuius mind, the subconscious, hypnosis can implant suggestions that will improve your performance.

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