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Fibrocystic Breast Disease Health Care
The Spiritual Implications of PCOS

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Women's Health Information on PCOS and fibrocystic breast disease. ovarian health, breast cancer risks and the spiritual implication of PCOS


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This page speaks of the spiritual implications within conditions including PCOS and breast disease or cancer. If you are seeking allopathic medicine information, please read about conventional medicine information on PCOS

If you are a woman with fibrocystic breast disease, it will be a relief to know that research has not found any link between this condition and increased risk of breast cancer. However, this condition does make it more challenging to perform a thorough breast exam on yourself so more careful self-exam is needed for women with fibrocystic breast disease. For more solid health care information, read the advice of Sandhya Pruthi, an M.D. and a breast-health specialist. Dr. Pruthi's medical advice is courtesy of Mayo Health Clinic.

Question on women's health and spiritual healing: (This person's question concerned PCOS and fibrocystic breast disease. This is her second question on that issue) How can I begin to release myself from these diseases and free myself from demonic entities such as negativity, bad luck, and fear?

Healing facilitation response: This is part two of my response to this question. In part one, I gave conventional medical information and medical treatment information on PCOS, along with women's health resources for learning more about this health condition. In this second part, I'll address spiritual healing implications. Even though I might not use the words demonic entities, as she did, I do recognize the vital part our thinking plays in creating illness and recognize the spiritual implication of physical imbalances.

The Spiritual Significance of polycystic ovaries and fibrocystic breast disease:
The human body is a remarkable thing, designed to help us know how we are doing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Every part of the body has a message for us when it goes out of balance and into illness. As both your points of physical imbalance are in the female organs, I would suspect that you may need to heal some relationship issues and feelings of hate, loss, fear, or resentment over past treatment in intimate relationships.

Health challenges involving the breasts, in particular, seem often to point to issues of mothering. Many women who develop breast problems have trouble either giving too much to others. If this sounds like you, then learning how to create healthy boundaries for yourself is important. Counseling and selfhelp programs that focus on learning to say no when you need to say no, may be very beneficial for you.

Free oneself from demonic entities such as negativity, bad luck, and fear: To me, all those descriptions amount to are collective mindsets and personal belief systems that are limiting. In my own awareness, I have never been set free of anything negative in my life. I know the bible verse about the truth setting you free, yes, but the way I viewed that in my childhood is not the way I view it now. As long as one person on earth has negative thoughts, the vibration of that will continue so being set free is not an option, realistically speaking, because we can only control our own lives, not the actions, thoughts and behaviors of another.

Think about negatives such as fear and bad luck like germs. Germs are everywhere, but why does one person get sick at work and someone working next to them stay well? It's because one had a stronger immune system response than the other. On a spiritual level, the "germs" are worry, hate, bitterness, quilt, shame, anger, doubt and other things that lower our emotional resistance to life's challenges. In an interconnected way, our auric field acts as a sort of spiritual immune system for the physical body. If we can strengten ourselves spiritually, then our vibrational field will become stronger and, over time, will repell the effects of negative thinking in our lives. In this way, we may develop the spiritual strength to naturally and effortlessly avoid adverse effects of negativity.

Personal Responsibility for Creating My Own Reality:
I know that whatever is in my world is a reflection of what is in me. When I find myself in the most negative places, and feel the most unlucky, I can look back and realize that there is some part of me that did not let go of hate, envy, fear, or some other negative emotion. To heal, I always have to heal that within me first then the outer world begins to match that. I share this way of believing with you because it is the way I work to help others. I do not believe in being a victim to the demons of negative energy. By owning whatever is in my life, I have the power to change it.

Breast Care Disclaimer: PCOS and fibrocystic breast disease are medical conditions and as such, need to be diagnosed and discussed with your doctor. The information contained in this women's health care / spiritual healing article or material on this site is not intended to take the place of personal medical attention. Acting on the contents of this women's health information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with your chosen women's health professional on matters regarding ovarian health issues.