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Detoxing Cautions Before You Cleanse
for a Comfortable Detox Experience

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Before you start that internal cleanse, please read these important cautions to have a good detox experience.

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On one hand, it's easy to do a detox. Just go to the health food store, buy a detox program and take it. However, those who take the time to educate themselves before detoxing the body are able to achieve more benefits from detoxification and avoid some of the discomfort that comes from detoxing too rapidly or without proper internal organ support.

Preparing before you detox is a really smart thing to do. Ruling out interactions means reading up on all the ingredients in a detox cleanse. As a general note, the more ingredients there are, the more care and preparation should be taken before starting. The folks who learn how to detox safely may also avoid an uncomfortably strong healing crisis, adverse reactions, side effects or other unpleasant occurrences that may sometimes result with detoxing.

Cautions When Detoxing:
As much as I respect the cleansing power of a good detox, I also recognize the need for some general cautions to insure detoxing occurs safely and effectively. Natural remedies are generally safe when used as directed. However, there are special cautions that may apply when detoxing with natural remedies.

Anyone with any known kidney or liver concerns should not do an internal cleanse without clearing it with their doctor first and this is most important when doing any type of chelating cleanse, such as most that are aimed at cleaning out heavy metals. Some ingredients in cleanse programs may tax the kidneys or an already compromised liver. Other cleanses may lack binders which can prevent the heavy metals from simply moving to another location in the body when freed up, and settling in joints or other organs.

Those with colon problems including IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn's or colon cancer must check with their doctor and may want to avoid internal cleanses with cathartic herbs like senna. You should also ask your doctor before taking cleanses that include a lot of fiber. Your doctor may or may not want you taking additional fiber.

If you are on medications of any kind, check with your doctor before doing a internal cleanse. If the doctor approves, then be sure to take any medications at least two hours before taking a chelating cleanse product and allow 2 hours before meds after taking it, to avoid chelating out the medication.

If using a chelation substance in your cleanse, it's important to have a binder in place as well. One of the most commonly included binders in a chelating cleanse is apple pectin so look for that in the ingredient list. In addition, I caution anyone who has a compromised immune system or who is recovering from debilitating illness to carefully consider how fast and how drastic a detox is safe for them. I personally always feel better after a full body detox, if I've honored my body's pace and done the detox correctly.

Detox Benefits:
After internal cleansing, I typically experience improved elimination patterns, improved mental clarity, less aches and pains, increased energy, better looking skin and hair, and better sleep. If I wait too long between cleanses and let my body get overly toxic, I sometimes experience discomfort in the form of bloating, gas, flu-like symptoms and fatique, for the first few days of a cleanse. This is a sign of toxins being released faster than my body can cope and is usually over within two to three days.

I also have a harder time with detoxing if I have relapsed into unhealthy eating patterns (fast foods and chips are my comfort food choices), don't get good sleep or don't deal with stressful situations in a timely manner, emotionally. Due to the high level of junk in the food we eat, the high level of pollution in the air we breathe and the high level of toxic material in most of our drinking water, detoxing on a regular basis is a no-brainer but deciding how to detox and which cleanse program to use can be a challenge.

Detoxing Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of possible cautions that might apply in specific health situations. If you have a condition for which you are being medically treated and specifically if that condition involves liver, colon, spleen or kidneys, please check with your doctor before using natural remedies for detoxing your body.