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Detoxing and Colon Cleansing
Suggested Ingredients for Detoxing

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Probiotics are extremely helpful in helping the body maintain eliminatory balance and it's something you don't always see in a colon cleanse. Note that if you eat yogurt every day for probiotics or take a probiotic supplement, you might need to cut back on that while taking probiotic supplements.

In addition to probiotics, common colon cleansing ingredients that typically work well for many include cascara sagrada, buckthorn and apple pectin, which helps to bind heavy metals so they are more easily escorted from the body, rhubard and senna. However, please note that cascara sagrada may cause intestinal distress for some (I'm one who can't take it) and rhubarb and senna are both strong stimulating laxative herbs so you may want to avoid formulas that have both, or at least not take full dose until you see how well you can tolerate them.

If you have IBS or diverticulitis, I'd suggest reading about Organic Triphala instead. However, even triphala may sometimes cause side effects such as diarrhea or gastrointestinal distress (gas and bloating) if the dosage is too high. I've taken Triphala myself with good result but I did have to adjust the recommended dosage to avoid gas and bloating. In general, I find it best to start low and work my way up on detoxing supplements.

Common Colon Cleanse Herbs:

Licorice root - May cause high blood pressure in some individuals and potassium loss. If this is a concern, please discuss with your doctor.

Psyllilum and Oat Fiber - The main caution I usually issue with adding a lot of fiber is that you need to hydrate! Make sure you are drinking sufficient fluids while on a cleanse.

Ginger and Fennel - I like seeing these herbs in a detox formula or colon cleansing supplement because they may help reduce detox symptoms such as digestive distress, gas, bloating or nausea.

Alfalfa - Although I have no problem with organic alfalfa sprouts, I personally don't do well with herbal remedies containing alfalfa. Symptoms I would look for that might signal alfalfa sensitivity would include intestinal pain and a feeling like the inside of the intestinal wall is raw. Most people don't experience this, I've learned. My system is very sensitive.

Goldenseal - Spectacularly potent, goldenseal is used in various herbal remedies as an antimicrobial. Goldenseal root is helpful not only for ridding the body of toxins in a general sense but specifically helpful in purifiying the kidneys and urinary tract. Goldenseal herb is quite potent and I don't personally recommend taking a lot of it more than a week at a time. Best to take a little break.

Detoxing Disclaimer: Any detox program with multiple ingredients poses an increased risk of allergic reaction or prescription drug interaction. If you are on prescription drugs for any condition, you should check for drug interactions with EVERY ingredient in a given detox program or cleanse. Also, if you have allergic tendencies, the same rule applies. Any comprehensive, full body detox will contain herbs that may require education to avoid all potential side effects. In general, the more different ingredients any wholistic formula contains, the more potential for drug interactions as well as allergic reactions or side effects. Please discuss all ingredients with your doctor. Be wise with your health. The health care information on this website is no presented as replacement for medication or treatment your doctor may prescribe.