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Luke's Teen Years

Luke's school picture from his junior year, September 1996.

This is Luke's aunt Becky who suicided on October 18, 1993.
Lydia is to her right and Luke to her left.
A genuinely giving, loving person,
Becky was one of Luke's favorite people.
Now, they are together again along with Luke's
grandfather, "Grand," and his grandmother, "Mom."

Luke and his dog Anton

Luke playing the trap set.

Luke after his 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Luke's Spring school picture
from his Freshman year.

So thrilled to get gloves for Christmas.

Blue jeans--always a safe bet for Christmas.

Luke goofs off with some ties.

Lounging on the beach at Edisto Island, South Carolina.

Luke's "down on the farm."

Luke in his marching band uniform.
This picture was taken on Friday,
September 13, 1996--three days before his death.


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