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Luke, the Athlete

Luke loved sports almost from birth.
He played baseball in league play from
the age of 5. We moved to the Norris/Clinton
area of Tennessee when Luke was in middle school.
There he began playing little league basketball as well.
Luke and his dad would hit the home court
(actually a gravel driveway with a movable basketball
goal) nearly every night. Luke also liked to bowl,
and to play golf and football. He especially liked
to help younger children learn to play sports.
Many times, Luke would patiently play catch
with his younger cousins, helping them to enjoy
baseball as much as he did.

Luke playing t-ball at the age of 5.

Luke practicing t-ball at "Pop's" house.

Luke goofing off at the allstar game.

Luke at age 11 on the Pirates little league
team while at H. Y. Livesay Middle School in Harrogate, Tennessee.

Luke during his "longhair" phase.

Luke and John take a break from their
very-competitive evening basketball game.

Luke and John playing a little roundball.

On Thursday evenings during his Dad's league play,
Luke would bowl by himself or with his Mom and aunt Nora.

Luke enjoyed all kinds of sports, including
croquet, from a very early age (approximately 2 here)

About 6 or 7 months before he died, Luke took up Karate.

A real "kung-fu" fighter!

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