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Family Pictures

Our family in May 1995. From left: Lydia, John, Mary and Luke.

Luke's first Easter.

An early family portrait.

The four of us, all much younger.

Here we are again at the grandparents house.

Luke stands next to his "Grand" then Lydia and "Nana." Grand died of pancreatic cancer less than two months after Luke.

Luke dances with his aunt Nora at his
cousin April's wedding in May 1995.

Luke and Nora dancing while Lydia strums guitar.

Our family one Christmas when the kids were small.

Luke, Mary and John. Luke was definitely a "hugger."
We sure miss those hugs now.

Luke and Grand had a special relationship. Here they are hiking on Frozen Head Mountain in Morgan County, Tennessee.

Luke listens while his Grand tells a tall tale.

Luke with his Dad, Lydia and Grand at Disneyworld.

Luke with Nana outside the Tennessee Aquarium
in Chattanooga.

Luke with his cousin Alex at a family reunion, Summer 1996.

A poorly taken family self-portrait ... including Soda Pop, our cat.

The Copeland grandkids loved riding with Pop on the tractor. From left, Jeremiah, Pop, Luke, Seth, Lydia, and Lucy.

Luke with his grandmother, "Mom," who died in December 1987.


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