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Poetry About Luke

Many of Luke's friends and relatives have written poems
about him or in his honor since his death.
This page will ebb and flow with the tributes of people
who were touched both by Luke's life and by his death.

Luke Is...

        Luke is love
        Luke is a friend
        Luke is big, warm hugs
        Luke is a smile that understands
        Luke is Led Zeppelin
        Luke is Summer of my German Soldier
        Luke is Anton's Ear
        Luke is flannel
        Luke is wide, soft hands
        Luke is kind to all
        Luke is a hunter
        Luke is a keen sense of smell (nose like a wolf, he'd say)
        Luke is trying to be just like Dad
        Luke is always there for a friend
        Luke is band camp!
        Luke is making a statement
        Luke is his Gilligan hat
        Luke is a poet
        Luke is seductive
        Luke is a lover of nature
        Luke is a cuddler
        Luke is boxers, not briefs
        Luke is long hair
        Luke is always concerned about his sister
        Luke is a flirt
        Luke is a musician
        Luke is Stove Top Stuffing
        Luke is short hair
        Luke is proud of his roots
        Luke is so attached to his Mom
        Luke is a cuddler
        Luke is NOT a singer
        Luke is soft-hearted
        Luke is fighting my (and other's) battles
        Luke is a flirt
        Luke is proud of his name
        Luke is corduroy (before it was en vogue, of course)
        Luke is the AC drum line
        Luke is my soulmate
        Luke is great massages
        Luke is always smelling great
        Luke is an actor (too good, I'm afraid)
        Luke is a lover of children
        Luke is his hooker (for his snare drum, relax)
        Luke is forever
        Luke is allergic to perfume
        Luke is sincere
        Luke is so handsome
        Luke is late night phone calls
        Luke is promises
        Luke is PDA's
        Luke is happy
        Luke is Stairway to Heaven
        Luke is goofy
        Luke is "What a Dream"
        Luke is wiping my tears
        Luke is emotional
        Luke is black Converse
        Luke is lunchtime football
        Luke is big feet
        Luke is talking on the phone
        Luke is blue nail polish
        Luke is holding me
        Luke is making me complete

        Luke is love. For his family, for me, and for the world.

        And Lucas Edward Copeland is alive in my heart always.
        I could never forget you.

        Copyright 1998 by Leyla Khamjani
        Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved

        "From here we will walk
        Forever" --Lucas Copeland

        Luke is always outside.
        Luke is baseball in Spring.
        Luke is basketball with Dad.
        Luke is arguing with his sister.
        Luke is unhappy doing dishes.
        Luke is hogging the phone.
        Luke is sprawled out on the living room floor watching a movie he's seen ten times before... and mouthing the dialog.
        Luke is planting a rose garden for Mother's day.
        Luke is the apple of his parents' eyes.
        Luke is missed.
        Luke is loved.
        Luke IS, still.

        Copyright 1998 by Mary Copeland

        Luke is love
        Luke is chasing squirrels on a colorful autumn morning
        Luke is catching bluegills on a lazy summer day
        Luke is laying down a rhythmical beat
        Luke is an accomplished drummer
        Luke is catching a fly ball
        Luke is nothing but net from thirty feet
        Luke is pure in heart
        Luke is with God
        Luke is alive
        Luke is my only son
        Luke is love

        Copyright 1998 by John Copeland

      My Best Friend

                 My best friend where have you gone
                   It seems to me that it's been so long
                     Although I have looked far and wide
                       I have not seen you though I have tried

                 In everything I do I hope to find a piece of you
                   Without you here everything seems blue
                     The world can get confusing sometimes
                       But there's a place in my heart that I can't leave behind

                 I look inside, an image of your face
                   I wear it on my heart in a very special place
                     There is so much I have left to say
                       It feels like I'm grabbing for your hand even as you fall away

                 Now all I have is this picture in my wallet and a few memories
                   Those will have to do as I carry them with me
                     But they're a poor substitute for all that you're worth
                       And for you to have one more chance I would give anything on Earth

                 Forever is such an awfully long time
                   Especially when only two years have gone by
                     I just want you to know that I will be here
                       My best friend, for the rest of my years

          Copyright 1998 by Joseph Davenport
          Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

          The following is a song written by Luke's Uncle Mike
          and his Aunt Janet, known as the Bohemian Hillbillies.
          It has not yet been released.


            Lucas Edward was just sixteen when he left this world
            He left behind the poetry he wrote about some girl
            To his sister, his Mom and Dad, his leaving was a curse
            Of all the pain they'd ever had, nothing could be worse

            He'd loaded his gun, put it to his head
            Folks came home from a grocery run, found blood all over their bed
            Some say it was an accident, his trigger finger slipped
            "He didn't jump into his grave," they say, "He just tripped."

                  Now he's gone like last September
                  And the memories start to fade
                  It gets hard to remember
                  The sweet music that he made

                  Time falls like a cold, cold rain
                  Till it numbs the cruelest pain
                  As it douses the glowing embers
                  Of the promise he betrayed

            Now his Mama's collecting dolls; she's put on forty pounds
            Wanders lost through shopping malls, seeking what can't be found
            His Daddy looks like a ghost; grief has turned him gray
            His only son, his brightest hope, forever gone away

            His sister's away at school, lives at the university
            Does all the things that he was gonna do, even writes poetry
            Comes home when the dogwoods bloom, a comfort to her mom and dad
            Won't set foot in her brother's room, won't let herself be sad

                  Now he's gone like a lost September
                  All memories have to fade
                  It gets harder to remember
                  The sad music that he played

                  Time falls like a cold, cold rain
                  Till it numbs the cruelest pain
                  As it douses the glowing embers
                  Of the promise he betrayed

                        We used to sing old murder ballads
                        "Pretty Polly" and "The Knoxville Girl"
                        Now we sing new suicide songs
                        That tell about leaving this sweet old world

            Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord
            So the Bible says in part, that is their reward
            Lucas Edward was just a child, when he lost his way
            Now the family must be reconciled to see him on Judgment Day

                  Now he's gone like that September
                  All the memories are torn and frayed
                  Nobody will ever remember
                  The sweet music he might have made

                  Time falls like a cold, cold rain
                  Till it numbs the cruelest pain
                  As it douses the dying embers
                  Of the promise he betrayed

            Lucas Edward was just sixteen when he left this world

            Copyright 1998 by Dagley & Dagley Dagley
            Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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