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Luke's Poetry

A Short Life

In my short life,
    I have seen many things,
Had many conflicts,
    and lost many battles.
Most of which were lost to you.

I have seen many siblings argue
    None as vicious as ours
We have betrayed each other
    over and over.

In my short life,
    I have seen much happiness,
much joy,
    and many happy wonderful things,
Most of which came from you.

We have fought a lot,
    clashed a lot,
and battled a lot.

But of all the times I lost,
    I gained a love,
A love I hold very dear,
    A love that could only come from a sister
As special as you!

I love you, Sis,

Copyright 1995 by Lucas Copeland
All rights reserved

Your Smile

Your smile could shatter
   a crystal glass

Your poems could make
   The saddest of people

Your love could tame
   The wildest of stallions

And my love for you
   Could calm a fierce night.

I love you, my dear.

Copyright 1994 by Lucas Copeland
All rights reserved

My Mistress

My mistress is a beautiful one
   Her looks could set a rising sun
Her hair is a pure 1980 wine
   Red, of course

Her lips are softer than the finest silk

Her eyes are her most beautiful of all features
   They are like freshly stolen pearls gleaming in
The waters as the diver rises

She is by far the most beautiful creature
   My eyes have layed upon

And yet her one flaw
   Is her love of me
She is much more than I deserve
   I feel I have loved no one near as much,
Much as my love for you.

Copyright 1994 by Lucas Copeland
All rights reserved

What a Dream

If my life is a dream never wake me up
    For this dream is a pleasant one
For my mistress could take song from a sparrow
    With only one passing glance
Without her my dream would be a nightmare
    But with her it is a fantasy

Thankful as I am, this poem only helps
    To phrase my love for you
This love which will surely grow as do we

Together, until I am old and gray
    But even then she will be as beautiful
As she is today,
    We will love forever

And someday, I make this a promise,
    I will take my mistress back to the land
From which she was born
    And we will walk along the beach
Until we walk along the beach
    Where there is no beach
Except where we alone can walk and
    No one can disturb us

From here we will walk

Copyright 1994 by Lucas Copeland
All rights reserved

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