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Roberto Carlos
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Somehow, it just doesn't feel complete for a website without an image gallery. Pictures tell a million words. This gallery is essentially just a visual record of my life and interests. Images are annotated with information and thoughts.


Ground Zero

My personal album. I never really like standing in front of a camera, so you won't be able to find much in here. For privacy reasons, permission will be required to save or share any of the images. Call me picky, but I have to protect them from getting into circulation. I don't want people to establish fan clubs :)


I don't regard myself as a nature lover, but I am an admirer of the diversity of God's creation and man's construction. Being an architecture student, observing the landscape and learning how to appreciate them is a very important skill in the course of the study. Contains pictures of the city and its surrounding areas.


Miscellaneous. Everything about anything.