Point Of Impact
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Real Madrid
Roberto Carlos
Marvel vs. Capcom

What can I say? First class beating, Cajun style. The Kingdom Hearts version of FF VII's Cloud Strife. He's got the claws and cloak of Vincent Valentine. I love Jean Grey, and even more so after she turned into the Pheonix. I did this graphic design assignment for a friend. A model of the AV-8A Harrier. My favourite military aircraft. I always wanted to be in one of these. A model of the AH-64A Apache.
A model of the Wing Gundam Zero Custom. Gundam at another angle. My computer which I am so proud of. View specs. Glow in the dark? I made the clear sight panel myself. Most would just buy one. A hard work done is a reward in itself.
My Berserk Fury Zoid model. I fell in love with the anime once I saw this Zoid. A wallpaper I made of Beckham. Model for CT1B assignment. The detailed corner. The section of the model. My Gundam Astray Red Frame.