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Real-Estate Lawyer is here to help you, you can have free legal tips, suggestions for your urgent legal wrangles.  Have a question related to property dealings?  Consult me for free guidance. You can very well e-mail me.


Legal Advisors and Property Consultants 1% of PROPERTY VALUE



Buy or Sell Properties now

Through us people's BUY & SELL their PROPERTIES. You too can do it. At present properties in BANGALORE, INDIA are available for BUYING & SELLING.

Boon for NRI'S, now it is very easy for you to buy properties in India, please contact me and place your tastes and liking I would get the properties accordingly for your purchase.

If you like to buy a house in Bangalore, you will need to tell us your exact needs with the price range and any other details, submit this in Contact Us page and you can just relax. We would not only get a house of your taste and choice but we would do:

1. Documentations.
2. Sale Agreements.
3. Sale Deeds.
4. Registrations.

Free consulting advocate on property matters. E-mail me your questions you are important to me. You can have my time. I am your friend in need always remember vakil123 for property matters.

You may not decide to buy now but chances are from one year down you may suddenly have a thought, “why not I invest money in Real-Estate”, at that moment remember me. In between these why not email me and keep in touch with me so that on a bright day you need not search for Property. Moreover very often properties are sold in distress why not you being my client utilize the opportunity to grab it. Luck may shine suddenly, but if you keep the door shut it may wean away, so if you do not wish to miss the bus then keep in touch with me.

Sweet people can make sweet money. Generally, women are sweet so in reality, they should make money more than men, but they think this is the job of their husband. My dear sweet lady throw this misconception if you have money the best place to invest money is Real Estate.

For a start, I like everyone to email me, develop friendship with me, and know more about me, by a way you may gain more confidence on me to entrust all dealings with regard to buying and selling of properties in Bangalore. All of those living in Bangalore or NRI’s are welcome to my house. I am Basskaran here wishing all of you bright and happy days ahead.

Let me add now, last time I had demanded Rs.1,75,000/- for Kengeri site and I had told you it's cheap now suddenly due to BDA allotments the rates have increased to Rs.2,00,000/-inclusive of registration charges, but its still cheap, reap the benefits fast. Invest now.





Why not email me today

We do take up Criminal and Civil cases.

Call vakil123 at 080-3525481 today!


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