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Warning Bells





You can have thrill here on this page, you can read the stories or jokes that would be displayed here. You are welcome to send your contributions.


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I consider this is very important, what I am talking is about the Global Warming, America is not doing anything in this regard, nor any Government is interested in future safety.

How you do it I don’t know, but everyone should at least make efforts to plant more and more trees, and also see that trees are not cut down.



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  Find here a story, left incomplete,  I like the visitors to my site to continue this story, all you have to do is email me with your own continuations, the best one will be accepted, but If others fail to my expectations, then my  imaginations would continue, O.K., read on....
 Joseph now is an young smart witty man aged about 30 years.  It was some 13 years back when he was in school he had to be with  this guy named Michael, Michael had an peculiar habit he used to say that his father was a good hunter, so he used to ask his friends to hide things and give him just 3 clues and he would find the hidden things.  Almost every time he used to come out success and would find the things. Joseph here was exception always Joseph used to come out triumph in this hide and seek game.
  Those were old days but now in Bangalore, Michael had become a terror, he had become a don, when people gave him photo of any missing person he was able to find them, maybe those person would have gone  underground if instructions was to kill them he would do it.
  Joseph by chance found him in a hotel, and he did not know the terror that would follow because of this meeting. As old classmates  they exchanged their greetings. It would have been fine if it ended there, but when Michael invited Joseph to his house Joseph accepted it and fell into a long terrified days ahead of him.
  Michael's life had been boring he had been success always when he hunted down people, pity that America did not use him to find Bin Laden nor the local police to hunt down Veerappan. interestingly Michael found that meeting Veerappan was that easy  he only had to approach the village and just 3 clues as usual was enough to bring him face to face with Veerappan, knowing this he did not venture into this publicity stunts.  Michael too was not interested in international politics nor the local politics, he was maintaining a secret life and many people did not know of his activities.   Now, when Michael met Joseph he instantly knew that the day  ahead is going to be very interesting.
                                                                                                             will be continued.....


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