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About Us





Have faith in me and entrust the responsibility to purchase a property in your name, you can just relax, when I fulfill your instructions.



We have an advocate office at Bangalore.  Though our main job is to provide legal assistance to our clients and 

advice them on all property matters.  Automatically people have started requesting us to sell their property

and in this way our own clients who wish to buy can

now just take the properties through me which under

all circumstance is a genuine property with good title



Almost every broker in the locality are visiting our office

and they give list of properties for sale and the list of



Our aim is to make vakil123  a top notch service centre on property matters where people always fly high brimming with joy after stucking deals with us.  We

give very importance to customer/client satsifaction and always keep money as secondary.  Be in touch with me always through emails.


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