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Sellers are requested to leave the Xerox copies of your title deeds for verification with the registrar before conducting a deal.



  Just leave your PRICE quotes                                                                                     for purchase of properties                                                                                     that are available in our lists                                                                                     and also the rate at which                                                                                      you are planning to purchase.

The first and foremost service is with regard to legal aspects of all properties.  

It is very imperative that all documents are verified in perfect before purchasing a property, since the money invested is of a very high value, this becomes that more important.


By the way my clients ask us to display their properties, its rates, measurements, etc in our website and I provide this as a free service provided all documentations and registrations are done through me and that they leave their Xerox copies of the title deeds for verification at the sub-registrar.






My other free service is with regard to marriages,  for a list of bride and bridegrooms you can visit



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