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The restaurants on the island of Samos in Greece

The people that help you, the view and the location, the service, the variety of the menu, sometimes the music and of course the quality of the food and the coffee make a restaurant what it is. In Samos we didn't encounter really bad restaurants or bad service where ever we went. Still there are small differences in restaurants, so here is our impression. You might or might not agree, but maybe it can be a small contribution when you decide where you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just a cup of coffee. This guide is just an impression of the restaurants that we visited during our stay at Samos and things might have changed for the worse or the better at the moment you sit down at the same place. In our opinion the two best restaurants of the island can be found in Chora (or Hora) just above Pythagorio. Have fun in Samos and kali orexi - have a nice meal.

Samos - Antonis Tavern - Chora / Hora
Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern
Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern Samos, Chora, Hora, Antonis Tavern

Tip Antonis Tavern is just after the fork in the road in Chora if you come from Pythagorion and go to Pirgos (third street on the right hand side - see the map on the first photo above left). Antonis is set on a sort of terrace with in the corner two trees, one of which is an olive tree that has grown after someone apparently dropped an olive pit. This tavern is famous, it is praised by the "Guide de Routard" (the French variation of the ANWB guide), and is also mentioned in the Dutch ANWB guidebook. We came here after the advice of local residents who said it was really fantastic. The owner / cook is super sweet (photos top row right with the red shirt) and she cooks the stars from the heaven. There is a menu where you can order from, but you can also just ask them to bring small dishes that are delicious. We have tried many things (unfortunately we have only been here two times so far) and I found everything that was put on our table extremely tasty. There was a leek quiche, a secret egg dish, delicious tzatziki, tasty salads, scrumptious chicken, light green Greek peppers stuffed with feta cheese, fried chickpea balls, grilled hamburgers and even the octopus salad was finger licking delicious (normally I am not a big fan of this). Antonis will take your order and bring you your food. He speaks a little English and is very modest and friendly. Oh, if only I could eat here again tomorrow ...

Our verdict: superb, one of the best tavernes we ever visited - a 10 out of 10

Samos - Sinadisi Restaurant - Chora / Hora
Samos, Chora, Hora, Sinadisi Restaurant Samos, Chora, Hora, Sinadisi Restaurant Samos, Chora, Hora, Sinadisi Restaurant Samos, Chora, Hora, Sinadisi Restaurant Samos, Chora, Hora, Sinadisi Restaurant

SORRY, SOLD TO ANOTHER OWNER, S0 THE VERDICT BELOW IS NO LONGER UP TO DATE. Another topper that you don't want to miss. Restaurant Sinadisi is from (Dutch) Emmie and her husband Jorgos. it is situated at the entrance of the village when coming from Pythagorio - just before the fork in the road - on the right hand side (on the left there is another one but that is not the restaurant that I describe here). Sinadisi, so right hand side, has a sign as if it were a pizzeria, and although I must say that the pizza is really great, there is really much more on the menu. We tried several dishes, such as Mexican chicken (sliced chicken filet in a delicious sauce), Bekri meze (pork in tomato-cheese sauce), an ordinary "flat" pizza, the unbelievable "Pizza Calzone Vesuvio" (a double folded hot stuffed pizza - really a must), delicious saganaki (feta cheese flambéed in liquor, the best we've ever eaten!) and a great tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip) and tuna salad. All with a nice bottle of wine, an entertaining evening with fun and excellent service. Again, a few tourists but mostly the Greeks themselves and that gives a very nice atmosphere. For me, the two restaurants on this two of the highlights of our holiday. Tip, tip, tip, if ever Michelin comes by they would put a star on their wall!

NO LONGER VALID: Our verdict: superb like the Antonis, and also one of the best tavernes we ever visited - a 10 out of 10

Samos - Orange lunchroom & ice cream - Pythagorion
Samos, Pythagorion, Orange lunchroom & ice cream Samos, Pythagorion, Orange lunchroom & ice cream Samos, Pythagorion, Orange lunchroom & ice cream Samos, Pythagorion, Orange lunchroom & ice cream Samos, Pythagorion, Orange lunchroom & ice cream

Tip Very good coffee and cappuccino and the most delicious ice cream that you could ever wish for. A place that is hard to walk past without having to buy an ice cream, very addictive. Only in the Chora of Naxos we have encountered a better ice cream shop, but where else I can not remember. The service is very friendly as well. Orange is at the beginning of the main street from the promenade, opposite the taxi stand.

Our verdict: good coffee and delicious ice cream - a 9 out of 10

Dolpin Café in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

Dolphin Café is situated in the harbour of Pythagorion Samos. They serve all sorts of ice cream, Illy coffee, omelettes, breakfasts and cocktails. The cappuccino (3 euro in 2007) comes with whipped cream and is okay, but no glass of water to accompany it. The service is friendly. The bread at the breakfast is toasted instead of fresh and there is no butter. The omelette is good.

Our verdict: 6,5 out of 10

Zante Café in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

Different kinds of coffee and a variety of cake in the harbour of Pythagorion. The cappuccino is good, a big cup with steamed milk, just like it should be. The ice is delicious. The man that serves on the terrace is very friendly. The only minus was the toilet that refused to flush and that didn't make a very clean impression.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10 instead of an initial 8 out of 10, because of the toilet

Corner Café in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

Breakfasts, fruitsalads, omelettes, everything for waking up you can eat here, plus snacks for a lunch. The cappuccino's comes with steamed milk and with a heart on it, and our English breakfast consists of toast, sausages, bacon, fried eggs, white beans in tomato sauce, fried tomatoes and plenty of butter: this is what an English breakfast should look and taste like. No orange juice though, and toast instead of fresh bread, in which case it would have been finished.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

Ambrosia restaurant in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

This used to be our favorite restaurant in Pythagorion in the old days (1997) and so we had to try it again. Most of the people that worked there had gone (with the exception of one waiter that we recognized) but our gues is that the cook was also still there. They have a lot of things on the menu in Ambrosia restaurant. This time we tried the crab salad (which came tastfully decorated with a tomato in the shape of a flower on the top, but with surumi sticks - it was still very good though), and we tried the fries, which were crispy and tasty, and the pita giros: cheap and delicous. Also no bad comments an the zuchini balls. This is a good restaurant.

Our verdict: maybe the best restaurant in the harbour of Pythagorion? 8,5 out of 10

Café bar Ostria in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

Here in the harbour of Pythagorion they sell sandwiches, breakfast, ice cream, coffee and drinks. English breakfast is bacon and eggs, cappuccino with whipped cream (at request) and a big glass of fresh orange juice. We have to wait a long time allthough we are the only guests.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10

Robinson Snackbar in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

This small snackbar is situated in the main street leading from the harbour of Pythagorion. They serve all kinds of fast food, like giros, pitas, french fries and burgers, accompanied by cans of coca cola or a bottle of water. It's cheap and fast and not bad at all. There are a couple of chairs and tables in front of the snackbar so you can sit down as well.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10.

Summertime Cocktail Bar in Pythagorion
Samos restaurants

This place is located in the port of Pythagorion. You can order breakfast, coffee and cocktails. We got somevery nice little pastries with our coffee. Friendly people, clean toilets, just a little bit more extras than some other places in the port where you can have breakfast, and the coffee is good.

Our verdict: better than the others, 8,5 out of 10

Aigaio Taverna in Ireon
Samos restaurants

The village next door to Pythagorion was a bit more quiet and we found this lovely restaurant on the water. It was called Aigaio and for us it was a reason to return and have another bite. The owner Markos is a friendly guy who has a little bread on the floor here and there because the sparrows are his friends. The tzaziki with carrot and cucumber (and plenty of garlic) tastes good and the white wine is delicous, and it is served in proper wine glasses. We ordered the salad Aegean on both occasions because it was so good. It is served with ham, eggs, feta, different kinds of olives, onion rings, tomatoe, cucumber, lettuce, a cocktail sauce and fresh herbs (the first time fresh dille, the second time some other herb). Also good were the aubergines (eggplant) with garlic sauce, the liver (alltough the onions were fried a bit too long), the saganaki (fried cheese) and the chicken souvlaki.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

To Steki Restaurant in Ireon
To Steki Restaurant

Restaurant situated in the harbourfont of Ireon near the small beach in the north east. The bread (in one piece) comes with butter and herbs and tapenade. There are quite of number of special dishes on the menu which is not a typical menu for a Greek restaurant, but with a little extra instead. We tried the flogeres (some kind of croquetes with cheese and bacon), the aubergine slices with bacon in cream sauce (called special mezes), the mexico chicken (a hot number with peppers, mushrooms and carrots) and the lamb chops. The wine is very good, the french fries soft (if you find crunchy fries in Greece write me!!), but everything looks very attractive.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

Cohyli Restaurant in Ireon
Samos restaurants

The Cohyli Restaurant is situated at the south side of the harbour front close to the path that leads to Papa Beach. It's a yellow painted building, just behind another building that stands at the sea. Behind the hotel Cohyli is a beautiful large garden en here you find the friendliest cook of the island: Christina. She's famous for her cheese saganaki's (fried cheese) on which she pours a special mixture of alcoholic secrets and then sets fire to it. Not in the kitchen but in your presence. There is a very large and varied menu with plenty to choose from for everybody. A must for the hungry visitor of Ireon.

Our verdict: 8,5 for the restaurant and a 10 for Christina

Stella Cypriot Restaurant in Balos
Samos restaurants

Tip A pleasant experience amongst friendly people. The food is just a little bit different from the Greek food, with different spices and different salads that we haven't seen anywhere else in Greece. We order a Cypriotic salad, tzaziki and pork and potatoes from the oven. The wine is okay, the bread home made and everything just fine. The vegatables we are told, come from their own garden. The hostes is superfriendly and joins us for a chat. In this restaurant the people that run it give it a little extra.

Our verdict: 8,5 out of 10 because you will always remember Stella.

Akrogiali Restaurant in Balos
Akrogialos Taverna Balos

This is one of the only two restaurants in Balos (as far as we could see). It is situated at the water in the beginning of the village and also has a terrace right at the sea under a tamarisk tree. The restaurant is not very expensive. They serve salads, lots of apetizers, souvlakis, hamburgers, several kinds of fish and shrimps. The cappuccino is big and strong with whipped cream and cinamon. The Tzaziki is a bit thin and it has carrots and cucumber in it, and lots of garlic. The Greek salad consists mainly of tomatoes, and some paprika, cucumber, onionrings, feta and olives. The tomatoes are sweet and taste good. The zuchini balls are a bit on the sticky side but not too bad.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10.

Akrogiali Restaurant in Votsalakia
Samos restaurants

A large and beautiful menu (also in Dutch and in the shape of a seashell, made of wood) here on the road that leads through Kampos Marathokampos / Votsalakia. The English breakfast (7 euro in 2007) comes with a Lavazza coffee (on our request) and it's good. The waiting period for the rest is a bit on the long side though. There is toast instead of fresh bread and there is no orange juice. A 9 out of 10 for the coffee, a 7 for the rest of the English breakfast.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10

Balcony to the Aegean Restaurant in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

Here at the beach they serve different kinds of international breakfasts and sandwiches, salads, fish and grilled dishes. The chef salad comes with ham, egg, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and cocktailsauce. The lamb is soft and good, and the mousaka tastes wonderfull with a bit of parmezan cheese on top and some rice on the side. The french fries that tasted crispy at lunchtime are a bit soggy in the evening when we order them for the second time (and people wonder why we gain so much weight during our holidays, haha). The music is nice and the waiter Babis a very friendly guy. In 2008 Babis had left though and was replaced by another friendly waiter.

Our verdict: 7,5 of 10

Seapark Restaurant in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

This café bar is a nice place for a breakfast, lunch or a cocktail (in the evening). There are different kinds of breakfast, pancakes, fruitjuices and coffee. The tables are nicely decorated and everything is painted in vibrant colours. They played music from Enigma while we were there, but sometimes they also play Bob Marley (and this too loud). The cappuccino comes with a glass of water, but it is nescafé in disguise. The pancake we ordered was very nice though and the people are friendly. Panagiotis is the waiter and he's something special.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10 with a + for the waiter

Restaurant Galini in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

Restaurant Galini is situated on the right side of the road as you drive into Limnionas. They serve pizzas, apetizers, and many vegetarian and grilled dished. The populair Greek music that they have on can be a bit too loud sometimes for an intimate and relaxed dinner. We ordered shrimps saganaki (very nice), a pizza special Galini (too thick and too much crust at the edges) and tomato croquettes. The housewine could be better and tastes like water. I am told that their cheese pie is very special though.

Two years later this restaurant turned out to be pretty good though and we loved the chicken souvlaki (large portions) and the fresh fish...

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

Epi Oyzion Restaurant in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

The Epi Oyzion Restaurant is just around the corner from the beach of Limniónas in the direction of The End of the World. You take the steps up and to get into the restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the sea. The Greek salad was reasonable, as well as the saganaki (fried cheese - allthough a bit "plastic-like"). The zucchini-balls and the tzatziki were fine, but the french fries were soft (it is still difficult to bake fries). The bread was from one piece and was served with a potato salad. The rosé was very good. The waiter was Alex who was very nice. The food unfortunately was a bit disappointing ...

Two years later the restaurant was surprisingly good compared to some of the other restaurants in the village...

Our verdict: 8 out of 10.

Limnionas Taverna in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

In our point of view by far the best restaurant inside the village of Limnionas. It is situated on the beach. If you walk towards the sea on the left side a short along the beach. It's a large restaurant and in the evenings it is often quiet just because people do not know it is there (we didn't know). We tried the scordalia (mashed potatoes and garlic), the spinach pie (freshly made and prepared in the restaurant - not from a freezer), the chef's salad (with leaks, ham, cheese and eggs), the mousaka and the lamb chops: everything was very good. The rosé is a good local one, the bread is fresh and the service is friendly. Better than the other restaurants surrounding it.

Two years later not everything was as perfect as we remembered, but I think you should try all the tavernes in this village when you are staying there, so you can choose your own favorite...

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10

Taverna at the End of the World in Limnionas
Samos restaurants

Tip After a 2,5 km long walk from Limnionas along the coastline with the most amazing views you can have a drink or something to eat at the Taverna at the End of the World. It is run by one of the friendliest people you will even meet in Greece: Andreas. He started this taverna in te middle of nowhere and after a while changed the name to The End of the World. Andreas is a bit crazy and full of stories. When he cooks he measures temperatures with a laserbeam to see if it is well cooked. The area around the taverna is perfect for walking and there is a secluded small beach nearby (it takes some climbing to get there though, wear good shoes). The perfect host, the perfect place, the perfect views and the perfect prices as well: cheap. A must when you visit this part of Samos.

Our verdict: just fore the experience alone, a 10 out of 10

Kostas Taverna in Drakei
Samos restaurants

The Kostas Taverna in Drakei (west of samos) was one of the best restaurants so far that we have visited on the island of Samos. It is situated close to the main church and you can take the stairs up to the platform where there is a wonderful view of the sea and the surroundings. Katerina is working there and she is a very friendly and helpful lady that speaks all her languages including German and English. It is a popular and busy place, which is understandable. Her husband Kostas is the cook (yeah sorry ladies, he is married). The zucchini-balls are wonderful and covered with a bit of parmezan cheese, the Greek salad has a bit of fresh thyme on it, the bread is home made and so is the olive oil. It's one of those places that you would like to put in your pocket and take with you (including the people that work here) and then eat the next meal there as well.

Our verdict: 8,5 out of 10

Stamna Taverna in Pirgos
Samos restaurants

This taverna is situated next to the road in this village with all its ceramics. They do a lot of bbq-ing and it shows on the table clothes (with some holes in it from the ashes). It's cheap (2 euro for a cappuccino in 2007) and the coffee tastes very good, with lots of whipped cream on top.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10

Iron Stone Café Bar in Ormos
Samos restaurants

At this bar in the harbour of Ormos they only serve drinks, coffee and ice cream, no food. The cappuccino costs 2,50 (2007). nice cups, and accompanied by a glass of water with ice cubes. The coffee tastes good and is served with whipped cream.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10

Kerkis Bay Family Tavern - Ormos Marathokampos
Samos, Ormos, Kerkis Bay Taverna Samos, Ormos, Kerkis Bay Taverna Samos, Ormos, Kerkis Bay Taverna Samos, Ormos, Kerkis Bay Taverna Samos, Ormos, Kerkis Bay Taverna

The Kerkis Bay Family Tavern in front of the Kerkis Bay Hotel is situated at the beginning of the boulevard as you enter the village of Ormos. There are comfortable chairs and the toilets are spotless and clean. We order a chicken salad, grilled chicken and a couple of cappuccinos. We are "warned" by the waitress that the cappuccino will come with whipped cream on top instead of hot milk. It takes quite a while before the food arrives but during the time that we are waiting the waitress asks us if we are hungry, which makes us laugh out loud. No we are not hungry...that is why we ordered some food, ahah. The portions are large, cheap and very tasty though. You could tell that the cook had thought about what he was going to make. It was also presented very well.

Our verdict: an 8,5 out of 10 but it would have been a 9 out of 10 if they had brought it quicker.

Votsalakia Café bar in Votsalakia
Samos restaurants

The Votsalakia Café Bar at the beach of Votsalakia had an Illy sign outside so we went in. They served Lavazza coffee instead, which is also good. The cappuccino came with a glass of water and it was nice and strong. It could have been a bit more hot though. Nice view of the sea and modern music.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10

Poquito Café beach bar in Kokkari
Samos restaurants

Coffee, several kinds of breakfast, sandwiches (or sandwitches as it states on their sign), salads and omelettes are on the menu of the Poquito café beach bar in Kokkari. We choose the 7 euro breakfast (2007) with the boiled egg, ham, cheese, fresh orange juice and coffee. Unfortunately there is toast instead of fresh bread, but the rest is fine and the egg was delivered by a chicken 5 minutes before they started to boil it. There is a nice view of the bay, relaxed music and the location is good (at the end of the beach).

Our verdict: 7 out of 10

Anemos Café in Kokkari
Samos restaurants

At Anemos at the beach of Kokkari they serve salads, snacks, drinks and coffee. The english breakfast costs 8 euro (2007) and I ask for a cappuccino instead of nescafé. They served us an omelette with ham and cheese on a plate, garnished with tomatoes, fresh bread with butter and an orange juice. The cappuccino is like it should be with whipped hot milk.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

Samos - Tavern Maria Alekos - Mili or Myli
Samos, Mili, Myli, Alekos Tavern Samos, Mili, Myli, Alekos Tavern Samos, Mili, Myli, Alekos Tavern Samos, Mili, Myli, Alekos Tavern Samos, Mili, Myli, Alekos Tavern

Like I said before it is nice to spend some time on the attractive square of Mili with the flowers and the beautiful old trees. Here are a number of Greek tavernas with a limited menu (in this case a sign with the menu written on it) where you can choose from. We tried the "zorbena", which was an oven dish with potatoes, eggplant, bacon and cheese. It was tasteful and very filling. The bread was fresh and came in one piece and the tzatziki was fine. The cappuccino was a regular nescafe with milk, but you can expect in a village like this where tourism has not really developped. Maria herself is a friendly lady and it's just nice to sit on this spot and enjoy the Greek life and the peace.

Our verdict: a 7,5 out of 10

Aiolos Restaurant in Agios Konstantinos
Samos restaurants

Agios Konstantinos is a small settlement in the north of Samos. At the entrance of the village on the west side next to a small pebble beach you can find the Aiolos Restaurant. We tried the stuffed hanburgers, the tzatziki and the pastitio (some kind of pasta oven dish with minced meat). It comes served with toasted garlic bread. Most of the products in the restaurant come from their own garden, the menu's are hand written and the service is kind. It's also cheap. The french fries were close to being crunchy but not just there yet.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10

Posidonio Café in Posidonio
Samos restaurants

Posidonio is a collection of small pebble beaches in the south east of Samos island and the Posidonio Café is right in the middle of it. We ordered a cappuccino and were disappointed. It tasted more like boiled milk with a coffee bean in it and neither of us finished it. There was no glass of water with the coffee as well, which is normal if you order a cappuccino in Greece. Besides this it was expensive compared to other places. Not recommended.

Our verdict: it can be difficult to make coffee, 5 out of 10

El Greco Snackbar - Psili Amos Beach
Samos, El Greco Taverne, Psili Amos Beach Samos, El Greco Taverne, Psili Amos Beach Samos, El Greco Taverne, Psili Amos Beach Samos, El Greco Taverne, Psili Amos Beach Samos, El Greco Taverne, Psili Amos Beach

On the menu of the El Greco Snackbar you find different salads, omelettes, fish, spagethi, grilled meat and chicken, souvlaki and there are dishes for two persons. The service is fast. The white wine is good, with some taste to it, the bread is fresh and in one piece, the tzatziki is good and the meat is tender but a bit on the greasy side. It could also be made a bit tastier and spicy. The Greek salad is "standard" and not really something special and the fries are, like almost everywhere in the Greek islands, not crunchy. Just a simple restaurant that is purely focused on tourists. The prices are reasonable.

Our verdict: a 7 out of 10

To Remetzo Tavern - Karlovassi
Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi

To Remetzo tavern is situated in the waterfront of Karlovassi, not far from the port and the beach. We order a chicken in sauce with french fries and a Greek salad. The chicken tastes very good and the service is very friendly

Our verdict: an 8 out of 10

Zefiros Café - Karlovassi
Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi Samos, Karlovassi

This café is situated not very far from the harbour and there are comfortable seats. It takes quite some time before our cappuccino's are delivered to the table. It tastes good though and it is served with a glass of cold water and ice. The prices are normal.

Our verdict: an 7,5 out of 10

Potami Café in...Potami
Samos restaurants

Close to the beach on the road towards the Seitani beaches you can find the Potami café. We just had a drink here. Nice view over the bay. It was the beginning of two rainy days so no lunch outside.

Our verdict: none, we just had drinks

Samos Music Café in Vathi - Samos Town
Samos restaurants

Situated in front of the ferry departure point in vathi and belonging to the Samos Hotel, this is our stop if we have to wait for a ferry or if we just happen to be in town and are hungry. They serve good Illy coffee and the cappuccino comes with a cold glass of water. A tip would be their warm apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream which is very delicious. There are also various small snacks and sandwiches to choose from (including the club sandwich). Nice chairs and nice views as well, not expensive.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

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