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The beaches of Karpathos
Karpathos Beaches Arkasa Karpathos Karpathos Beaches Karpathos Beaches Karpathos beaches

First of all, there is the beach in the village Pigidia. This is the busiest beach on the island, partly because there are many hotels along and near the beach. In the south of the beach it consists primarily of sand and in the north there are more pebbles. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds and along the beach are tavernas for a snack and a drink. In Pigadia there are three beaches: Afoti, Ammos-Xenonas and Vrontis. The beach of Vrontis is about 1 kilometer away from Pigadia, and it is perhaps not the most beautiful beach of the island, but it is the longest.

One of the most popular beaches is Amopi beach in the south of Karpathos, where a local bus makes a stop (only once a day in the summer season). Amopi consists of three bays with three different beaches. There is a pebble beach, a sandy beach and a small bay with a beach. The small beach is known as Micro Amopi in large one as Megalo (large) Amopi or Votsalakia. The sand beach has a taverna, and you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds here. It is popular among families with children because the beach is shallow, making it easy to get into the water.

The beach of Apella is regarded as the most beautiful beach of the island, and even as the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is in the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. It lies in the village with the same name on the east side of the island, 15 kilometres from Pigadia. It is situated in a bay surrounded by mountains and the sea is azure blue. Previously it was only reachable by boat if you wanted to get there but nowadays you can also get there by road. From the port of Karpathos town / Pigadia you can get on a boat every morning and go to the Apella and this is the easiest way to get to the beach (the road is not very good on some parts). The trip takes about 45 minutes. Since a few years You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.

South of the Apella beach, 12 kilometres from Pigadia, is the beach of Achata. It is a beach with white pebbles and sand surrounded by hills and it's pretty green. The water of the sea's emerald green. Here in Achata it is quite peaceful. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent in the beach resort of Achata and there is a taverna where you can eat or drink anything. At the beach itself there are no accommodations or rooms for rent.

Between the beaches of Achata and Apella, 14 kilometres from the capital, Pigadia, on the west coast of the island of Karpathos is the beach of Kyra Panagia. The beach is located in a bay that is surrounded by mountains. It is a mix of white sand and smooth pebbles. You can get there by a car, by motor bike or by boat from Pigadia. At the beach is a taverna and you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Near the beach are also a hotel, an apartment complex and there are some rooms for rent.

The beach of Damatria is situated 13 kilometres southeast of Pigadia. It is a beach with sand and fine pebbles and the beach is shallow. You can get there by taking the road to the airport and take the unpaved path on the left side. The path to the coast is about 1 kilometer long

In the southwest of the island is the beach at Diakofti. Drive from Pigadia to the south and take the road to Arkassa. Turn left and follow the road along the runway of the airport. Go left at the junction. At the end of the road lies the bay. The beach of Diakofti is very quiet but sometimes clutter from the sea clutter is blown in, so it's not always clean. The beach is split into two by a kind of sandstone rock. Also if you turn right at the junction you will end up in different bays with beaches.

If you drive a little further from Diakofti than you get to the beach from Pounta. On this beach and the bay next to it you will find many naturists. It is a quiet and beautiful beach with pretty rocks in the seawater. Throughout the whole southwestern area you will find many more nice and quiet coves with beaches, it is just a matter of taking a road and seeing where it ends.

The beach of Arkassa (also called Agios Nikolaos Beach) on the southwest side of the island has a beautiful sandy beach, that has been crowned as one of the cleanest beaches in Greece, but the sea can be a bit rough from time to time and there are almost always high waves. Also there can be a bit of current, especially on the left side of the beach. On the beach you find umbrellas and sunbeds for rent and there is a taverna. You can reach Arkassa by car or by bus from Pigadia.

At a distance of 33 kilometers northwest of Pigadia lies the beach at Lefkos. Here at the village Lefkos there are three bays with sandy beaches. There are also some accommodations in the village where you can rent a room.

The beach of Finiki is situated at a distance of 21 kilometres of Pigadia, on the west side of the island. In Finiki there is a beautiful sandy beach. There are also some hotels and tavernas in the village near the beach.

This is just a brief summary of some of the beaches on the island of Karpathos, because there are many more, such as the remote Psoraris beach (no facilities) or the long pebble beach of Valias (windsurfing, umbrellas and sunbeds), both in the south-east of the island. It seems to me the best plan to just rent a car for a couple of days or a bike and then a tour around the island for a bit to go and explore some of the beaches that can be found on the shores of Karpathos.

Naturist beaches on the island of Karpathos
Karpathos Beaches Karpathos Beaches Karpathos Beaches Karpathos Beaches Karpathos Beaches

On Karpathos there is enough choice for people who are looking for naturist beaches.

In Amopi, just under the capital Pigadia near the Lakki Beach Hotel there is a naturist beach. During the high season, the number of naturists is slightly smaller than outside the months of July and August. Amopi actually consists of four beaches and on two of them you can plunge into the sea without your textiles. On these beaches there are also sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

The Golden Sands Beach is also a naturist beach. There are no facilities here, so you must bring your own water and food.

Near Lefkos are three or four beaches. The beaches at Lefkas belong to the best of the island. Leading from the end of the last beach, at Hotel Sarris, there is a path that after about ten minutes walking will end up at a naturist beach. Again, there are no facilities such as a taverna or umbrellas and sunbeds. 5 Minutes away is another small beach where you can swim nude.

Near Kato Lakos in the east of the island there are four beaches and some of them are also used by naturists. There is a beach in the southern part and there are three beaches in bays on the north side. The third of these beaches is the most beautiful. There is not a taverna, so bring your own water and food.

The difficult to reach Agontia beach, at the end of a bad side-road between Spoa and Olympos is also suitable for naturists. Turn off after about 10 kilometers to Aghia Minas and then to Agnontia. It is a quiet beach with a mix of nudists and people in swimwear. No taverna on this beach.

Finally, there is also a small bay next to the beach of Pounta, near the airport, where when you are the first to arrive you can turn it into a naturist beach.

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