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The village of Othos on the island of Karpathos in Greece

Map of Karpathos The village of Othos is a picturesque traditional mountain village located at the highest point of Karpathos, at an altitude of about 500 meters. It is located about 12 kilometers northwest of the capital Karpathos Town or Pigadia. Othos can be reached via the route Pigadia - Aperi - Volada - Othos or from the south via the route Arkassa - Finiki - Piles - Othos. About 300 people live in the village, and most of them live from agriculture or cattle breeding. The houses in the village are generally in good condition. In the gardens of the village are lemon trees, bougainvilleas and grape plants. The village is surrounded by a forest area and by fields with olive trees and grape plants. On the hill above the village are a number of derelict old windmills.

Othos is a quiet village that is also suitable for the start of hikes. Many footpaths from the village lead to other villages in the area, such as Aperi, Volada and Piles. In the village there is a small folklore museum which displays paintings, textiles, woodwork and old musical instruments. There are a number of beautiful churches in the village and on clear days the view from Othos can be called spectacular. The village of Othos has a minimarket, taverns and restaurants. You can do the necessary groceries here and delicious food.

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