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Alonissos naturist beaches - Naturism on the island of Alonissos in Greece

As far as naturist beaches in Alonissos are concerned it can probably best be described as "the first ones to arrive decide what kind of beach it is going to be". There are no official nudist beaches on the island, but (mainly outside the high season there are a few possibillities to jump into the sea without your textiles on.

Vithisma or Vythisma Beach

VITHISMA beach Vythisma or Vithisma is an isolated and very nice sandy beach in the south of the island of Alonissos, between Marpounta and Megalos Mourtias Beach. The easiest way to get there is by boat and it is always quiet and peaceful. Don't forget to take some water and snacks with you, because there is no tavern or snack bar and there are no other facilities (also no rental of umbrellas and sunbeds). There are pine trees around the beach for the people wanting to lie in the shade.

If you do not want or you cannot visit the beach by boat, you take the road to Marpounta Beach and watch out untill you see the sign that points to the beach of Megalas Mourtias. The path to Vythisma Beach starts here as well, but be warned: it is quite steep and sometimes it's quite difficult to see what direction it is going.
The beach of Vythisma is one of the best sandy beaches of Alonissos and consists of sand and small black pebbles. The waters here have a beautiful turqoise colour.

Kokkinokastro Beach

kokkinokastro beach Another beautiful mixed pebble and sand beach with clear blue water. The beach of Kokkino Kastro is named after the red rocks that surround it (kokkino means "red"). It is said that if you swim far enough you may be able to see the ruins of an old village under the water. Although there are no official nudist beaches on the island, you may find the odd one or two here occasionally. Take a snack or something to drink with you to avoid disappointment because there is no tavern or bar. You can go by boat in 20 minutes from the port or by car about 6,5 Km from Patitiri.

The beach of Kokkinokastro (red castle) is believed to be the place of the ancient capital Ikos. Around it are the red clifs and pine tree forests. Opposite the beach is the islet of Vrachos which is believed to have been connected to the island of Alonissos. The name of the adjacent bay "Vythisma" means "sunken", in remembrance of the ancient town that once stood here..

Mikros Mourtias Beach

MIKROS MOURTIAS Beach It is a small beach with sand and pebbles south west of the island. You can get there leaving from the cemetery to the old village (this part of the road is not very good, but good if you just walk) or by boat. It was used until the middle '70s as a small port of the old village for the boat making daily trips to Skopelos. As there is no tavern there, it is recommended to take water or supplies with you.

One of the locals of Alonissos "warned" me saying "It is a very silent and peaceful place so don't be surprised if you meet some nude swimmers there". In high season there might be Greek families (from outside of Alonissos) being offended, but the locals don't have a problem with naturism here, because they are used to it. If you get a complaint just tell the to buzz off (like we would do). There are plenty of other beaches for them where they can show off their textiles The beach of Mikros Mourtias is backed up by olive trees if you want to get some shade.

Agios Dimitrios Beach

AGIOS DIMITRIOS beach Agios Dimitrios beach in the northeast of Alonissos opposite the island of Peristera is a large triangular pebble beach which can be reached over a dirt track. An attractive beach bar has been built, mainly out of driftwood it seems, but don't expect drinks to be served cold until July when visitor numbers make it worthwhile for the owner to fire up the generator. There are sunbeds for hire on the south side but watch out for sea urchins. The north side of the beach is quieter but can suffer from some rubbish. Road access has been much improved recently and its quiet isolation is less assured.

Agios Dimitrios is probably the most popular beach of the island and also one of the prettiest. As a matterof fact it is concidered as one of the most picturesque beaches of the world. It is situated at a 14 kilometers distance of Patitiri. The beach is named after a monastery which has now been completely destroyed. Only its remains can be seen next to the main road.

Spartines Beach

Milia beach Spartines Beach is a beach that can only be reached by private boat or by foot (so not by car). Leave Patiri towards Votsi and 50 meters before the road splits to Milia and Chrisi Milia go into what looks like a truck depot. Go to the right just before you reach a house and take the steep road down through the pine forest. The walk takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Some of the parts you will encounter on your way will be a bit steep and take a bit of a climb.

Spartines Beach is located north of Votsi, at a distance of two kilometers from Patitiri. It is a quiet beach with pebbles and sand, and clear greenish blue waters. In Spartines Beach are no facilities, so if you go there and want to sunbathe, you have to bring your own water and food. Spartines Beach actually consists of two large beaches separated by a large rock, and a smaller beach next to each other. Because it is so isolated, the beach is frequented by naturists.

Tourkoneri Beach

AGIOS DIMITRIOS beach The beach of Tourkoneri on the West side of the island north of the chapel at Aghios Andreas is used as a naturist beach. The area is excellent for walks, because here you can see nature at its best. You find Tourkoneri Beach at the end of a long dirt track and it is a pebble beach. The beach is surrounded by rocks and behind it is the pine tree forest. This is one of those beaches where the first ones to arrive make it the kind of beach that it will be.

In the wider area or Tourkneri you can find several other unspoiled small pebble beaches such as for instance Agioi Anargyroi Beach and Megali Ammos. On all these beaches are no facilities, so hikers should bring a supply of water. In this area in the southwest of Alonissos the hills that you have to climb are not very steep and the paths are quite wide: the perfect piece of Alonissos for lovers of nature and tranquility that want to find a beach to themselves.

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