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The Iowa RockNRoll Music Association (IRRMA) will induct the band ROZE
( congradulations Randy !!!)
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The Colum will always be Randys Rants !

    Randy Van Hosen 1949 - 2008

    It is with saddened harts that we inform
    you that Randy Van Hosen passed away on March 16, 2008
    , after his seven month battle with cancer. Randy was born on
    December 2, 1949 in Des Moines to Bob and Alice Van Hosen.

    Randy was a founding and lifelong member of Roze, who played throughout Iowa for over 30 years with the band ROZE  whom recorded 6 Albums/CDs . In 2006 Randy and ROZE where where inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association's  Iowa Hall of Fame. ( Please  Read Randys Obituary by his wife Raven & his Family )

    The family requests that all donations be
    directed to the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Scholarship Foundation,

    91 Lake Street, PO Box 557, Arnolds Park, IA 51331.

    For our part Randy was an totaly awsome friend!  He was a huge supporter and
    contributor to this website and the originator writer of Randys Rants.

    Randy had nothing but praise for all those
    local musicians who break there butts and
    play for the love of playing music and chase
    thier musical dreams,. He was all about supporting the local musicians and
    music scence in Iowa, and contributing
    to that.

    If you haven't heard of ROZE do yourself
    a favor and read Randys Interview from 2005. I don't know of any other Iowa acts 
    or musicians that opened for both Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Bolan.

    Those of you who read this and know Randy
    - I have written this three times now - and
    don't feel it will ever do him justice. So I am asking your help to write a short message - share a story or picture : for Randy and his wife and family on Randy's myspace as many have done.

    I don't mind sharing the fact that if it wasn't
    for Randy this site probably wouldn't be
    here now. I called to tell him this  - his response was : " Dude , you can't do that , what can we do to help" . His support has literally kept this going.

    If it seems there is a giant hole in this page below , there is - it was filled by Randy Van Hosen.  We miss you brother , God Bless you , Rest in Peace.

    Stars4Iowa.Com -
    For Randy - One of a kind ...& one of 10,ooo bassists in the world.


    We hope to bring you more soon!

    Friends of one of a kind  - and one of
    10,000 bassists in world...Randy.


Randy Freinds Rant Number 12 ( January 08)

This is Randy and Friends Rant
# 12 - The 2008 Update :



    Randy Freinds Rant Number 12

    This is Randy and Friends Rant
    # 12 - The 2008 Update :

    Send much love and good musical vibes to Randy, as we attempt to capture that same Ranting vibe here.

    We want to wish The Cassandra Disease's Matt a quick recovery from his auto mishaps and look forward from hearing more on what they have in store in 2008.Also wishing Mind Asylums' lead singer Matt Wiggins a speedy recovery. Matt is having surgery on his hand as the result of an encounter with a brown recluse spider.
    Word on how the spider is doing is forthcoming.

    Heavy as F*k : part Killpact , Violent Impact and Reality’s Flaw, the newly formed “Upon Deaths Arrival “ : Donny Steel , Kris , Leabo, Joe and Moe will play their local debut @ the Vaudeville Mews on Feb 2nd .

    While at an old location Steppin Out is now again Party Town – Rolls Royces –Toad Holler on Army Post ) has reopened its doors and is doing some selective live music dates.

    In the ever-changing local Club
    Scene, Peoples on Court has also made a strong entry in booking live some shows. Razz and Will take on the honors of continuing the strong live music tradition of the Hull Ave Tap - with a intimate evening witl Calous Grand Opening Jan 4th. Many “Thanks” to Mel and Ken  for their hard work at the Hull!

    We thought we would ask some folks for their input as we head towards 2008, and wish you all the VERY
    BEST in 2008!Our prediction for 2008 is that the media coverage of the political
    process in Iowa Caucus doesn’t help out one local band. Approximately $25 million dollars has been spent here during the Political Campaigning and not one candidate bought a local CD? Or appeared with a local band?

    So speaking of politics …
    Dum Fuxx - Denny
    - Whats Up?
    We had the big ass DUMFUX show at Val Air this New Year's Eve. We've been practicing more this year than we have in the past and it's getting pretty tight... it's scary. I get to be a rock star one night a year, not a bad gig at all

    "Whats was best part of 2007?
    " Taking some time off to decompress after my last store closed down.

    "What did you ask Santa for?
    "A regular 5 day work week, and SLEEP!

    "Predictions for 2008?
    "I've been putting off playing in a regular band for a long time, I'm really considering taking the leap this year and get it going again. You never know...

    Well, we have a couple of good shows coming up that will set the tone for the highly anticipated release of Calous' next full length studio CD "Building a Better Mars".First, our good friend Will has purchased The Hull Ave. Tap, and they have invited Calous to play the grand re-opening weekend on Jan. 4th. It will be a night with Calous, and the show will start at 10pm, and we will play until we decide to quit. It will probablly be two monster sets.

    Next, Calous will be playing with Egypt Central and Dying Eyes on Feb. 8th at The House of Bricks. Egypt Central has been on the Family Values tour with Korn for some time now, and are currently on tour with Papa Roach and 5 Finger Death Punch. Dying Eyes are getting ready to hit the road with Machina on the "Modify your Life tour" that starts in Feb.,and Calous will be playing some select shows on that tour.

    On March 15th, the tour finishes up in Des Moines at The House of Bricks, and Calous will be there to rock with all the great bands on this bill.Calous will also be bringing in "Sign of One" from Montreal Canada to play the March 15th show as they make there way accross the U.S. on tour. There is a rumor that Primer 55 might be on the March 15th bill as well, but the rumor has not been confirmed
    .All this sets up the release of
    "Building a Better Mars" by Calous!!!

    More than This – Gary
    Q. Best part of 2007 for MTT?
    A. We did several Des Moines shows. It felt good to see our Des Moines friends on their turf, instead of making them drive to see us. We also did some ABATE shows that were fun. And we have to mention all the faithful MTT followers who come to the shows in the towns outside of Des Moines too. Newton - Oskaloosa - Knoxville - Chariton, these people are just party animals!

    Q. What should we look for in 2008?
    A. We've got some original music that we're getting ready to record. We've all done original projects in the past, but after 2+ years of playing other people's music, we decided it was time to write some songs under the MTT moniker. As soon as we get the tracks down, we'll post a few of them on our myspace page. We're also looking forward to booking some more shows in Des Moines, as well as continuing to build our following east & south of the metro.

    Q. Any other predictions ?
    A. I predict we'll get a whole bunch of new myspace friends when they go to www.myspace.com/morethanthisband and add us! Also check out the video and audio clips at www.morethanthisband.com

    Black Market Fuckin' Fetus – Nate:

    Whats New with BMF ?We are actually in the studio right now, it's taking a little time but we are almost done with 7 new songs for a couple split 7"s that will be released early 08' like finally putting out the long anticipated "by us anyway" split 7" with IMPALER ..shock rock legends (they will be coming back to Des Moines late January, and a split with Hardcore dudes IN DEFENSE as well.

    What was the best thing about 2007?

    Getting to play some killer shows with bands like SKELETONWITCH, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, M.D.C., and many other killer bands, we also went out to Portland which was fun but that turned sour because our drummer broke his ankle while moshing to DECAPITATOR, which sucks because we were scheduled to play between GHOUL and NUNSLAUGHTER two killer bands! So I guess that would have been a highlight but not so much of a good one.

    What are the 2008 plans?

    Well the above stated split 7"s for sure, we are playing with SOURVEIN and ZOROASTER on Feb. 17th at The Vaudeville Mews and with M.OD. (Featuring Billy Milano of S.O.D.) and CROSS EXAMINATION on Sat. March 15th which will be a thrashtastic experience. We also have a trip to FO REAL FEST out in Ohio and will be doing a small tour around that like Illinois, Indiana, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis etc. so not a large scale tour but still getting out there a bit, we plan on working on a national tour as soon as we start writting for a new full length as well as maybe another European tour for 2009!

    Prediction for 2008?

    Uh... some asshole will get elected some more shit will get fucked up and we will still all be fucked?Cheers to all and to all a brutal 2008!Billy 7 – Gimmick Best
    Part of 20007:
    That when Steve Lash decided to leave Gimmick and move to Florida, we found James Brinker who responded to an ad at Professional Music Center. James has been a very inspiring musician to work with. IN 2007 we slowed on the bookings at the end of the year to focus on creating new music, as a result there WILL BE a new Gimmikk CD by the end of 2008.Predictions for 2008: More Gimmikk out of State gigs.
    And Axel gives up on “Chinese Democracy”,

    Guitarist David Miller:

    Rearview takes off January and we should look for more from them in Febuary – Look Them back to rock as a four piece with some new tunes in 2008! David and Jasonic split to persue some different projects - look for more on that later.

    Predictions :
    It Is good ..we like it !

    Matt Biegger:

    What’s News :
    I just uploaded my new Matty's music myspace page featuring some of the b-sides, previously unreleased, or digitally re-mastered songs from my recent and distant past...you can check those out on www.myspace.com/beegstunes So dig it. In more exciting news, I am currently writing, rehearsing, and recording with a band named
    "Tribe of Lions". Featuring ex-Filthy Wilma mates Brian Vance on guitar, and Paul Thompson on drums. Pauls brother Wade(To My Surprise, Tyler Thompson Band) is on bass, and rounding out that line-up is former Junk Poet band-mate Jay Lyon(also from Soul Sick, and Devil w/Cheese). Probably one of the heaviest bands I've been in. It's great playing with
    old mates, no egos, just fun.

    I'm also working on a cover project with Taco, David Baker, and Greg Stravers,
    all from Soul Sick.

    It will be a tribute to the 90's genre, with some crowd pleasers both modern and pre 90's as well. Also, still have yet to do a cd release party for the Hallway Heavies cd here in Des Moines. The cd was finished last year... That will be coming up this year as well. Very funky, jazzy fusion-y!!!
    Last but not least, I am still workin as
    a solo/duo performer nearly three
    nights a week here in Des Moines and surrounding, so get out and see me. Check Juice and Cityview. The best  part of 2007 other than the fact that it's over is, I met my soulmate, my solo career took off well, and George Bush is gonna get the fuck out of office.

    Predictions ?
    We will have our first black president, Tribe of Lions will dominate the world, and 2008 will be "The year of the Biegger" Why? Cuz 2008 rhymes with "Masturbate" which I happen to do a LOT of... (Stay Tuned!!!!!) Peace ya'll!!!!!



    Rant Number 11

    don’t like bad news or sad news but unfortunately it sometimes comes with the turf we attempt to cover so lets get this rant under way:I'm greatly saddened to report that long time drummer for many of The Des Moines Area local punk and underground bands passed away
    last week. Joe Page was not only a long time support of the local music and underground scene but was a back beat to many of the early bands that shaped the Des Moines Scene
    for close to 20 years. The bands
    Joe played in include : 23 Lies - The Catalinas - Death Valley Murmurs-The Delstars- The Hollowmen - and Voodoo Gearshift , Joe Page will be
    missed by many.

    We also send our belated and
    sincere condolences to the friends and families of Axis Band
    Keyboard player Donnie Norman,
    who passed away the past June. As a member of Axis for nearly 8 years, Donnie brought joy to many.

    Joseph Parish (Jo Jo ) 61 years old died Friday July 30th 2007 he
    was a local musician and was known for his storytelling and enjoyed friends and music.

    In an unrelated, but worthy note :
    bands will play a Benefit for Jordon Martin, age 14, at the House of Bricks on August 4, 2007. Jordon was involved in a tragic accident that claimed the life of his nine-year-old sister Emily and left their mother Sarah in critical condition. The
    Benefit line up will include The Bob Pace Band , Di- Fi , World Under and The Cassandra Disease . For more information contact Crystal.

    And last of the sad news
      – Good-bye Hairy Mary's … many good times where shared: Metal Church, Mastodon, Shadows Fall, 3 inches of Blood, Fu Manchu .. They weren't’t that long ago.

    The Cassandra Disease has
    released a 5 song EP with new music.You can check out The new CD/ EP “The Morning Star in Heaven”
    On the bands website – or see them Live : Aug 3 and 4 @ House of Bricks
    and Aug. 18 @ Saylor Skate Park. In another upcoming benefit The Mosaic Benefit Show will feature
    Facecage ,
    On A Pale Horse ,
    Only, A.M. Conspiracy , One SIde Zero
    September 8th at 7 Flags Event Center. Band News  : Leabo has posted the following regarding Killpact :
    " We have decided to end the
    Killpact era. No drama, no real reasons then its just a time to evolve, take some chances and work with some new people. Its been a privilege and a great pleasure playing in this band, and Working with all my close brothers who have come and gone. There's been some amazing memories made, and its something I cherish. I remember going with  Rick when he tried out for vocals back in 01'... Then To actually play in it 4 years later is crazy. All the memories of Ernie rockin it hard, Don slayin, fuck man, its been unreal. Thanks to
    everyone who was there, supported, partied, fist fought, got laid,
    Mourned with us, all the bands, just everyone. Kick fucking ass.”Calous Takes You on the  Road -
      to The Rock in  Maplewood, MN
    The bus trip leaves at 1 PM on Aug 4 from 300 Locust and tickets go
    Fast so check out the Calous blog for more information!
    Thunder Teaz (1982- 1997)
    A few years ago Gary Benson (guitar & vocals) and Kevin Morrissey (drums) founded the 3 AM Band, and  slowly but surely other members of Thunder Teaz found themselves recruited for this band.  Tom Murphy (bass & vocals), Lance Harrison (guitar & vocals) joined the band, which filled out the chemistry. They still perform together as the 3 AM band with Lindsey Logsden (vocals). This July the band celebrated its 25th anniversary. So if you wanna hear some good rock and roll played the way its supposed to be played then be sure to listen for the thunder and catch Thunder Teaz at the Hull Aug 10th  & Aug 17th at Cycles Walnut Tap.Zef Reunion - Gary Seddon
    of More Than This has informed us that on Aug 4th. 9PM. Rookies Sports Bar. Osceola IAAll 5 members from the ZEF album WHEN HEAVEN SHAKES together for the 1st time in 15 years.In an honest mistake we overlooked that “Angry Gods of the Radio” where also selected and played the Godsmack show in Ames Sunday, July 22. A Belated congratulations – sorry for the F up guys.Cedar Rapids Joel McDowell & Brook Hoover of the Meerkats have formed a
    new band called Spider Gear. The Debut CD is set for an August 28th
    Hailing from Carrol Iowa
    Dago and Criminal History” have  posted the title song of the new CD
    “Unbreakable “ . To be released as soon as worthy art is created. They will be hosting their annual Summer Bash Aug. 4th in Carroll, IA.
    In something a little different we look at means to market a band on the web.

    Is the Myspace craze for a band is getting worn? Though it is still a very good way to connect with fans, new web community outlets like BeboHi5 and - Facebook with its newly launched iLike,com : has become the fastest-growing digital music service on the Internet, registering a million new users per week and fielding information requests from record labels every half-hour.Other social networking communities
    that feature bands and music include Buzznet , Friendster - Soundclick, Tagged - Reverb Nation, Sonic Garden, Altsounds , Soundpedia and Sellaband.com to name a few. Here are more with unique marketing and listener features : MOG is a site where computer users who listen to their music primarily on their computers or iPods can set up personal pages with their musical interests and listening history.

    MOG is similar to Last.FM, but it first uploads a listing of a user's digital music collection to their MOG page, then it keeps track of what music is played on the user's computer. Other features include music-focused blogging, dedicated pages for artists, albums and songs, tagging of music items, and direct links to iTunes and Amazon for music purchases. Fliptrack, specialist in user- generated musical slideshows and videos, has partnered with APM Music, a production music library, to bolster its already extensive popular music catalog by 225,000 songs and recordings. The move, creates a mashup music library available today.
    Fuzz.com – Features many independent artist it can feature your band too, or you can sign up as fan, rate music and help your favorite artist. Bands can pinpoint listeners on Google maps.Second Life – Feature a music community that allows bands to play or for your avatar to visit clubs where others are playing, Second Life is kind of like the Sims online on steroids - only it uses it own currency that is earned or purchased with a credit card. Basic membership is free. Check out the Frogg Marlow story on MTV.

    Garageband.com A music community which has a wealth of information about labels, copyrights, free downloads, band profiles and the opportunity for bands to get heard and fans to hear new music.

    Marketing on the web is a complex issue for bands. A word of caution – if you put your music or video on the web, to play in a browser, people can and will take it without paying. That is the reality. Copyright infringement on any transferable media has always been a reality, the tools just change. Online radio stations like Pandora and 365 Live along with all those stations on your itunes lists of live podcast are an alternative means of getting airplay. Then if you are musician looking for gigs there is now Virtual Studio Technology. Digitalmusician.net. uses the new DM-Recorder software from DM Digital Musician as an
    all-in-one solution for musicians to produce recordings on the Internet. The application not only combines recording, communication and data exchange but also links up with musicians and producers on the Community area.

    There are many ways to share and make music on the intranet

    These are a few from one
    of 10,000 bassist in world...Randy.


    Rant# 10 ... 2007 Randy and Friends Rants
    Welcome back to another Rant....
    This time out it's going to be short...
    We here at Rant central would like to Thank all the  people who have checked out the website over the last couple months...4,000 views a month is a good thing...That basically means there are 4,000 people interested in what your doing musically...Take advantage of
    it and send us some stuff so we can better support YOU...

    Matt Biegger
    just got out of Catamount
    last week, with a new band called "Project Bluebook". Now officially called the "Hallway Heavies".
    It's funk, jazz, soul, rock,
    fusion, featuring Matt, Justin Appel,
    Nate Peoples, Don Jaques, Matt Hartleip(guit), Brandon Mills(Bass) and insane drummer named A te 47. We will have the record out by the end of the month . They will be playing our first gig @ El Bait Shop Sunday March 25th. It will be a doozy, and I hope you can make it. 8 to 11 pm. Til then have a "listen back" from Catamount you can check out. It is the outro to one of the tunes called "Life is Beautiful"On A Pale Horse has a CD Release Party set for June 8th @ House of Bricks.
    A bit of what soundz are ahead at link
    above. Angry Gods of Radio have released their 1st CD on Mushroom Cloud Records - check it out for yourself at the links above. Don't rely on some one else's review to tell you what's good( you do have a mind?).

    Rearview has had some recent line up changes and now features Andy on vocals and Jasonic on Drums. Best of luck to the former band mates Dave (drums ) who now can pay attention to the family, and Steve who now fronts Gimikk ( formerly known as Gimmick maybe soon to be Gymyk ...kinda like Lynyrd Skynyrd ?)- They changed the name gimmick .. sorta ..

    Spring brings the summer concert onslaught to Iowa and a Rant:
    Many local venues now in competition ... which can be a good thing for the musical consumer leads to everything from Keith Urban to the Killers , but does little to promote locals.

    The Des Moines Music Coalition has reached a little further out to involve the  rock /metal community for this we give them praise
    and hope that the diversity of their projects provides strength not division.We wish them the best with Gross Domestic Product.

    In a Typical Iowa summer the Local Acts play a different array of smaller local festivals - Clive - some may play the Des Moines Arts Festival. The State Fair  has done little to support local acts  (outside of the Nadas and the Blue Band). Does Iowa Rock belong at the Iowa State Fair? Last year while Joan Jett played a few local had an opportunity to play - Lets hope this year more local rock acts have an opportunity to do the same.

    It is pretty clear that the Iowa State Fair is not about local talent, but more about putting on
    a "stereotypical face" that the rest of the world "wants Iowa to be" . Its a shame that they
    can't support original local music. And even more shameful that they don't use some of the great local acts that do covers ( many on our bands list page ). They haven't even used Iowa tribute bands like Deuce .

    Deuce KissMas Show

    The Iowa State Fair's shame is not about the debate over if Iowa talent exists, but really over what "style of music is acceptable "  not "what is popular." Perhaps we are  wrong and the State fair has steered away from local rock acts because they want it to be a "special showcase " ...  No Rock - No hip hop - No Punk or Metal from Iowans allowed ?
    This is message the I get ..The Alive Concert Series  and Nitefall on the River -  last years  two downtown Des Moines Simon Estes Amphitheater concerts could include locals as openers ? Or is it more
    a game of "Who knows who"  and would either consider doing a local showcase on a Saturday Night ... No word from either on line-ups or dates.

    One more question, as food for thought:
    If the Arts festival is about diversity ( All sorts of music as Art ) where was Black Market Fetus or DJ Starsscream ? For all the talk about diversity from the commissions - and alliances, you'd think the people on these boards lived in a time warp with the Clevers next door - its
    really about saving face and drawing the right demographic in crowds ..so drop the bullshit .

    I don't see anyone new from the local radio stations stepping up to promote any local bands that doesn't have to do with lining their pockets either ...I guess it's just a lot easier and safe to just lay back in the weeds and play it safe.

    I had the pleasure of attending a couple Iowa Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame shows recently...and the good news is both shows had over 500 people in attendance.
    Everyone involved in the IRRMA is bond and determined to make sure there will still be a hall of fame to honor the people out there in the trenches when their number comes up in the future.They also just released a 29 song cd from members and inductees that you can purchase at www.iowarocknroll.com

    It's also good news to hear
    The Hull Ave. is having live music again..

    As always be sure to check out the Proboards  link located on this website.. It's a place for local music supporters to check out...
    Des Moines Music Proboards

    As stated at the beginning of this Rant,
    This is your column be a part of it...

    There are people waiting eagerly to know what you and
    your band are up to!


    Email me


    Greetings ... Welcome back to another Randy and Friends Rants column.... # 9 - 2007

    We thought it would be a good idea to go directly to the source and as promised last column take a look into the future and see what some of the local musicians and bands have on tap for 2007.

    First a very quick look back.
    Thanks to Stone Sour for the free show this year at House of Bricks .We started to think of the best shows this year and it doesn't get any better than FREE
    and KICK ASS.

    There where some good shows … we will leave it at that. Oh yeah ...we heard they where going to have Ozzfest day at the Iowa State Fair this year (yeah right). Maybe we should start a petition?

    We asked a few people to name best Cd's of the past year - only had a couple responses:

    Jim Clark (Extinguisher)
    (No Particular order) Lamb of God, "Sacrament" Black Label Society "Shot To Hell" and of course Stone Sour "Come What(ever) May ".

    Gary (More Than This)
    1. Paul Gilbert - Get Out of My Yard This one's mainly for guitarheads. He's so good it makes me want to stop pretending to be a guitarist and just sing.
    2. Entwine - Fatal Design Really heavy, maybe a little poppy, which is surprising since they started out as a death metal band.
    3. Breaking Benjamin - Phobia Another CD that manages to be heavy and catchy at the same time. I like it.

    I think you will agree the Des Moines music scene is alive and well in 2007 and we have lots to look forward to.
    On to the responses we received
    (in order recieved ) :

    1. Cold Filtered
    Now that we finally have a solid line up (It seems like we were always looking for drummers) Hopefully we can get back to the studio and get a second CD out. We are starting to work on some new songs now so with a little luck we will get the new cd out before Waterstock. See you around.
    Brian - Cold Filtered

    2. SCRUE
    Ed here . . . we had a blast at the KGGO show. Right now, we have nothing on the books for 2007. We booked three shows in three weekends here in December just to see how people liked it, and how well we could pull it off. Things seem like they are going in the right direction. An interesting group of guys that all have a soft spot for Crue. I could go on, but if you really want to "the dirt", we should talk some time. I see lots of bigger "events", less club shows. Ed - SCRUE

    3. Jay (Soul Sick / Red King)
    I'm not playing, taking a step back from the scene... I have begun recording other people though after years of recording myself and bands. Check it out here, just a start anyway. http://www.myspace.com/red_king_music Thanks for the interest! -Jay

    4. Deuce
    2007 looks to be a big year for the guys in deuce. all of us have been in the studio with our respective bands in 2006. All of the cd's are going to be released at various time through out the year. Deuce doesn't have anything booked at the moment but we do plan on putting on the party again. Hopefully we can hook up with KGGO and bring it to the ice arena again.
    Joey - Deuce

    5. Gimmick
    We are most certainly pumped for 2007. As some may know we have a new lead vocalist Steven Lash, who we have chosen to be the new voice of Gimikk.He has alot to offer,and we see much potential in him. We, like any other band out there,look forward to playing new venues And stompin new grounds.And hope to see our following grow,as well as our writing. Stay tuned this summer for our new released album,KINDRED PUPPET!!!
    Billy - Gimmick

    6. Great Big Mouth Records / Facecage

    What's up with the record label and management company in 2007 ?:

    2007 is shaping up to be a huge year for (515) MANAGEMENT, GREAT BIG MOUTH RECORDS and FACECAGE. FACECAGE
    just had it's first national album review for 'III' in the January issue of REVOLVER magazine and we are looking with great anticipation to REVOLVER's upcoming 2 page feature on the band in March. Since magazines run a month or two early, that issue should hit the newsstands January 25th or so.

    We are gearing up for a lot of crazy stuff, a lot of surprises that we can't talk about yet. One thing in particular is just MASSIVE, absolutely monumental. If we pull this off, FACECAGE will be the only non-SLIPKNOT related project, Des Moines band, to ever do it.

    Question For You: What's your take on the under 21 crowd and live music?

    The under 21 crowd is going to be the lynchpin to a healthy live music scene here in Iowa. Most FACECAGE shows are all ages because the kids 'get it' and they support it. I'm 34. I remember back when the only options you had to see live music under 21 was either a fly by night promotion at a VFW hall and/or Sunday show at the Runway Nightclub. A lot of the kids forget this scene wasn't always like this. A lot of times WE were forbidden to play ANYTHING origoinal, only covers. Those days sucked, and I hope they understand how good they have it now. Hopefully, the City Council will realize that bars are only smaller versions of Wells Fargo Arena and ease the restrictions somewhat. You can buy beer at 'The Well' too, only the Security to Patron ratio is worse there than at the Bar!

    I would rather have the kids supervised and safe at The House of Bricks or Hairy Mary's than hanging out at 10th and Locust. What do I know though? I was one of those kids at 10th and Locust.

    DENNY -

    7. Odium :

    2007 should remain consistent with the 6 year long odium existence... we put out an album touched by god, play a ton of shows from here to guam, record execs continue to ignore us, etc., etc. The new full length album for 2007 (12 songs plus extra stuff...I love extra stuff) is coming along swimmingly... the material continues to mature. very exciting... sonically.

    Of course we'll also do some sort of tour. We'll probably head to the desert as they seem to really enjoy buying our album, which is nice. we also plan on expanding our stage and venue show in hopes of turning the in town shows into a living canvas for us to fuck with. Should be great fun.

    Best memories of 2006:
    1) Driving to the southwest playing a series of shows that rival some of our in town shows. i bought an authentic poncho made in mexico from an Indian and then saw the same poncho at Wal-Mart for 20 bucks more. i wish I would have bought more ponchos but I really didn't feel like the poncho industry was for me.
    2) Releasing the orange album. it is the precursor to the one we are writing presently. Speaking for myself, I love it. Hopefully in the next week or so, the odium "year in review" newsletter will be out so check out the blog thingy and I'll put it there.

    I hope your 2007 kicks the ever-lovin' shit out of your 2006.
    Jim - Odium

    8. Full Throttle
    Best of 2006 : Clive Festival once a year thing...and we don't really have a lot booked next year we never do all the gigs just seem to pop up when ever ....just lucky I guess although we are booked at rocks for my b-day bash Feb.10th other than that I am opening my own store on the South side should be up and running around the 1st of the year … Satellite T.V. and Home Theater will be the focus I am a DirecTV retailer Imagine that!!!.
    Kelly - Full Throttle

    9. Little Mojo :

    All has been great for us in 2006 looking into 2007. We're currently finishing up
    a 3-month recording stint here in New York City for our new record that will be released nationwide in mid-2007. Look for a large tour to follow, lots of radio play throughout the country, and many many good times - check out this account for more info over the next couple of months -

    Peace, love, rock n roll - Josh - Little Mojo

    10. Tyler Thompson Band
    All is well with the TTB. Just finished our third album and getting ready to release it. We had a blast recording it with Brian Vance studios up in Ankeny, Ia. and cant wait for you to hear it,
    peace, and have a great holiday,
    Wade - Tyler Thompson Band

    11. Dark Mirror
    Actually right off the first week of the new year we are going into a studio in Cedar Falls, to record our first full length cd.
    We are currently setting up some show dates around the midwest. We will be continuing to play local shows and continue looking at label interest to see if we can find something that suits us.
    --Mark- Dark Mirror

    12. Matt Beigger
    Well, the solo act is going real well, booking lotso gigs. Playing solo/duo acts
    is much more lucrative and hassle free than I had ever imagined. I am poising myself to turn this into a band thing later down the road, as soon as I have my originals written and recorded. I am enjoying having a guitar in my hands as
    a front man now, even though I am no {insert your guitar hero here}.

    The funny thing is, this will be more countryish or Americana than anything I have ever done. Still exploring new styles I guess. Other than that, I may be working with Michael Curry and Matt Maines on an upcoming progressive metal project. We still have yet to get together, trying to find time these days is quite difficult. I have a couple other prospective irons in the fire as always.
    Matt Bieggger

    13. More Than This :
    Plans for the band for 2007?
    Play Des Moines more often! We've had some fun gigs at Hull Avenue Tavern, and met some really cool people, so I would like to see MTT playing Des Moines on a more regular basis.
    Gary Seddon - More Than This

    14. DM Music Board:
    You can meet and chat with local bands and musicians. It's a good way to swap gigs, network, and get to know people in the scene a little better. A lot of people use it to advertise gear they want to buy and sell, as well. There is a quite a bit of video posting and general goofiness, too. I'll be in touch again soon with more information about more things!

    15. Realitys Flaw :
    I think 06 was the ice breaker for a lot
    of bands it was a good year we saw our local scene get stronger with every show that came through Ithink 07 is expected to be huge...there are lots of good bands
    around here that are gonna do big things and Ibelieve the midwest is going to
    attract some much needed attention
    and we are gonna do that with the ever growing family within our scene...so be prepared !

    As I had said there is lots of bands around here that impress me so i just look forward the seeing what to come....
    Peace, Kris - (Vox) Realitys Flaw

    16. Brook Hoover
    2006 was pretty good for me. My studio has gotten a little more attention from local bands and artists. I seem to have come up with a good solution to getting good drum sounds by investing in some good Earthworks mics and having a few great drummers tweak the Gretsch kit I have . Also have a great partner in the studio , Tim King, who mixes and masters songs I track on a computer. To get to
    this point took many years, and 2006 seems to be the year it allcame together. Also had some good times with The Surf Zombies, opened for Dick Dale and are working on a cd to be released. Meerkats played 2-3 gigs almost every week. So
    that was nice to have a band that does songs I think are cool do well. I'm really thankful for the opportunity to keep doing what I do even if it is way uinder the radar of the big time.

    Also have been getting into teaching guitar even more...I get really happy about seeing kids put things together and getting a solid framework with their guitar and bass playing. I hear about former students going out and making me proud. In my little world, things are reasonably cool. Thanks for asking! Next year I 'd really like to get a Meerkats cd out. Why we take so long...is because we 2nd guess ourselves into obsolecence. Also would like to do a solo cd.
    Brook Hoover

    17. Huguenin
    I was deployed to Iraq in February 05
    and returnd to Iowa April 06. The deployment really changes a persons perspective on life. On never truly know's what it feels like to live day to day not knowing whether or not that is your final day. Well that had driven me to the next CD Release I'm currantly working on.
    Now that I'm back and alive, I've had to ask myself the question..."Where From Here" which will be the title of the new CD.

    I started recording it Oct 06 with the
    single "Fly away". This next CD will be of European Metal Genre and alot of the
    lyrics will be of the things experianced in Iraq or the thoughts in my head. The
    best music is written in feeling and I believe this new material of 16 songs is
    the best I've written to date. Currently I have Marcus Peterson and Doug Beary of the band Defyance www.defyance.com and a Bass buddy of mine Robert Haspels.
    You can check out more at www.seanhuguenin.com.

    I'd like to thank all of you for whom sent emails and support the troops in Iraq for it's your belief in them, not necessarily the war, that gets them through this. Thanks again and more to follow.
    Peace; Sean Huguenin

    20. Sinhinge:
    In this next year, we are looking to book more shows, but be more selective as to only doing shows, where we know we can self promote more effectively. In the past two months, we have subjected ourselves to playing a few shows that others were responsible for booking/promoting, and were short notice - and the turnouts were not as high as we would have expected- but the shows were a good experience for us, as we are continuing to define our our stage show. We are also working on new material, and doing some more recording of some of our previous songs. Playing at the Iowa State Fair last year was definitely a lot of fun for all of us- Big thanks to Jason Boggs to getting us on that show !

    Paul - Sinhinge

    21. On A Pale Horse:

    Mixing of the new album is done, mastering is next. Once it's all done, it's just getting a buzz going for it and spreading the word. This album may surprise some people... we really went with our influences instead of trying to define a specific sound. I think the end result comes out very honest.
    Josh - On A Pale Horse

    THANKS to all who have contributed to the Rants Column in 2006 and a round of drinks goes out to all the folks who read it... Remember this is your column... Randy

    One of 10,000 bass players on the planet, and a few friends.....


    Randy VanHosen
    3102 State Ave.
    DesMoines,Iowa 50317
    or Email me



Welcome back to another addition

Rant 8..The After 6 Rants
Columns..I felt like I had a chance to say all I had to say...

Thanks to the www.stars4iowa.com staff... It has been a honor to be able to talk about a subject that has been close to me for 40 years.. The Iowa music scene and the musicians... I was heading for early retirement... But I wanted to come back one more time... Just to say good-bye to all the people who support this website and have taken the time to read the Rants column and send in some valuable feedback...

Isn't it interesting how a Iowa musician will drive 100 miles to save 20 cents on a 12 pack of guitar picks..But the following night will lug every piece of gear he or she owns and play with every once of energy they pocess to play a benefit for a worthy cause for free...nobody better ever say...Iowa musicians don't have heart and soul....

It's the musicians who make the music .. Not the radio DJ's If you have been following the Rock Star Super Nova show this year.. Then you have heard them talking about the best unsigned singers in the world are on the show.. which seems rather strange to me..Because I heard at least 5 singers audition at Prairie Meadows alone who blew away everyone on the show and I left early... Brian Burgett did a version of (welcome to the jungle) that would of sent all 12 contestants home with their tails between their legs.... Kelly Heathcote was hanging around checking it out..He could of been a contender any day of the week... Where was Matt from Treble Hook...The guy is a world class singer...

So If the Rock Star show is bragging about having the best unsigned singers in the world... I'm saying I live in a city with some of the most talented musicians in the frickin universe... Which brings up another point to ponder over cold beers at the Hull Ave. Tavern the next time your out checking out the locals.

Why is it the same 2 or 3 bands keep making the big pay checks at the Iowa State Fair... Come on people this is getting more predictable then the butter cow and over priced funnel cakes... Lets spread it out..give some of the new up and coming bands a shot at the big payday... I'm not going to mention any names..to protect the guilty...But if you check out the roster on the free stages the local bands hasn't changed in 10 years.... We are Happy to say that there will be a Battle of the Bands the last day that will give some localsan oppurtunity
to play ...so we have heard ..

There are several things on the local scece that are noteworthy to aspiring musicians :

The Cassandra Disease i
s looking for a guitarist -

Yet another Stone Sour
mildstone : The New Release sold out of stock in All Des Moines Best Buy Stores on August 1st ... nearest CD could be located in Ames Best Buy ... Through Glass is now the
# 2 Hot Mainstream Rock track according to the Billboard Charts.
The album charted at #4 in its first full week.

Lots of Local New Music!! Local releases include
Facecage III - the premiere of the new Corey Taylor's Label Big Mouth Records.

Calous is back in the studio working on getting the new sound out - The "Building a Better Mars" CD is being produced by Fred Missouri should be ready later this year -

Realitys Flaw has been working on the final mix/master of the upcoming CD at Catamount Studios - See the interview - buy the CD - After Forever!!!

Odium has also released the "Orange Album" (in May ) and is recording Album II due out in January of 2007 with a complete 3 CD set by May 2007..

Andrew Rouw (aka Andrew Colsefni) and Vice Grip Throttle long awaited self titled CD ready to rev it up with an All Ages Release @ HOB on Aug 12th ...

Mindrite has a CD release "Razing the Sun" - set for Aug 25th - new stuff recorded with some assitance from Destrophys madman Ari ...for the release show price of admission gets you the CD also.

A Big Stars 4 Iowa Props to
Black Market Fetus
they have been hit the long road as hard as any local - touring in Europe last February- and are playing in Oakland and Berkley California Aug 11th & 12.

I sent out a plea to some loyal musicians and music supporters from around Des Moines and asked them to help out and review their favorite local releases and here is what I got back. I figured They would be far more accurate then a couple of the lame reviews I have read as of late... I personally think that if you don't have something good to say..about a local bands release...then keep your big fat mouth shut... Any local reviewer who would slam a local band needs to be run out of town on a rail... There is no room for that kind of negitive bullshit in and around this city... I wouldn't line my birdcage with one I read recently...

Especially when it comes from someone who DOESEN"T EVEN PLAY A INSTRUMENT... I'm hoping that the www.stars4iowa.com people will let me make a come back once in a while and Rant...This is the most important central Iowa music web site on the internet ...

One of 10,000 bass players on the planet, Randy

NO. 6 of Randy's Rants and Raves

I was searching through the March 23rd issue of Shittyview looking for restaurant coupons.. When I stumbled across an article on the Des Moines Music Commission An advisory group to the Des Moines city council. The commission was debating on whether or not to honor Grammy award winners Slipknot with a proposed city hall ceremony. I haven't checked anybody's gig resume on the city council, but I imagine between all of them it's pretty thin. As for the Des Moines Music Commission, you would think they would have some bigger fish to fry, and this was a no brainer. There are more great bands, better musicians, better songs being written and performed then anytime in the history of central Iowa and to top it off more loyal fans then ever before.

Why don't they take some of that grant money and call a record company and get a couple A&R people here for a showcase and lets get some people signed to a good record deal. I'm talking for all types of music labels. Nothing is going to spark plug the scene here like getting bands signed. We have tried to support local musicians - possibly done as much as anyone on your friggin committee with this web site... and did it for free to boot...Must be something to do with the fact that this web site won't kiss your corporate butts. There is more productive work towards a better music scene going on over at the Iowa Proboards then the Des Moines Music Commission has been able to muster up and it's a whole hell of a lot more fun...and the price is right. Also Check out a new resource for local bands -

I'm in a real good place in life. I can tell the program director at Q102 to kiss my ass. What's he going do. NOT play my CDs. I can Tell Heather to quit pumping her brothers band every 5 minutes on the air, and spread that love of local music around.- what's she going do not play my record CD's. I can walk up to Van and Bonnie and say, "I've heard mimes that have better radio personalities then you 2 hicks", and what are they going do not play my records. I can walk up to any bar owner in Des Moines and say, "You're a lame ass for not letting us in to review a band or get photos for an interview and not pay cover - (Unless the band is doing a door gig). We applaud the folks at Q105.1 for playing local bands during a friday drive time as a promo for a local gig!!!

As for the Commission : I want some people making decisions for me that have been stiffed on a couple shows: people that know how it fells to bust your ass and go home empty handed cause a bar owner spent all your pay on coke.I want someone who has spent all their gig money making a recording and then have some asshole who doesn't play music bash their recording and base the review on one trivial miss quoted lyric .When or is the commission dealing with radio program directors? I want someone who knows how it feels to be rejected and told they are not good enough to be played on a radio station because they are just a local band. I want someone who has humped some gear up 3 flights of stairs and does 4 sets and moves it back out and gets home at 6 in the morning: so they can bring some passion to the commission, someone who has been there and done that. I want someone who has had a band vehicle break down at 5 in the morning and it's 20 below. Then maybe we'll have someone on the commission that understands and will help get respect for those who play music in central Iowa. How many dues has the city council paid to be able to make decisions for me or any other area musician for that matter. And they question weather to "recognize" a certified platinum selling, Grammy winning artist from their hometown? To late the rest of the world already did ! I know this all goes with the territory and political bs of being a central Iowa musician. But come on …

This might be of interest to you if you like rock history and/or play in local bands: Tom Tourville has been doing research on Midwest rock history since the mid 70s. He has published 15 books on Midwest rock history and records. His books cover states: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois (with the Chicago area). He has also done a book on Iowa's IGL Record Label and his newest book is called. The Midwest Rock Art Collection, books on the best of the Midwest 50s -70s rock band posters. He writes a music column for Twist & Shout-Ft. Dodge, IA. The Okobojian-Spirit Lakes, IA. Blues Monday-Rochester, MN. and Twin Cities Blues News-Minneapolis. If you haven't head of Tom Tourville: that's o.k. Because its only a matter of time until he is going to hear about you. Tom is also one of the board member for the IRRMA and take my word for it. Don't get in a game of Iowa rock trivia with him¦ For more info on Tom Tourville.. p.o.box 404 Spirit Lake,Iowa 51360

Dave Ellis, Kelly Heathcote, Bill King, Ronnie Richardson, and Dave Peterson have Full Throttle up and running again (with some help from the Skully production team) It's great to see them back at it again with a stellar supporting cast as usual. They are sure to contribute to some summer fun!

I want to send out a shout to Sean from the will be coming back from Iraq real soon. He's a guitar slinger from Ankeny more details when he gets home.

I was surfing my space a while back and came across Big D's site. So I had to shoot him a email and ask about all those guitars he has pictured. Because lets face it people who read this column have inquisitive minds and we need to know. 8 U.S.A. Charvels and Jacksons for starters - Darvish also has a Randy Rhoades limited addition made in 92...Big D could open his own pawn shop or add a couple custom shop Fenders and retire. Only a player with his skills and attitude could pull off being in 2 of the best bands around at the same time Treblehook and Cold Filtered.

And speaking of Cold Filtered. I had a chance to hear their singer Brian Burgett at the rock star additions.. Do a kick ass version of Welcome to the Jungle. Its no wonder the Night Train tribute band for Guns and Roses is meeting with Rave reviews.

Brutal Republic …one of the most intriguing new arrivals on the local scene…the 3 piece from Fort Dodge is fronted by brutal young guitar slinger/lead vocalist named Jeremy Ober.

I had a chance to hear a band out of Ottumwa called Average Joe. Let me assure You there is nothing Average about this band: great vocals, great musicianship, great sound and lights and great originals. They have a new self-titled cd out and it rocks! I'll go into more detail next month, I'm starting to get a good back log of Iowa bands who have sent me music..and I am really excited about it. But I want to wait until a month there is plenty of room to cut loose. So if you have anything loan or give it to me (Mailing address below).

G Bull Revolution is a group that is trying to support Christian rock.. They are trying to put some shows together and promote them. (Myspace.com/gbullrevolution2005).

www.Soridband .com ..check the band Sorid out.

They have a very cool website I meant Brooke Hoover back when I wrote a column for Muse News. He was one artist I would always look forward to hearing his new material from (going to get to his cd next month).In the mean time his website is www.brookhoover.com

Through all these years Brook has always managed to do it on his own terms and keep very busy in the process. I want to thank Dark Mirror for sending me a copy of their 4 song EP. This is another band that you should rush to your computer and log onto their website www.darkmirroronline.com DM is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to make it to one of their live shows.

And speaking of live shows More Then This are finally going to bring their brand of cover band mayhem to Des Moines. The question has now been answered. July 15th at the Hull Ave Tavern. It will be a treat to see and hear them!

I wanted to get a quick plug in for the My Flies hailing from Iowa City. They used to go by the name of the Letterpress Opry: we will cover them more as we go..

One of 10,000 bass players in the world, Randy

Rants Archives

... Send info to.:

Randy VanHosen
3102 State Ave.
DesMoines,Iowa 50317
or Email me



Welcome back to another addition of Randys Rants and Raves ?

No. 5 Lets start out by running down the center column of the S4I website?

You have the loud Music Pod Cast?

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to check out the free music and experience some exceptional tunes.. From a fans point of view you have to be asking yourself..Why in the hell in Soul Sick calling it a day?

I understand the inner workings of a Rock and Roll band very well. As fans all we see is what goes down on the stage or maybe get a chance to hear the great music this band has produced? But it would be nice to know that there is whispers of at least some reunion gigs in the future ...So the music this band has written will live on. Or maybe some of the members will move on after the smoke clears and keep making good music in other bands...Don't ya just love band politics...

I"m impressed with all the
Pod Cast tunes and it' s just sitting there waiting to be listened to by you?
Locals Acts Calous ,
Gimmick and Odium
have been accepted to play at the XMG International Music Conference in Chicago March 28th - April 2nd . We wish them all the best in the there venture to the Windy City

Looking for another Chicago Showcase
try Mobfest .
... Or try warmer weather but act now ...Florida Music Festival ...what a concept bring in AR Reps..(Yeah welcome to the business part you have to pay them to come to Iowa - like they do everywhere else...)


Scrolling on down the center column we have the magic link to Des Moines Music Proboards? We all have Raz to Thank for this site one? Big Ups to Raz for giving us all a place to Rant and Rave about our music scene? Check it out and Speak your mind,Sell gear, Exchange ideas with other musicians, Talk about concerts, Join the insanity....Free speech.... It's loaded with fun and useful information

....Scrolling down further A congratulations to Slipknot for winning a Grammy for best metal performance?
This means Slipknot is the best in the friggin world at what they do. When you consider how many great bands there are in Des Moines ..Then Iowa,Then the Midwest and Then the U.S.A, Then the world..There are a lot of people out there making music?

BUT ..I can easily think of 10 or 20 bands just in central Iowa who are ready willing and able to get signed today..Bands that could make the jump and go national to a successful recording and touring career?.....SORRY ...Make that number 19 ..Soul Sick is breaking up .

Looks like I got a congratulations as well? Ask me and I'll tell you about it..But not here... This column has never been about me..It's about you.

.Lets move on ...
The last 5 months have been like a never ending wakeup call? I keep getting turned on to all these new bands that are on the cutting edge?

Crystalroses1976@msn.com sent me a email and filled me in on a band called Cruciful. You can check them out at www.cruciful.com ...It's well worth your time?

Steve brought me up to speed on his band Rear View.The band hails from Marshalltown and they are gearing up to play 7 or 8 Des Moines shows? www.rearviewrocks.com

Only is a band that has proven time and time again ..They can produce not just on the stage but in the studio as well...Great song melodies along with strong meaningful lyrics separates Only from alot of the other wannabe's floating around...They do it on their own terms and are not afraid to take some chances along the way...I'm very pleased to have this band on my myspace friends list..

There are alot of good drummers and a lot of good artists around ..But very few can do both as good as Kelly Moriarty..You can reach Kelly at irishdali@yahoo.com If you have a project and you need some artwork done...This
is the man you want to talk to..L.A.Guns did and to many others to mention..
( so check out our past colum)

The Cassandra Disease are hard at work on a new cd ...mixing heavey riffs with some Dark melodies..expect the unsuspected from this band...Because in 2006 they will be bringing out their A game...

www.mikeacteo.com is Mikes new website...in case your trying to keep tabs on him... If you haven't had a chance to catch a Remedy show..Do yourself and favor and go see them.. Around Oskaloosa this band rules the turf..contact dsschooley@mchsi.com

Bren Ohme is back with AXIS. Bren is one of the finest working musicians around this area and always brings plenty to the table in any situation he?s involved with..

is a good place to go check out one of the bands that are rapidly making a name for themselves here in our home town ??

It's hard to believe that the name Kentucky Fried Mullet has been floating around for 10 years? This
greasy power trio is always full of surprises.
O.K. Here goes...There like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get...There are no big super star take it to the top plans here. Each member has a slug of side projects. But lets face it this band is like a rolling money machine and jam packed with seasoned pro musicians to rock your back side off.. KFM is Ross Vander Werfs brain child and with a killer supporting cast of Paul Thompson and Jay Rosskam..I don?t think I need to say anymore on that subject?

Jesus Loves Rio is a new band...so that's why it's so important we check
them out and give them some support..

The future of central Iowa rock and roll depends on new bands to keep it alive and fresh. Des Moines has no shortage of new talent. Ryan Braaksma guitar teacher at Reiman' s Music store was telling me about some of the up and coming students he has.The future is looking very bright here in central Iowa.

I used to see Little MOJO performing with a change bucket in front of them at the farmers market downtown. Now the band is busy recording a new cd in New York on the Playtime Record label. Wouldn't it be nice to only have to split the gig money 2 ways at the end of the night. www.littlemojo.com

I mentioned last month to check out Ghost Ship and gave the wesite (That?s why I get paid the big bucks)? It's www.ghostshipband.com Ghostship also has a new cd out that will give you an Eargasm ..Debauchery Hear some tracks on the website....Ghost Ship Sioux Cities finest are coming to rock you..

And just for the record ...Jack is the guitar player for Knuckle Bone. .not the bass player..I got that one wrong as well. But Jack is an amazing tattoo artist. That fact is I did get right...

Randy BTW...Your all invited to the first annual Stars4iowa.com Christmas Party... Coming this July???
...More details coming next month



Some Dumbass Lost #4 :)

Welcome back to another addition of Randy's Rants and Raves..NO.3 ( Summer -Fall 05)

If your one of the hundred bands that submitted a 2 song demo cd to Q102 ..Your probably scratching your head and wondering what the hell just happened. I'm not a sore loser..I didn't submit anything and this is in no way meant to be disrespectful to any of the finalists or the winner....Congratulations.

But why would Bon Jovi ask Q102 to find them an opening act? Q102 is like one step above Van and Bonnie..At least if those 2 excuses for radio DJ's were going to pick a winner you might of got a chance to audition at a local grocery store opening and Rush Limbaugh could have been an expert judge...A drunken 2 year old could of ran this thing better! I would like to go on record as saying ..THEY DIDN"T PICK THE BEST 5 BANDS.

I would have had at least a couple different choices. Some marketing Guru must of noticed that the ratings on Rock Star INXS turned out very high and people really do have a interest in unsigned artists.
I sincerely hope this is a trend that other big name national acts will follow..When they roll into town to entertain us and get our concert money. I wonder how much money BonJovi is going to save over the course of this tour by using local talent.

KCCQ in Ames The "garage" Sunday nights Does Local Bands for an hour ...Has anyone besides me noticed that the local licks shows air in the worst possible time slots. It's better then nothin, but late Sunday nights. I think we deserve better then that.. I'm not going to shut up until local bands are getting in some kind of rotation..

Lets talk a little about ASCAP/BMI ..I want some feedback on this !

You all know how it works.
They go around to all the bars that have live entertainment or a juke box and collect money. I have had bars tell me they love supporting live entertainment, but might have to stop because of ASCAP/BMI ..

It's all in your favor if your
Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan.
Like they need the cash. But if your just a local musician trying to go
out and do some gigs it's going to hurt you. Lets take a look back.

It's things like Napster and tape traders, who really broke Metalica. I'm not one to sing the praises of bar owners..But they are a necessary evil. No bars/ less gigs Jillies in Marshalltown, D& J Tap in Reasonor and Johnny Mac's here in Des Moines are just a few of the Live Music venues dealing with this problem.

I'm going to cover ASCAP/BMI in more detail..after I hear from you readers...

I was lucky enough to catch
doing a set at the Den
a few weeks ago. This band is loaded
with potential and it was like old home week.. Lots of support from other musicians.. Just the way it should be ....

Jethro always puts on a great show,
I caught him at Kenny D' with a strong supporting cast ..Paul Thompson was setting in on drums..This guy is a world class player. RearView was in the shock and awe mode on a Friday night first set at Bourbon Street. Right from the first song they kicked some major ass. I like this band and with their 2 guitar attack they pulled off some impressive tunes www.rearviewrocks.com

3 A.M. was in great form the night
I heard them at Johnny Mac's..Bonnie the lead singer brings alot to the table ..3 A.M. is a very consistant band . Every time I hear them they just keep getting better.¦www.3amband.com

It's great to see Joel Andreas is back out gigging with his band Can of Worms . Joel has one of the best stage raps in the business.. You never know what he's going to say next between songs. www.canofworms.net

I would like to send a shout out to Mike Fitzpatrick..I think Mike is one of the most underrated guitarists around.. This guy has the midas touch. Any original Brother Trucker song he touches
just get better.www.brother-trucker.com

In case your wondering whatever happened to The Saturn Cats..
Check out www.rebeltrain.com.

Jim Tupper at Ground Zero Music in Indianola informed me they are moving and don't want to take alot of gear with them.. So there are deals to be had.

Check out Knucklebone when you get a chance and talk to the bass player Jack. This guy is not only solid as hell on the bass ..He is a great tattoo artist at Skin Kitchen.. www.knuckleboneband.com

Eric Coleman
has been on the central Iowa music scene for many years doing all kinds of projects Eric's latest venture is mixing comedy with accoustic guitar and he's building quite a following, with 2 albums under his belt and a couple compilations in the works.
Eric is keeping very busy

Mike Aceto is one of the most respected accoustic guitar/vocalists playing around our fair city. People love this guy wherever Mike sets up.. www.mikeacteo@juno.com

Mike Shriner has been playing his accoustic guitar and doing the Neal Young tribute for so long he's almost a household name around in DesMoines Music circles, Mike is spreading out and adding a few other choice covers and a couple sweet sounding originals ATTENTION bands Mike is looking for opening slots..

Lance Mascaro or LX8 (Check it out a stage name)Is a real up and comer Lance has a very soulful voice and backs himself with a double neck accoustic. He just got back from a sold out standing room only gig in Red Oak Iowa, Keep an ear out for Lance./LX8

FIZGIG is another new band in DesMoines to watch out for - They are doing a lot of modern covers and feature a female singer.. The Horse Shoe Spatulas have been around 6 or 7 years ..They are doing all originals and just keep getting better and better..Post Pop New Wave very experimental rock.

Last but not least this month.. I want to
get one last plug in for the IRRMA Benefit Show.. If you like old school classic rock.. It don't get no better then this.. 60's & 70's All Stars ..The Spartans /Rhythm's Children / Soulution / The Pelican Peace Band & The Last Shades of Dawn.
All hall Of fame Bands @ Val-Air Ballroom Saturday, Nov.12th

Dan Nissly, IRRMA Board Member and also the very capable drummer
of the Pelicans
, told me their last gig was in 78 at Inspiration Point, they never came back to DesMoines.The band then went to Detroit to give it one last shot
and faded off into the sunset... 30 years later they are finally going to be able to
tell their many fans THANKS and Goodbye.

I want to expose your band..send
info..bitchinings and compliments to... Randy


Welcome back to another addition of Randys Rants!! ( #2 Oct 05 )

We have a lot of ground to cover.. ..I guess it's going to
be part of our job to get some exposure for the other 98% of the musicians who don't ever
get any coverage anywhere else around central Iowa.

I keep seeing the same names pop up over and over and more power to those names.
... .They deserve it..But so does a lot of other musicians.

Theres people out there who are reviewing cd's who to my knowledge don't even play an instrument..I'll leave it at that FOR NOW!

I stand corrected..I mentioned last month that radio stations don't give a damn about local musicians in central Iowa.

There are a couple of exceptions and one of those is..Suzy at Lazer..Shes still doing the
Local Licks show and it's hard to write a column about supporting the Iowa music scene without mentioning the fine job she is doing! Thank You.

It is amazing they haven't taken away that show from us and repaced it with another Lover Boy block party....

I received an email from the Funk Master himself Tom Murphy.. Tom is in the process of putting together a Thunder Teaz reunion. He has some deep roots
in local Rock and Roll.The T's had a great run.. He's also back to Bass swapping If your interested..Give him a shout @ Tmurphy7290@hotmail.com

Terry Chumbley and Jim Tharp have joined forces once again to form the nucleus of Full Blast..Check them out ..at a establishment near you!

Gene Hill and Chris Morasco and Jim Morasco have the M and H Band Up and running again, send me an email for more info .

Spotlight on the Escorts/Do's and Don'ts this time out .. The band has been together since 1959 playing Rock and Roll.with mainly the same lineup..and just did an opening slot for the Turtles.They are Based out of Cedar Rapids

Heres a name to watch out for DAGO And Chriminal History. Dago has been a member of the Sons Of Silence motorcycle group for over 26 years.. Dago is back in the studio (Juniors Motel) putting the finishing touches on his second cd release with none other then Des Moines native Melvin (Veach)James producing. Dago is one of my favorite song writers on this planet.. Reminds me of Steve Earl on Steriods..Alt Counrty,Roots Rock,Americana, with Very Powerful Lyrics.

If your interested in Finding about your Rock and Roll Heritage..Take a trip over to www.iowarocknroll.com That's the IRRMA's website and Steve Brown has done a great job putting together the website..

Their benefit show on Nov.12th at the Val Air is going to be a rocking good time ..Tim Tyler Is going to be fronting the Pelican Peace Band once again and his vocals are still strong as ever..throughout the 70's ..Tim made quite a name for himself as the premier front man in central Iowa.More on this show next month.

So I'm listening to the 10 o clock news and they have this big annoucement that BonJovi is coming to town..and I'm thinking to myself..
Who cares I want to see Deuce.. The Des Moines KISS tribute band..Damn..2 gigs ..This isn't cutting it guys ..You need to strap on that makeup and get back out there and do some more shows..Though we know your busy .. This is Des Moines Rock City and We want the hottest Kiss tribute band in Des Moines..!!!

So Dave Ellis, Ronnie Richardson and Bill King are in band negotiations..I like the sound of that...wonder who has the best agent .. ?

I also received an email from Gary Seddon He's been dismantling bars ..one at a time with his flaming guitar work in Southern Iowa for years and he has a new band More than This you gotta hear Check them out !

Somewhere in heaven Randy Rhoades is wearing a smile.. Jimmy Clarke has connected with a group of some of the finest talent you could ever hope to find Extinguisher ...check them out on www.myspace.com and at The Hot Spot this weekend ..

If your band doesn't cover you with a 401k or a retirement plan check out . ..The Guitar Center their stock has been headed streight north for the last 5 years.. It trades under the stock symbol GTRC on Nasdaq..

So in other words if you would of bought a Squire Infinity Bass in a gig bag 5 years ago and just opened the case ..It would of turned into a Fender American Jazz Bass with a Hard shell case .

..will Roadhouse 69 relocated .. its the last weekend at the current location.

Until next time..I want to expose all Iowa Musicians who are getting passed up

Randys Rants & Reviews :



Randys Rants & Reviews # 1 (Sept 05 )

First off
let me take a minute to Thank Lewis & Patrick...The guys who set this website up to help promote Iowa Rock and Roll...and for giving me a spot to rant and rave.

Now ...Wecome to my Randy's Rants..... I'll make this short the first time out...

This column is going to be covering everything from live reviews to cd reviews to anything that has to do with Rock and Roll
in Iowa..

So send me your releases, scedules,and any thing you would like the world to know about.

I recieved a email
from Joey the Ratt ..
Joey is getting well known as
a DJ at KGGO.
But Here at Randys Rants...
We all know him as
one of the premier drummers in central Iowa and the man
behind the kit in Calous...

Joe brought up a great point....
Iowa needs a driving force
to unit all the rock musicians in this state...Hell ...
Theres a Blues Society to cover the blues scene..Theres a Des Moines Music Coalition who are really doing a great job trying to support everyone....Theres even a Celtic Music Assoc. I imagine it won't be long before all the accordian players will band together and take the friggin
world over ..before theres a rock alliance...

I would love to see it come someday..when a bar owner stiffs
a band and out of nowhere an organazation calls them and says.."Pay up or there are 500
rock bands that are going to boycott your crusty bar..."

This would be a great way for bands to talk about and share ideas...To maybe even figure
out a way to get some radio airplay..Cause lets face it...
Central Iowa Radio doesn't give a damn about the musicians..
When I was coming up ..
We all got into music for the women ...It was every band for themselves...
There was a band on every block and 2 places to play..It was cut throat... But that was a long time ago...Iowa is ready to pull this off.

Wanna talk about music stores...
I personally think Musicians Friend changed the face of the business...Theres still a couple stores around the state that are scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened...

I can honestly say Dirks Guitars is the only store in Iowa that I'm
loyal to..From there on it's all about money...Dirk is a home town boy that done things the right way...

I always thought Gimmick was a great cover band..But they are in the studio laying down tracks for a new cd and their orginals kick ass...

I 'm glad I didn't have to play Bourbon Street the week after
On a Pale Horse was there.. I heard they tore it up...
I listened to a couple of tracks off their new cd and they really are the next big thing...Don't walk to go buy it Run...

Axis is still hitting it hard...That band is like a machine...set on go...

Nov.12th Val Air Ball room The Pelican Peace Band is doing a gig..first show in DesMoines in 29 years...It's going to be good..Dan Nissly on drums can still bring it...

Has anyone out there ..Heard any whispers about a Road Show Reunion...Thats a band that was loads of fun to go party with.... Until next month...
Send your info to.
Randy VanHosen

Or Snail Mail :
3102 State ave.
DesMoines,Iowa 50317