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Realitys Flaw

Left to Right : Steve "Tito" Anderson - Guitars : Dan Hemann - Guitars : Kris Anderson - Vocals
Ogre - Bass : Joe Corbin - Drums

1. Who is in the band ... and how did you all meet ?
2. How long have you been together -
3. Significance in the name ?

Realitys Flaw :
Kris Anderson - Vocals
Steve "Tito" Anderson - Guitars
Dan Hemann - Guitars
Joe Corbin - Drums
Ogre - Bass

Kris and Steve Anderson are cousins and had previously worked together in the band HATE AGENDA.

Joe and Ogre have been working together for about 8 years in the bands 4 HIGH, HOLLOWPOINT, and Dan has been jamming with them since about a year into HOLLOWPOINT. They had all played shows together, and upon the demise of their former bands formed REALITYS FLAW.



4. What is the band up to ?

Realitys Flaw : We are currently recording at 2x4 Studios with Fred from FACECAGE, and we are booked to do our final mixing and mastering in July at Catamount. We will still be doing some shows this summer, but we will be doing more touring to support the new record this fall.

5. If you all had to name 3 major influnces they would be ?

Realitys Flaw : Pot, beer, and LAMB OF GOD

6. Who is the leader of the band ... ( see if they can answer that without breakin up or kickin the shit out of each other ).

Realitys Flaw : WHY... Paul Schaffer.

7. What other bands have you guys been in ?

Realitys Flaw : Hate Agenda, Hollowpoint, 4 High .


8.The writing ( not recording) proces - you are currently recording new music .. what comes easy .. what takes time ? Who plays which roles in it all .

Realitys Flaw :We all throw out ideas and feed off each other. It's a collaborative effort.

9. The recording process that you are currently undertaking ... what is the most work .. (example - tones - mix ) Why ?

Realitys Flaw :Money. If anyone wants to help out, we are accepting donations...

10.Who do your band mates think (on the whole ) sucks but you like there music anyway ?

Realitys Flaw :We are all pretty like-minded musically.

11.What band are you sick of hearing - and males you wanna puke ?

Realitys Flaw :There are hundreds.

Iowa Metalfest 2005


Godforbid - Iowa Metalfest 2005

12. What was the best gig you have done so far ?

Realitys Flaw :The Iowa Metalfest. Outdoor shows are great - muddy sunburned metalheads beating the hell out of each other and some cars..

13. Worst Gig ?

Realitys Flaw :We mentally block out the bad ones.....

14. Iowa Metal Fest .... Lownote Productions .. it was one fun ass time ...will it happen again this year ?

Realitys Flaw :You'd have to ask the Lownote people, if they're still around. We'd love to play more shows like that, but who knows. I think we would have heard about it by now if it was happening this year...

15. What was the toughest part about putting the gig -Iowa Metal Fest together ?

Realitys Flaw : We helped with a lot of fliering and poster hanging, that was the most work for us.

16. Any traditional trianing lessons ? When did you start ? What methods do you use to learn or
improve ?

Realitys Flaw : Tito has taken music theory classes, but we are all pretty much self-taught. We have books and videos, but we don't rely too heavily on them.


17. Besides your major influces - what bands do you think are totally underated ( local or national).

Cataract ,
Through The Eyes of the Dead.

18. You guys are doing the Ernie McGinn Memorial - what was the connection ?

Realitys Flaw : We knew Ernie for about a decade, and there are thousands of great stories. He was our bro and he will be missed forever.

19. What are your choices for equipment ( axes -amps) - what makes them stand out for you ?

Realitys Flaw : Our guitarists play Jackson Guitars with EMG pickups through Peavy 5150 heads with Mesa tubes, Tito bi-amps his with a Framus Cobra, and they both run into Mesa-Boogie 4x12 cabs. Ogre uses all carvin gear- 4 string BB-70, 5 string fretless LB-75, Carvin BRX1500 head with a BRX410 and a BRX118 for cabinets.

20. Marketing is a beast ...any great secreats you plan on persuing ?

Pound the pavement and get our music in as many hands as possible.

Dan & Kris : Realitys Flaw


Insert Snappy caption here ...

20. What did we forget to ask that you are dying to tell us ?

Our new EP will be ready in August, and people can keep checking www.Realitysflaw.com for the release date, show dates, and a chance to hear some of the new stuff as soon as mid-July.

21. Best thing about local scence & worst ?

Des Moines has about the strongest scene in the midwest, and we feel really lucky to be from here.


Thanks For being Realitys Flaw !
Keep kickin Ass ..makin it real..

We all await the new CD !!

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