Brian Burgett of Cold Filtered - 20 Qustions and Answers

1.What are you up to these days with Cold Filtered?

Kicking ass! We just had our best show to date at Waterstock. We have been concentrating on writing original material too.

2. What other bands have you played in?

I played in Dirty Finger back in the late 80's-early 90's. I was in a band called Redwing in High School.

3. I know you played in a band years ago and made a trip California ... what was the name ?
I actually left Dirty Finger and moved to LA to join a band called Rough Justice. That didn't work out.
(see picture below )

4. What is your favorite memory of one of those other bands ?
Back in Dirty Finger we were writing our own stuff and actually had some of it played on local radio stations. Some of the songs got popular enough that when we played the songs live, the crowd would sing the song back to me. The first time that happens with an original song is unforgettable.

5. Having played a lot of gigs ..what is the worst one ? The horror story ?
We booked ourselves into Prairie Meadows a couple years ago when we were just getting Cold Filtered together. I told Dominec that I didn't think we would be a good fit but he said Prairie Meadows was trying to draw a younger crowd and wanted to give it a try. Not a good idea. We ended up scaring a group of 70 year old ladies.
6. What would you consider the best or "most fun" gig you have done to date?
Definitely Waterstock!!

Cold Filtered's Brian
in Dirty Finger Days...

2004 changed the look ...
but kept a T-shirt .

7. Cold Filtered does a lot of cover tunes , but I noticed a few original as well any recording plans in the future ?
Of course! The whole idea with putting this band together was to crank out some straight forward,in your face rock songs. We learned all the covers to build a following now we are concentrating on writing and will hopefully be in the studio this fall.

8. What is your favorite guitar ? Favorite guitar Player ? And lead singer?
Guitar- Les Paul Custom. Guitar Player- George Lynch (Darvish Shadravan a close second). Singer-Sebastian Bach

9. As a vocalist and guitar player who are your influences (bands and or people) ?
Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Alice in Chains, Dokken, Tesla, Metallica. All the bands of that era. I really think people are ready for some of this influence to come back into the mainstream music.

10. Who is just to old to pull the whole rock scene thing off and should call it quits ?
Kiss. Come on…how many times can you do a farewell tour?

11. Who are some of your favorite new artist ? and local artist?
Local Artists… On a Pale Horse, Calous, Odium. New artists: Godsmack, Velvet Revolver, Brides of Destruction

Darvish Shadravan

Brian & Basssist Doug Root

Dancin Dan - Brian & Kip Porter

12 . Doug Root (bass Cold Filtered) ....any relation to Jim Root (Slipknot) ?
Only in Massachusettes. Doug maiden name is Marshall. Ha! No, I do not think they are related. I wish they were though.

13. How and when did Cold Filtered start , any line up changes ,,,,Dancing Dan ? Solid Crew it seems ?
Doug, Darv, and I were all in Dirty finger together. We have always wanted to get together but it never seemed to work out in everyone's schedules.
Finally, late in 2001 we started looking for a drummer. We asked Darren Price to join the band and started working on putting some sets together.
We started playing out in May of 2002.
Darren had too much going on outside of the band and decided to leave last summer. We have been working with a Ky Haub since last summer but he was not able to join the band because of other projects so, basically we have been looking for a drummer for about a year. We just offered the job to Kip Porter and he has been doing a great job with us.
As for Dancin Dan...He started following the band not long after we started playing. He is a wild man! Anyone who has ever been to a CF shows knows what I am talking about.

14. Where did the name come from ? I am guessing beer ..but anything more to that ?
I think Darren and Darv got it off a Keystone light can
(author's refrain from joke about the cover band Keystone )

15. Name 2 songs you know but there is no way in hell you would ever sing live at least not now ?
Mony Mony & Talk Dirty to me.
16. What do you do when your not Rocking out for fun ?
Hang out with my wife and two kids.

17. What's the best thing about playing in Central Iowa ?
It's a short drive?

18.What's the worst thing about playing in Central Iowa ?
There are not a lot of Rock clubs here.

19. Have you been to Metal Sludge?
All the time.

20. Is there anything else you would like to add ?
Get your ass out to see us at House of Bricks on July 17th.

Thanks To Brian - and the Cold Filtered band ... you all Rock !

So get out and see them on July 9th @ Roadhouse 69 and July 17th @ House of bricks ....and request "Talk Dirty to Me"..........Thanks again Brian !
Photo Credits : Dave Avery & Cold Filtered website.
Interviewer : Metal Blast From the Past

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