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20 Questions With Kelly Heathcote :


1. Ok ..1st off What are you currently up to? good time to plug your shit!!!

Kelly: I am entering my 5th year of abstinence BORING! …..
I feel like its safe enough to hit the music scene again. As far as putting a new act together, I don't remember it being this painfull…. fun but painfull.

Working 6 days a week, band rehearsal and trying too get shit done at home dosen't leave Much time for my self .
We have some high caliber talent in this band 3 of us were in IDYL WYLD. Back in the early 90's (kelly, ronny, petey) and 3 of us were in WHITE HOTT (Terry, Ronny, Petey ) and After IDYL WYLD broke up. We are doing mostly cover tunes for now ...some WHITE HOTT Material will find its way to the tables and chairs (hopefully with people sitting in them).
Classic rock seams to be our musical focal point at this time, along with some newer material. With Ronnys blistering leads, and with Petey and Terry holding down the fort. I feel really good About whats going on behind me.

2 .
You done allot of shows with (local Iowa Band) Roadshow...Tell us a good Roadshow story:
Can't think of one with Roadshow... But heres an Intruder story.
On the road In Wyoming…(where the men are men and the sheep are nervous)..Scully (SOUND MAN) had a fruit cake waiting for him in the band house bathroom one nite hiding behind the shower curtain. HIS name was marson …. ya that's right, his, as in he , a man,. A dude!!! That's understandable seeing how that scully the stud muffin that he is, and clark gable look so much a like…. Ha ha...
There were foot prints in the bathtub to verify this. Anyway some one caught marson coming out of The bathroom after scully, and confronted him about it in front of scully and about 100 people we Had at the band house that night for an after hours party. He was asked what he was doing in the Bathroom with scully, and all of a sudden you could here a pin drop. Most of us were in the kitchen when The question was asked every body at the party was silent and stareing at the guy, he looks around the room A couple of times and stopped at scully and shouted at the top of his lungs I WANT YOUR BUTT HOLE. WHOOOAAAAAA shit hit the fan this guy got his ass beat by scully, dave , me, and my little brother . The next nite this guy shows up at the gig stareing down scully again ! Scully told one of the bouncers (stormin normin we called him) to escort the guy out. The bouncer hit the guy so hard that we could see stagelight between his feet and the ground. The guy was out cold. Stormin normin picked the lifeless body up and took him outside and thrown marson in the dumpster , then called the cops
  3.What was the first act you ever sang for ?
KH: Fisrt Offence was the name of the
1st band I was in '81-'82.

4. Last CD you purchased :
KH: Kiss Greatest Hits

5. Last movie you saw :
KH: Matrix rev.

6. Last time you done drug's:
October 19th 11:30pm 1999 I had to be in court on the 20th 9:00am ha.ha !

7. Last song you wrote:
White Coats.

8. Last magazine you bought
Musicians friend

9. What hard rock band should give it up and call it a day?
KH: Smashing Pumpkins

10. Who are some of your favorite unknown acts ?
That's easy "Full Throttle" and Cylinder Jimmy Clarks new band and Roadshow (buddies of mine).



11.What's the Good thing about the local Iowa music scene?
KH:Good…… the people that show up weekend after weekend real diehards even if the band sucks.
12.What's Bad thing about the local Iowa music scene?
KH:Bad……..PAY!!!(some one should tell these club owners its against the law to pay under min. wage.
13. What's the worst booking you ever did ?
KH:The Bowlarama on Delaware the same nite Autograph play at Easysreet on NE 14th st (we got to load out early that nite ha ha ha).
14. What's your favorite gig you've done and with who ?
KH: Opening for Blue Oyster Cult at the RunWay (Intruder)
15. Are you planning on recording with Full Throttle or being a cover act ?

KH: Both !

Oh yeah is there Anything you would like to add in closing ?
KH:Yes Thanks for the Surport !
Stay Heavy and cya at a Full Throttle show

Thanks for your time - be sure to drop us a line and let us know what your up too from time to time:
KH: Ok.. Will Do!!!