Gas Huffer News

Gas Huffer News

  • 4/9/01 Monkeywrench is playing at the Crocodile Cafe on April 20th with The Makers and The Bangs.

  • 3/11/2001 Jack Endino has some news for us, this is taken from his newsletter: "Finishing a new Gas Huffer disc in a few weeks, whereupon they will shop it. It's excellent." Yep well, I'm excited.

  • 11/26/2000 The New Strychines have an album coming out, the details of which I dont know, so mail me if you know when and on what label and all that fun stuff.

  • 10/11/2000 A few lyrics updates and discography additions, thanks to Jason. Hopefully maybe more to come. The New Strychnines will be playing at the Crocodile in Seattle October 14th w/ The Minus 5.

  • 9/30/2000 Gas Huffer will be playing at the Elysian Brewing Company tonight (short notice I know) for the Gits record release party.

  • 8/18/2000 Im being slow to announce Monkeywrench is playing tomorrow 8/19 at the skate park accross from EMP w/ US Bombs and others, the show will start at 3:30.

  • 8/5/2000 Monkeywrench will be playing will be playing at Bumbershoot on 9/2 at the Bumberclub, it will be 12 dollars in advance.

  • 8/4/2000 Oops, no new poster yet, but I did get sent some lyrics for One Inch Masters, ok only one song but possibly more to come. Thanks again bobby.

  • 8/1/2000 I added a new concert poster and date, one more poster on the way as soon as i feel like taking a picture of the one on my wall.

  • 7/9/2000 I added my attempt at lyrics to Janitors of Tomorrow, hopefully someone will mail me w/ some corrections and there will be less question marks soon.

  • 7/5/2000 Gas Huffer's Rotten Egg/Old Summertime Single is finally available thru Au Go Go Records. Yep, so I added that to the discography.

  • 6/21/2000 I got a newsletter from Jack Endino that mentioned that Gas Huffer will be coming to record with him in the future. Im damn excited. Actually it said "and possibly Gas Huffer later in the year." but close enough.

  • 6/3/2000 Tom is scheduled to play w/ Steve, Mark and Dan from Mudhoney, Scott McCaughey from The Young Fresh Fellows and Bill Hendersen of Girl Trouble in a Sonics coverband called the New Strychnines. Theres three shows planned so far, one is private, another is confusing to me and the third doesnt have a final date, so Ill get you more info later. (thanks Peter)

  • 5/21/2000 I added some lyrics from Integrity Technology and Service, there are lots and lots of question marks so I need lots of suggestions to fill them in (hint hint).

  • 4/17/2000 At the April 15th Show Gas Huffer played a new sing titled "The Rest Of Us". I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a new album soon.

  • 4/11 Reminder and a few other notes about the show this Sat. April 15th at the Sit n' Spin in seattle. There will be an early all ages show at 3pm and the later show is (approximatly) at 9. It will cost ya 7 bucks to get in and will be well worth it. Also on the site today I added a few links. And I talked to Scotti at Au-Go-Go and he said the single covers have been made and they are first in line at the pressing, so I'm hoping for a new Gas Huffer single within a month or two.

  • 4/6 Along w/ The Fastbacks, The Catheters will also be playing w/ Gas Huffer on the April 15th show.

  • 4/1 Monkeywrench will be touring the NW and doing a few shows in Texas and Europe, you can get the dates at Unoffical Mudhoney

  • 2/28 Gas Huffer will be playing two shows with The Fastbacks at the Sit and Spin on April 15th.

  • 2/23 Monkeywrench has a 7" coming out on Estrus on March 17th titled "Sugar Man", and 2 more 7"s are on the way. One on In the Red, with two non LP songs, and another with an exclusive B-side on a Japanese label.

  • 2/2 Im pondering who to email about the new Gas Huffer single, but for right now, i added a picture link, a review and made a few minor corrections here and there.

  • 1/25 Gas Huffer is playing at the High Score Arcade on Feb. 26th at 7:30 with The Dirty Looks.

  • 1/11 I put up some tenitive lyrics I have for Integrity Technology and Service, actually its only 4 songs but as we speak im listening to the CD and writting down more lyrics, if anyone has the comic book and wants to correct my lyrics that would rock.

  • 1/5 I got my first complete set list for the concerts section. Im happy.

  • 1/4 Apparently the new single is still on the way, it was mentioned in Au Go Gos monthly newsletter so the project hasnt been cancled just severly delayed.

  • 12/29 According to Jack Endino the new Monkeywrench album is completed and ready to go. It was finnished in 10 days and will be releasedon Estrus in April.

  • 11/30 "For the Cash" the movie featuring Matt and the rest of Gas Huffer along with other great bands can be purchased thru Sub Pop for 15 dollars.

  • 11/28 The new Monkeywrench album is set for release on April 4, 2000, it is titled "Electric Children".

  • 11/26 Matt just informed me that the guy selling copies of the Holy Ghost People cd, doesnt have the bands permission for release, so I removed the link.
    Also Monkeywrench has finnished recording their new album. A setlist can be found on The Unofficial-Mudhoney Page.

  • 11/24 Gas Huffer is no longer signed with Epitaph, the band and the label mutually aggreed to split.

  • 11/21 Friday, November 26 Gas Huffer will be playing with RC5 and Speedball Racer at the Sit n' Spin in Seattle, thanks Marissa for the info.

  • 10/28 Friday, November 12 Monkey Wrench will be playing at the Crocidle Cafe with Fireballs of Freedom and Tall Poppies

  • 10/15 this is rather old news, but I just got my Estrus quarterly today. Monkeywrench played together at Garage Shock back in May.

  • 10/14 The Tracks for the new single will be Rotten Egg and Old Summertime (a new song). Scotti informed me that those tracks and one other track where supposed to be on a split EP with Asteroid B-612 but they had to cancel it for some reason. The other song that was supposed to be on the EP is on a Gearhead Magazine Comp. Au A Go-go are hoping for a November release date but nothing is set yet.

  • 10/11 There will be a new Gas Huffer 7" out on Au A Go-go Records.

  • 10/9 Gas Huffer is in a movie! Its titled "For the Cash" and is a low budget indie movie by Matt Matsuoka. Matt plays a professional assassin and the rest of the band and John Bigley from the U-Men play his henchmen. Some of the Murder City Devils also appear in the movie. I will look for more info on the film this week. Mail me if you have any info on the movie or how I can get a copy.

  • 9/29 Tom is going back into the studio in November w/ Monkeywrench, they will be recording w/ Jack Endino and the album will be releasedon Estrus. For those of you who dont know, Monkeywrench is band with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney, Tim Kerr (Poison 13, Big Boys, producer himself), and drummer Martin Bland (Lubricated Goat, Bloodloss). They recorded an album for Sub Pop in 91' or so.

  • 9/28 I changed around the main page a little. The bio's are now in the articles section. Hope that isnt too confusing. Oh and I guess it didnt save from a day or to ago when i last updated this page but Gas Huffer played a suprise show w/ the Cathethers on the 25th in Seattle. Thought you might like to know.

  • 9/17 Alex told me that Gas Huffer will be playing in Bolder Colorado on October 1st. Thanks Alex.

  • 9/14 Check out Gas Huffer at the Breakroom in Seattle on September 24th with Steel Wool and Asthma Hound.

    More to come as i get it
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