Warriors versus East High Blades (Bakersfield)

The Warriors lead the overall series 16-3, with seven straight wins over East dating back to 2012.
The 2012 game renewed a rivalry that had been dormant for 56 years.

The 2015 game in Tehachapi was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

The Warriors played East High School in games between 1938 and 1956, but with plenty of historical footnotes.

The Warriors defeated the varsity Blades in 1938 and 1939. However, being a brand new high school,
these two East High teams did not have any juniors or seniors in 1938; nor any seniors
in 1939. The tide changed in 1940 when the first ever senior laden Blade team whipped
Tehachapi 43-0. After 1940, Warrior varsity teams would play East High School junior varsity teams.

The second oldest high school in Bakersfield, East High opened its doors in Bakersfield in time for the 1938-39 school year.
The school is located at 2200 Quincy Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue (near Niles Street). According to the Kern High School District,
East High School has a student population of 2,385 students (2022).

Year-by-Year Results

2023East High Blades 58 19HLeague
2022East High Blades 35 00ALeague
2017East High Blades 28 07ALeague
2016East High Blades 20 14HLeague
2015East High Blades 00 00HLeague; game canceled
2014East High Blades 34 06HLeague
2013East High Blades 40 17ALeague
2012East High Blades 42 00ALeague
1956East High JV's 53 07HNon League
1955East High JV's 38 19HNon League
1952East High JV's 27 00HNon League
1951East High JV's 45 06HNon League
1949East High JV's 06 18ANon League
1948East High JV's 13 00ANon League
1947East High JV's 38 02HNon League
1946East High JV's 12 00XNon League
1942East High JV's  00 32ANon League
1940East High Blades 00 43ANon League
1939East High Blades 13 00ANon League
1938East High Blades 31 00ANon League