Head Coach John Goodell

John Goodell, a graduate of Fresno State University, became a coaching legend at Tehachapi High School. He laid the foundation for a winning basketball tradition at Tehachapi High School. What he accomplished may be overlooked in the modern era, but in the 1930's and 1940's, Tehachapi was trying to define itself as a community. The winning teams of the late 1940's and early 1950's gave the community tremendous pride --- and in some ways, put Tehachapi on the map. In his 11 years as a coach, he led the Warriors to a 72-19 league record and captured 6 Sierra League Championships, and 1 San Joaquin Valley Championship. He also coached many successful football and track teams at Tehachapi High. The Bakersfield Californian recognized him for his overall coaching and teaching efforts by naming him the "Man of the Year" in 1951.


W-L = Won-Lost Record in League Play
Overall = Overall Season Record Including Playoff Games

HEAD COACHWLOverallSouth Sierra League PlaySan Joaquin Valley Playoffs
1955-56  John Goodell 6015-2SSL ChampionsWon 0 Lost 1
1954-55 John Goodell 7310-6
1953-54 John Goodell 5510-11
1952-53 John Goodell 44  6-9
1951-52 John Goodell 8112-7SSL ChampionsWon 1 Lost 0     Valley Champions
1950-51 John Goodell10115-5SSL ChampionsWon 1 Lost 1
1949-50  John Goodell 73  8-8
1948-49 John Goodell  7211-6
1947-48 John Goodell 6010-4SSL ChampionsWon 0 Lost 1
1946-47 John Goodell 60  8-7SSL ChampionsWon 0 Lost 1
1945-46 John Goodell 6014-1SSL ChampionsWon 0 Lost 1