1953-54 Warriors

League Record: 5-5 (10-11 Overall)

The 1953-54 Warriors include, front row, left to right, Glen James, LaVoise Gary, Ruben Montana, Bill Spencer, Charles Guinn, Manuel Terrazas,
Don Kennedy, Delmar Green, Byron Early, Kenneth Peters, kneeling, head coach John Goodell and Captain Ernie Muro.

Warriors Finish .500 In League Play
Ernie Muro Paces Warrior Scoring Attack

For the second straight year, the Warriors finished at .500 in league play with a 5-5 record. Overall, the Warriors finished 10-11 for a second straight losing season.

Throughout the season, the Warriors were led by the starting combination of Ernie Muro, Ken Peters, Byron Earley, Don Kennedy, and LaVoise Gary.

In non-league play, Tehachapi won 5 games defeating Desert High twice; Lone Pine twice, and Burroughs. The Warriors also got beat twice by Antelope Valley and Victorville.

In league play, McFarland defeated the Warriors twice and went on to win their second consecutive league crown. McFarland also won the pre-season Carnival held on December 4, 1953, at North Bakersfield High School. In the Carnival, Muro led the Warriors with 26 points in four quarters of play.

Muro, a junior, led the Warriors in scoring in 1954.

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Game-by-Game Results

Nov 27Lone Pine 43 41AErnie Muro: 16 pts
Dec 8Desert (Edwards AFB) 52 41AByron Earley: 12 pts
Dec 11Victorville 24 35AErnie Muro: 11 pts
Dec 12Burroughs (Ridgecrest) 35 49HErnie Muro: 21 pts
Dec 18Burroughs (Ridgecrest)  45 44A
Dec 19Lone Pine 51 39H
Dec 28Victorville 20 30H
Dec 29Shafter 35 41ARuben Montana: 9 pts
Jan 8Garces (Bakersfield) * 29 44HErnie Muro & Ken Peters: 9 pts
Jan 9Antelope Valley (Lancaster) 61 72AErnie Muro: 21 pts
Jan 12Desert (Edwards AFB)  50 25HErnie Muro: 27 pts
Jan 15North High (Bakersfield) * 45 30HErnie Muro: 18 pts
Jan 16Antelope Valley (Lancaster) 45 51HErnie Muro & Byron Earley: 12 pts
Jan 22McFarland *  48 55HErnie Muro: 23 pts
Jan 29Maricopa * 59 52AErnie Muro: 14 pts
Feb 5Garces (Bakersfield) * 45 40AErnie Muro: 22 pts
Feb 6Alpaugh * 53 46HErnie Muro: 20 pts
Feb 12North High (Bakersfield) * 39 44AKen Peters: 15 pts
Feb 19McFarland * 50 78AErnie Muro: 17 pts
Feb 20Maricopa * 47 42H
Feb 26Alpaugh * 56 65AKen Peters: 22 pts

* Denotes League Game