September, 2003

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Death from Anaphylactic Shock
Two Cases
by Sandra Weidner
On August 13, 1997, around 7:00 a.m. Greenwich Daylight Time in Perth, Scotland, (see footnote 1, at bottom) David Skorupa, aged 51 was stung in the mouth by a bee. He went into anaphylactic shock and died.

Stig Erlander, Jr., age 18, a student a Cal Tech, suffered the same fate with a different cause. Between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on May 27, 1974 after taking the wrong medication for a minor illness, he went into shock and died. As the son of nutritionist and allergist Stig Erlander, Sr., he likely knew about his allergic sensitivities. By “wrong medication” (as it was reported by the data source), we do not know if Stig Jr.’s medication was mislabeled, he mistakenly took the wrong one from the medicine cabinet, or he took a new medication he was unaware would cause him problems.

In this paper, more detailed than most, I show the process used to determine which, if either, of two charts predominates in an illness, in this case, anaphylactic shock.

The definition of anaphylactic shock is in order.

The following blocks about this dreadful but relatively rare life-threatening reaction are excerpted from Asthma and Allergy Information and Research (AAIR), the name for the Leicester Branch of the Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association (MAARA), a Registered Charity with its headquarters at 12 Vernon St., Derby, U.K. Its Medical Advisor (as of this date) is Dr. Marrtin Stern, Consultant Clinical Immunologist at Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary. (I have Americanized the English spellings.) Its site address is:

Go to the Anaphylaxis Site

Anaphylaxis is the word used for serious and rapid allergic reactions usually involving more than one part of the body which, if severe enough, can kill.
The word anaphylaxis was coined when scientists tried to protect dogs against a poison by immunizing them with small doses. Far from being protected, the dogs died suddenly when they got the poison again. The word used for protection by immunization is 'prophylaxis', so the scientists coined the word 'anaphylaxis' to mean the opposite of protection. What the scientists saw in the dogs helped them to understand that the same can happen in humans. This helped us to understand asthma and other allergies too, because they work in a similar way.
Scientists now use the word 'anaphylaxis' to mean any immune reaction of this type, even if it is not serious. But most doctors use it to mean a life-threatening rapid allergic reaction.
Unfortunately this kind of 'harmful immunization' happens to a few of us not just from injections but from ordinary foods such as nuts. Quite literally, "one man's meat is another man's poison". Our immune system, which is there to protect us from infection, goes wrong and harms or even kills us.
Injections of many kinds occasionally cause anaphylaxis. Penicillin, injected clot-busting drugs used after heart attacks, and a host of other kinds of injection can occasionally do to human beings what the experiments did to dogs. Thank goodness we now understand vastly more about anaphylaxis, though we still need research to answer important questions.
There are yet other causes of anaphylaxis. You will see more about some of those below. Anaphylaxis has become an important issue in medicine and for the increased numbers of people who have had an attack of anaphylaxis.
Why the increase? When medicines are the cause, the explanation is likely to be that we are simply using more medicines, and that newer medicines which are proteins are more likely to cause anaphylaxis. But this does not explain why foods should be causing anaphylaxis more often. For some reason all the common allergies such as hay fever, allergic asthma and food allergy have become more common. Researchers have definite ideas about why this might be so.
Some of the common causes of anaphylaxis are.
Anaphylaxis usually happens quickly. Anaphylaxis can produce:

Returning to the two individuals (that’s all I have birth data for) who died from anaphylactic shock...

Fifty-one, the age at which Skorupa died, is not a ripe old age. A fifty-one year old man has plenty of life ahead. Eighteen, Erlander’s age when he died, haunts those who learn about it. Eighteen is the threshold of adulthood, full of promise, hope, and dreams of life yet to be lived. His family must have been devastated. So, likely, was the health professional who gave him the wrong medication.

I do not know why neither man had antidotes on hand. Unconsciousness from precipitately low blood pressure sometimes occurs with anaphylaxis. Perhaps, if they had antidotes, they passed out before they could use them.

Almost instant death from the ingestion of any substance is an excessive reaction. It should be represented by an excessive, or conspicuous, astrology. Similarities between David and Stig’s charts should furnish us some clues about that astrology.

Earlier research established that allergic sensitivities are displayed in the 1st chart (identity and some of its somatic consequences). Neptune, or mars and neptune, are forefront. Neptune shows the sensitivity. Mars produces virulence, or perhaps it represents the invader, the antigen, the threat to the system, or both.

“Forefront” means the planet(s) is on an Angle or influencing one through lighted rulers. Before my charts were destroyed several years ago, I had some charts showing allergies. I did not tabulate then whether mars and neptune had to be associated with particular houses. In this paper I will.

Neptune, or mars/neptune, then, forefront in the 1st chart should show the allergic part of anaphylaxis. Even if it does, it will not show the massiveness of the response. Mars/neptune is involved in all kinds of allergies, sensitivities, and poisons. It is not unique to anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is an allergic response plus. Plus what? Plus the immune system so badly floods the body with chemicals, particularly histamines, it compromises the life of its “host.” For anaphylaxis, something more, or different, is needed than just forefront mars/neptune.

Along with their 1st charts, their 6ths charts are a good bet. The 6th chart often shows illnesses. Will it show allergic over-reaction?

So, we start with David and Stig’s 1st and 6th charts, examining their astrology at birth and at death. “At birth” will show the sensitivities they were born with, that is, the instructions in their birth plus conception charts. If we have picked the right indicators for anaphylaxis, “at death” will show the reiteration and aggravation of those sensitivities.

But, death occurs for all kinds of reasons. It has specific indicators, always the same, in whichever chart(s) death is portrayed. Those indicators are : (1) progressed Angle/mars and Angle/saturn, and (2) lighted mars and saturn influence to a 4th house.

The indications for death (footnote 2) have to be separated from the indications for an anaphylactic death. By deducting mars and saturn from the overall influences at death, we should have anaphylactic ones.

Before showing David and Stig’s charts, I want to state some things about this method:

The charts shown below are all partial charts. In them, all birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. All conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. An easier way to differentiate them is: blue planets inside the circle are birth planets; if they are not blue, they are birth harmonic planets. Red planets outside the circle are conception planets; if they are not red; then they are conception harmonic planets. Birth planets and their harmonics rule birth houses. Conception planets and their harmonics rule conception houses.
For an explanation of the whole system, go to “About This Method” on the Home Page. There is also a link to it at the bottom of this page. For those who do not want to do that, a reminder: this system uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Planets so related to each other are called “sets.” The orb when they include lights is 5°, with 5° considered very wide. Orbs for planets in sets without lights is about 2°. The orb for progression of Angles to planets, or vice versa, is 1°.
By “lights” I mean sun, moon, and moon’s nodes. Seen from the point of view of the activated planet, Angles also act as lights (all are involved in increasing the influence of planets.). Planets in sets with lights are “lighted” by them.
Abbreviations used are: b=birth, c=conception, p= progressed, and t=transiting.. A number following any of them, for instance, b7 saturn, identifies birth harmonic saturn for the 7th chart.

In keeping track of their data I used a table for each individual for each chart discussed. That way I could check off influences as I spotted them. The table--eight were needed--started out with 12 empty blocks, looking like this, :

6th House
4th House

The blocks in the table above indicate that as I looked at the whole harmonic chart for the 1st and 6th houses at birth and death, I checked off influences to 4th and 6th houses within those charts. 6th house influences are those that, like the 6th chart, are relevant to health and disease. 4th houses influences were brought in for consideration because the two individuals involved died from their disease.

The houses and Angles influenced by a planetary set are actually a description of their pathway. The pathway tells the planets in that set they can operate effectively in those, and only those, areas (houses). If the house is not in the pathway, then it is not influenced by it. Maybe that sounds awfully abstract, but it is the astrological basis for the abundance of varying life patterns.

For example, an individual can have the best conjunction possible--that of venus (the lesser benefic) and jupiter (the greater benefic). If they are not either in the 2nd or 8th house, or influencing the 2nd and 8th houses through ruling them, or joined through progression by a planet that does, or in the signs of the 2nd (Taurus) and/or 8th (Scorpio) houses, that beautiful conjunction is never going to result in windfall wealth, no matter what. (That does not mean one cannot be sensible about money and thereby end up much better off than by being reckless.) The benefic influence of the conjunction of venus and jupiter occurs only in the houses they are in, in houses ruled by sets they are in, or in signs they are in. Extending my example: some spiritual teachers (all religions) have benevolent pathways--a venus/jupiter conjunction--that include fame (7th and 10th), money (2nd and 8th), and religious realization (9th). But, not all highly evolved spiritual individuals are either famous or rich (or even known about).

In reading about it, my stating again and again the pathway a set takes can get tedious. It can also be confusing. That is the other reason I added tables, placed at the end of consideration of each chart. They summarize influences.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
Figure 1

Placidus: c11--4Cap, c12--2Aqu, c2--14Tau, c3--2Gem b11--26Can, b12--25Leo, b2--10Lib, b3--11Sco

David, conditions at birth, 1st chart
Referring to Figure 1, notice that all four of David’s mercuries are potential descriptors for his death. His conception (c) mercuries rule c 4th house. His birth (b) mercuries are more potent. They rule both of his birth Angles, with B MC in c 4th house and B Asc in c 6th house. They are Angles which simultaneously have 4th and 6th house influence.

(1) David’s b mercuries are in a set with c Nodes and both non-harmonic neptunes. B neptune co-rules b 6th house (30 of 50°). They give him lighted neptune influence to two Angles, c 4th, and c 6th houses.

(2) Both of David’s c mercuries, 4th house rulers, are afflicted by b mars (8th house ruler). They give him unlighted (mercury does not rule an Angle--the I.C. functions toward the end of life as an Angle, but we have no way of easily telling how long life will be) mars/4th influence.

(3) His second forefront neptune comes from the set (still Figure 1) which contains c1 moon/c mars/and both harmonic neptunes. Mars rules C Asc and c 8th house. B1 neptune co-rules b 6th house (15 of 20°). This set gives lighted mars and lighted neptune influence to an Angle and 6th house.

(4) C saturn in Gemini is in c 4th house lighted by c1 sun in Pisces. Sun rules c 6th house. This set gives him lighted saturn influence to a 6th house. It also gives him lighted saturn influence to a 4th because saturn is in the 4th house.

One more thing. Since anaphylaxis represents a virtual “flood” of response, perhaps pluto is germane. After all, neptune represents porous, crazy, or confused, but it is pluto that represents massive, subterranean, and intense. Together, lighted, and forefront, they could represent a massive, inappropriate (from the organism’s point of view) immune response.

(5) David has both harmonic plutos opposite B MC, making them forefront. Pluto does not rule a sign in this method. This set gives David Angle/pluto forefront. It also gives him “lighted” pluto in b 4th house because both plutos are in that house, and they are lighted by his B MC.

Although I can find a pluto/6th influence, I do not like using it. By my own definitions of allowable orbs, it is well within orb. Just because, however, I allow those orbs does not mean I like using them. Use of large orbs in this astrology is sloppy astrology. Nonetheless, this particular influence is worthy of consideration as a valid influence:

c NN13 Gemini 05
b mercury14 Gemini 48ruler of B Asc in c 6th house
b1 mercury14 Virgo 24ruler of B Asc in c 6th house
B Asc15 Virgo 25
C MC16 Sagittarius 43
b1 pluto18 Sagittarius 12

Put in sequential order by ascending degree, the connection between mercury, B Asc ruler, and pluto becomes more clear. When I first looked at them, all I saw was a 4° orb. Four degrees between mercury and pluto is an unacceptable orb. But the nodes have a 5° orb. The two Angles each have a 1° orb. Moreover, I myself have written that when mercury rules an Angle(s), it acts more like a light (in terms of orb) than a planet. That gives both mercuries a 5° orb! What was my problem in finding this 6th/pluto influence? In spite of the radical difference of this method from traditional astrology, I tend to err on the side of the conservative. In looking for significator sets, I have always kept orbs as small as possible. I simply overlooked the implication of all those “lights” in forming a connection between mercury and pluto. The development of blind spots is not limited to those who do medical research.

Summarizing, below is David’s table for his 1st chart forefront influences at birth.

6th HouseXXXX
4th House1/2XXX

David’s table shows vacancies for Angle/saturn. I gave his non-lighted mars/4th influence [(4) above] half a point, so his mars/4th is weak. However, a light progressing to it at death will make it a full-fledged 4th/mars (and that is exactly what happened, and more).

David, conditions at death, 1st chart

(a)pB MC8 Leo 42
b1 mars8 Aquarius 19ruler of b 8th house
pC MC7 Aquarius 49
pb1 mars9 Taurus 03ruler of b 8th house
transiting pluto8 Scorpio 07

This shows a new Angle/mars and Angle/pluto. They do not have 4th or 6th house influence.

(b)pC Asc18 Gemini 13
b1 pluto18 Sagittarius 12in c 4th house

In case transiting pluto was unacceptable as a valid pluto/Angle, (b) gives David a new Angle/pluto and 4th/pluto (re-emphasized pluto).

(c)c1 mercury2 Aquarius 44ruler of c 4th, co-ruler of c 6th houses (30 of 68°)
b mars2 Leo 46ruler of b 8th house
progressed c1 mars3 Scorpio 21ruler of C Asc and c 8th houses
progressed c1 saturn2 Scorpio 31

I was inclined not to accept set (c) because pc1 mars is almost a whole degree beyond saturn. However, it is only 37’ past c1 mercury, the planet in this set which rules 4th and 6th houses. Accepting it, the set shows David has new Angular, 4th, and 6th saturn/mars influence.

If I did not accept mars as a valid part of the set, however, it would mean this chart is not (at least one of) David’s death chart(s) because his death would have no Angle/saturn. Angle/saturn (sometimes through rulers) always occurs in death charts.

(d) Progressed b neptune at 12 Virgo 28, pc neptune at 13 Virgo 13 are closer to c SN at 13 Sagittarius 03. Closer is stronger. Progressed b1 mercury, ruler of B MC in c 4th house, is at 12 Sagittarius 25. This gives him Angular, 4th (B MC in c 4th), and 6th (B Asc in c 6th) lighted neptune influence.

David has more new neptune. Progressed b1 neptune is at 7 Gemini 24 conjunct pc NN at 7 Gemini 51. Progressed c1 neptune (coming from 4 Gemini 01) is at 9 Gemini 40 square c1 NN at 9 Virgo 15. Neither is forefront, but one influences a 4th house.

(e)progressed b sun17 Cancer 44
progressed c pluto17 Cancer 47
progressed c1 mercury17 Libra 02co-ruler of c 6th house (30 of 68°)

Set (e) connects David’s 6th and lighted pluto.

Finally, David had two progressed moon/plutos and one node/pluto. None influence Angles, but, as was the case with neptune, they show extra pluto influence.

Summarizing, for his death the table for David’s 1st chart is completely filled in. In addition, non-forefront neptune and pluto showed internal excesses.

6th HouseXXXX
4th HouseXXXX

What is in Stig’s 1st chart? Speaking from a researcher’s point of view, Stig’s chart promises clearer signposts for the astrology fostering anaphylaxis. Stig died a lot younger. Therefore, he had clearer ”instructions” telling his body to do such and such, in his case, over-react massively to a perceived life-threatening antigen.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House
Figure 2

Placidus: c11--20Lib, c12--11Sco, c2--8Cap, c3--20Aqu b11--4Cap, b12--3Aqu, b2--27Ari, b3--22Tau

Stig, conditions at birth, 1st chart
Looking at Figure 2, Stig’s chart has research advantages over David’s. Stig does not have Angles in the 4th or 6th house, a condition in David’s which doubled influences to those houses.

But Stig has B Asc in Pisces, which is ruled by neptune, one of the planets suspected active in anaphylaxis. Moreover, his c 4th house is ruled by neptune. So, Stig’s chart, unlike David’s, easily acquires forefront and 4th neptune influences.

Like David, Stig’s actual planets on Angles in his 1st chart are few. He has B Asc in a set with b1 venus. That did not contribute to his death. C MC is square b1 jupiter. That did not cause his death. Both are benevolent sets.

Stig has two Angles--B MC and C Asc--conjunct nodes, but both are non-harmonic nodes. Non-harmonic nodes on Angles acquire more importance in charts which add harmonic planets to their set. They also acquire importance when planets progress to them, specifically by chart when it is a progressed harmonic planet.

In his 1st chart at birth, Stig’s C Asc/node acquired harmonic mercury and moon in Pisces. Moon rules b 5th house. Mercury rules C MC and c 7th house. So, by house, they did not contribute to his illness. But two Angles (C MC and C Asc) are influenced by b1 moon in Pisces. So far I know, lights in Pisces in the 1st chart are correlated with addictions, or with the states of suffering which foster addictions.

I do not know, however, if, in general, suns rule (or are at least correlated with) some systems of the body, and moons with others. And therefore, if in Pisces, they suggest neptunian susceptibilities (drugs, gases, alcohol, poisons)--especially when in the 1st and 6th charts, or when ruling the 6th house.

As representative of active (sun) and passive (moon), Ida (moon) and Pingala (sun), yin (moon) and yang (sun), even left and right (usually receiving and giving, respectively),--the sun and moon identify universal modes. Their counterparts exist in many different thought systems. Is there, then, a connection between suns and moons of this method and, just for instance, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems?

Looking at influence to Angles through rulers--jupiter, neptune, mercury, and jupiter for B MC, B Asc, C MC, C Asc, respectively--the germane ones for Stig are:

(a)b1 SN2 Leo 38
b pluto2 Leo 02
c pluto2 Leo 29
b1 neptune4 Leo 54ruler of B Asc

(a) shows lighted neptune/pluto influence to B Asc. It is worse with the South Node as opposed to the North Node because we naturally fall into the consciousness of our South Nodes. They represent consciousness we are already familiar with. North Node consciousness is where we are trying to go (if only to end up somewhere in the middle, in perfect balance, at last), and is, essentially, unfamiliar. So, getting there is not always easy. Stig’s conjunction of harmonic south node with neptune and pluto in his 1st chart shows--possibly--a body (1st chart) somehow habituated (SN) to excesses and distortions (pluto) to neptunian functions (sensitivities, poor definitions). Neptune is creative. At a body level, with pluto, it becomes exaggeratedly “creative.”

(b)c1 neptune6 Leo 17ruler of c 4th house
b1 pluto6 Aquarius 05

Because the south node is a light, and lights have 5° orbs, (a) and (b) can be combined, giving Stig a general or life (chart born with) condition consisting of lighted neptune/pluto influencing an Angle and a 4th house. This particular set as it is does not produce specific serious episodes--which can come about other ways, one way being his death, shown below-- precipitated by a progressed Angle because neptune and pluto are too far apart. They will be separated in time by the progressing Angle and the South Node will go with pluto. All the Leo planets are in b 6th house, so (a) and (b) together influence an Angle, 4th, and 6th.

Stig’s C MC, ruled by mercury, has c mercury at 10 Libra 45 square c mars at 11 Capricorn 54. Since mars also co-rules (20 of 26°) c 4th house, and mercury acts like a light when it rules an Angle, Stig has lighted mars influence to an Angle and 4th house.

(c)b sun22 Cancer 37ruler of b 6th house
b1 mercury22 Capricorn 08ruler of b 4th house
b saturn20 Libra 45 (D)

Set (c) gives him lighted saturn influence to 4th and 6th houses.

Other than that, he has neither mars or saturn in 4ths, nor, as far as that goes, neptune or pluto. (David had saturn in c 4th, and saturn co-ruling b 4th). Both 4th houses in this chart are free of planets. He does not have mars and saturn on Angles. His most ominous-looking condition is set (a) plus (b) above.

Summarizing, Stig’s 1st chart lacks saturn influence to an Angle and mars influence to a 6th house. Below is the table.

6th HouseXXX
4th HouseXXXX

Stig, conditions at death, 1st chart

(a)progressed B Asc19 Aries 58
progressed c saturn19 Libra 40


(b)progressed C MC14 Libra 07
b1 mars14 Capricorn 39
pc mercury13 Libra 47ruler of C MC
transiting harmonic NN15 Capricorn 16

Set (a) shows Stig’s progressed Angle/saturn; set (b), his progressed Angle/mars. Neither influences 4th or 6th houses

(c)progressed b mars6 Leo 51co-ruler of b 8th (22 of 25°) houses
progressed b1 neptune6 Leo 08ruler of B ASC
progressed c1 sun6 Scorpio 50co-ruler of c 8th (20 of 42°) houses

Combining (c) above with (b) from the conditions he was born with gives us (d) below:

(d)progressed b mars6 Leo 51co-ruler of b 8th (22 of 25°) houses
progressed b1 neptune6 Leo 08ruler of B ASC
progressed c1 sun6 Scorpio 50co-ruler of c 8th (20 of 42°) houses
c1 neptune6 Leo 17ruler of c 4th house
b1 pluto6 Aquarius 05
c venus5 Scorpio 26ruler of c 6th house

Did you notice I added c venus? Set (b) (from his birth conditions) had no light, so venus did not seem important enough to me to include it in the set. I was paying attention to neptune and pluto. Venus’s rulership of c 6th house made it very important when a light materialized for the whole set.

In (d) Stig has lighted mars/neptune/pluto influencing an Angle, 4th, and 6th house. Mars/neptune/pluto are also conjunct in b 6th house. This is a new, close in orb, lighted mars/neptune/pluto influence to an Angle, 4th, and 6th house.

Stig’s 4th or 6th houses still lack new lighted saturn influence. They come from the following set, the same as (c) in his birth conditions, but saturn has continued to close in on the sun and mercury:

(e)b1 mercury22 Capricorn 08ruler of b 4th house
b sun22 Cancer 37ruler of b 6th house
progressed b jupiter22 Cancer 21ruler of B MC
progressed b saturn21 Libra 41

Saturn moves very slowly. The sun (and moon) picks up its influence faster than would other planets, thus increasing acceptable orb of influence. The progression of jupiter to the sun is usually benefic. I have seen progressed jupiter to conjunction the sun indicating especially good health (jupiter--benefic; sun--vitality) for the individual. Indeed, Stig may have been in excellent health. That may have relaxed his vigilance. Here, however, jupiter also undeniably connects Stig’s sun/saturn--increasing in potency--to an Angle.

Summarizing, at the time of his death, Stig’s 1st chart had influence to Angles, 4th, and 6th houses of mars, saturn, neptune, and pluto. The table was completely filled in:.

6th HouseXXXX
4th HouseXXXX

We have looked at their 1st chart, now let’s look at David and Stig’s 6th charts. I start again with David’s.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House
Figure 3

Placidus: c11--4Cap, c12--2Aqu, c2--14Tau, c3--2Gem b11--26Can, b12--25Leo, b2--10Lib, b3--11Sco

David, conditions at birth, 6th chart
Figure 3 shows David’s most noteworthy 6th chart sets. For my purposes, four were prominent.

(1) He has C Asc square pluto, giving him Angle/pluto. It simultaneously represents a 4th house pluto (“lighted”, or forefronted by C Asc). On the date he died, progressed b mercury was at 14 Cancer 08, joining the set. B mercury rules B Asc in c 6th house, so this gave him added Angular/pluto plus new pluto/6th influence.

(2) As in David’s 1st chart, the condition of b mercury is important. It rules B MC in c 4th house and B Asc in c 6th house--the two houses we are most interested in. B mercury’s relationship to node/neptune gives David Angular, 4th, and 6th influence of lighted neptune. As progressing neptunes grew closer to the node and B Asc, the set’s influence increased.

(3) C6 sun (ruler of c 6th house), c6 neptune, b venus, and b saturn are in a set. This gives him lighted saturn and neptune influence to his 6th houses. It simultaneously gives him lighted saturn influence to c 4th because saturn is in c 4th house (lighted by c1 sun). It does not give him neptune/4th--neptune is not in the 4th and the set does not contain a 4th ruler. In order to influence a house, a planet has either to be in it or in a set which contains the its ruler(s). Otherwise the set has no pathway to reach that particular house.

(4) C6 saturn is in a set with c6 moon, b6 uranus (ruler of b 6th house), and c6 mars (ruler of C Asc and c 8th house). Once again, this set is good for an unknown degree of influence, but an Angle progressing through it will separate mars from the other three planets. Set (4) gives David lighted mars and saturn influence to an Angle and a 6th house.

Other than that, David’s 6th chart looks innocent enough. He does not have mars or saturn on Angles. C mars, at 4 Gemini 49, ruler of C Asc, is conjunct b6 SN at 4 Gemini 49 in the same set with b6 moon at 3 Sagittarius 11. That gives him another lighted mars influence to C Asc. The Gemini planets are in c 3rd house. That adds up to the possibility his death (mars/8th house--manner of death, or is that after-death states?) will occur environmentally (Gemini/3rd). For the present purpose, it is simply an Angle influence.

In summary, every square in David’s table is filled except for his mars/4th influence. Below is the table.

6th HouseXXXX
4th HouseXXX

David, conditions at death, 6th chart

(a)progressed B MC8 Leo 42
c6 mars8 Aquarius 30ruler of C Asc in b 8th house
transiting pluto8 Scorpio 07

The above set gives him new Angle/mars, and incidentally, transiting pluto to it.

(b)progressed b6 neptune9 Aries 44co-ruler (16 of 21°) of b 6th house
progressed b6 moon10 Capricorn 11 42
C Asc9 Aries 57
b6 pluto8 Capricorn 31

The progressed moon in set (b) acts to make this a newly emphasized set. It gives him a new Angle/neptune/pluto, with neptune/6th, pluto/6th, but only pluto/4th. (Pluto is re-lighted in the 4th. There are no 4th rulers in this set.) Coincidentally, it is Angle/neptune/pluto.

(c)progressed c mars1 Cancer 07ruler of C Asc
progressed c saturn0 Cancer 50(coming from 29 Gemini 50 at birth)
c1 neptune0 Aries 42co-ruler of c 6th house (30 of 68°)
c6 sun1 Libra 09ruler of c 6th house

David now has sun/mars/saturn/neptune. He started out with a loosely knit sun/saturn/neptune. Progressions made it tight-knit, and mars gave it Angular influence. The Cancer planets are in c 4th house, so this set has Angular, 4th (except for sun and neptune), and 6th influence.

With sets (a), (b), and (c) David has lighted mars, saturn, neptune, and pluto influencing Angles, 4th, and 6th houses at the time he died.

He had one more interesting circumstance astrologically:

(d)progressed c6 mercury25 Pisces 27ruler of c 4th house, co-ruler (30 of 68°)
transiting saturn25 Pisces 32
transiting harmonic sun26 Pisces 36
transiting harmonic neptune26 Virgo 05 R

In his 40° return (the one used with this method) covering the time of his death, his return moon was at 6 Aries 22 conjunct b6 neptune at 4 Aries 52 and square b6 pluto at 8 Capricorn 31. Harmonic transits were pluto at 4 Cancer 56 and mars at 6 Libra 55. Non-harmonic transiting mars was at 4 Libra 37.

In summary, David’s 1st and 6th chart are similar in showing his potential death, and equal in showing his actual death. Below is the table for his 6th chart.

6th HouseXXXX
4th HouseXXXX

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House
Figure 4

Placidus: c11--20Lib, c12--11Sco, c2--8Cap, c3--20Aqu b11--4Cap, b12--3Aqu, b2--27Ari, b3--22Tau

Stig, conditions at birth, 6th chart
Referring to Figure 4, three Angles are interesting.

(1) He has b6 mars in Pisces (ruled by neptune) conjunct B Asc. I allow a 2° orb for Angles, so c6 neptune, ruler of c 4th house is part of the set. C6 neptune is also in b6 house. This gives him mars/neptune influence to an Angle and 4th houses, and neptune influence to a 6th house.

My next paper is about Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961. In his 6th chart Hammarskjold had b6 mars (8th and 3rd ruler) in Pisces opposition his C MC. And he had forefront neptune influence. To my knowledge, he had no allergies. He reportedly had tremendous stamina. In that paper I report the difference between Hammarskjold’s indications for allergic reactions and Stig’s.

(2) B6 neptune, ruler of the same B Asc, is in a set with B MC, c NN, c6 sun, and c6 venus (ruler of c 6th house). This set gives him another Angle/(node)/neptune, and lighted neptune/4th influence. Since b6 neptune is also in b 6th house (and lighted), it is another neptune/6th influence.

(3) His b6 sun is at 0 Pisces 57 (ruler of b 6th house) is in a set with C Asc at 0 Sagittarius 36 and b NN at 0 Sagittarius 53. The harmonic sun’s presence in this set suggests he is constitutionally (sun/6th chart/6th house) susceptible to neptunian processes, such as sensitivity to drugs and gases.

He has no Angle/saturn, nor are any of his saturns in sets which influence Angles He has no saturn/4th, but does have one for the 6th house:

b sun22 Cancer 37ruler of b 6th house
b saturn20 Libra 45 (D)

He has no Angle/pluto. In this set his non-harmonic plutos, conjunct each other, are unaspected. His harmonic plutos, also conjunct each other within 3-1/2°, are each in separate sets with one planet that does not rule an Angle, 6th, or 4th house. But c6 pluto at 19 Taurus 49, lighted by b6 moon at 21 Scorpio 23, is in c 6th house, giving Stig a pluto/6th influence.

In summary, at birth Stig started out with influence of mars and neptune to an Angle and 4th houses. He has neptune and pluto influencing 6th houses. Half his table lacks check marks, but the sets that are checked off are powerfully neptunian, with several influences each per box.

His most ominous-looking 6th chart set is his B Asc conjunction mars in Pisces opposed by c6 neptune, ruler of c 4th house. His B MC/node/b6 neptune does not look as ominous, but that neptune rules his B Asc, which in addition to what it had as Angular, acquired additional Angle/node/neptune influence through a ruler. So, he has Angle/node/neptune influencing two Angles (B MC and B Asc). Both are specifically connected to his 6th chart because his harmonic planets contribute the neptunes. Finally, Stig’s b6 sun in Pisces, ruling b 6th house, is also ominous. As close as it is in the set with C Asc/node, it is always forefront. He never gets free from his neptunian constitutional quirks.

Here is the table:

6th HouseXX
4th HouseXXX

Stig, conditions at death, 6th chart
Stig has progressed B Asc at 19 Aries 58 opposition progressed c saturn at 19 Libra 40. This is his new Angle/saturn influence--the same in both his 1st and 6th charts.

(a)progressed b6 mars24 Gemini 47in b 4th house (22 of 25°)
C MC24 Virgo 27

(a) shows a new Angle/mars influence, but also a new lighted mars/4th influence because mars is in b 4th house.

(b)B Asc18 Pisces 34
pb moon19 Sagittarius 40
b6 mars19 Pisces 03co-ruler of b 8th house (22 of 25°)
progressed b6 neptune17 Virgo 24ruler of B Asc
c6 neptune16 Virgo 46ruler of c 4th house
progressed C Asc18 Sagittarius 19
transiting harmonic pluto18 Pisces 04(for 2:30 a.m. PDT)
transiting harmonic saturn16 Pisces 57(for 2:30 a.m. PDT)

His progressed locality C MC for Pasadena, California was 18 Virgo 01, fitting into (b) above. That gave him three Angles (B Asc, pC Asc, and locality C MC) to mars/neptune transited by harmonic saturn and pluto at the time of his death. All in (b) influence his B Asc through degree as well as a ruler. They also influence his c 4th house. His 40-degree return moon was at 17 Pisces 46, fitting into the same set.

His progressed harmonic neptunes in (b) are in c 6th house, constituting his lighted 6th neptunes.

His progressed locality C Asc was at 0 Sagittarius 30, fitting into the set with his C Asc at 0 Sagittarius 36, his birth North Node at 0 Sagittarius 53, and his b6 sun (ruler of b 6th house) at 0 Pisces 57. His progressed b mercury, ruler of b 4th house, was at 0 Virgo 31.

I can accept transiting pluto, in set (b), as his Angular and 4th plutos. (I would not do that with saturn.)

Both progressed harmonic plutos, in c 6th house, were at 21 Taurus, in b 6th house, lighted by b6 moon at 21 Scorpio. They constitute his lighted 6th plutos.

(c)b sun22 Cancer 37ruler of b 6th house
progressed b jupiter22 Cancer 21ruler of B MC
b1 mercury22 Capricorn 08ruler of b 4th house
progressed b saturn21 Libra 41 (D)

His saturn/6th influence is the same in this chart as (e) in his 1st chart for death, repeated here as (c), above. It gives him lighted saturn influence to an Angle, 4th and 6th houses.

He is still missing a mars/6th influence.

(d)progressed b6 sun25 Cancer 42ruler of b 6th house
progressed c mars25 Capricorn 16co-ruler of c 4th house (20 of 26°)

Set (d) actually gives him 4th and 6th/mars.

Here is the table:

6th HouseXXXX
4th HouseXXXX

The table for Stig’s 6th chart is completely filled in.

Summarizing, Stig’s 1st chart is stronger than his 6th in portraying, at birth, his potential death. His 1st and 6th charts are equal in portraying his actual death.

The 1st and 6th charts for both David and Stig were equally active for all four planets--mars, saturn, neptune, and pluto--for their deaths. This was true even when the chart, for instance Stig’s 6th, did not look, at birth, like it carried information for a life-threatening illness.

In the table for his 6th chart, Stig was born with all--Angular, 4th, and 6th--the neptune influences. No block in the table for neptune had less than two check marks. His 6th house had three. What he lacked was Angular pluto, and pluto/4th.

However, by using the 4th house at birth in these tables I was looking for the implication--at birth--the condition would result in the individual’s death. Such things are not always clear in the genesis of a disease. At birth an individual could start with indications only for the disease. Later in life, he could develop an astrology which suggested he could also die from that disease. Since anaphylaxis does not always lead to death, in looking for its signature set we want to drop considerations of death. If I do that right now, I can drop all 4th house considerations in each birth chart. That leaves a table requiring only Angular and 6th house information. Constructing a table to show influence of just neptune and pluto to 6th houses for their 1st and 6th charts at birth, that table shows:

David and Stig, 6th House Influences at Birth, 1st and 6th Charts

6th House Neptune6th House Pluto
1st chartXX
6th chartXX
1st chartXX
6th chartXX

The table is completely filled in.

Looking at Angle/neptune and Angle/pluto influences, the following table results:

David and Stig, Angle/Neptune and Angle/Pluto Influences at Birth, 1st and 6th Charts

1st chartXX
6th chartXX
1st chartXX
6th chartX

In this second table, Stig is missing Angle/pluto in his 6th chart.

The first time Stig experienced an Angle/pluto was on June 15, 1955, about 1-3/4 months before birth. (footnote 3) On that date progressed c6 mercury, ruler of C MC, was at 19 Scorpio 49 R (it was retrograde at conception) in a set with c pluto at 19 Taurus 49. Only contemporary immunologists would know if that could have represented the triggering of a reaction which later affected Stig’s immune system.

As I knew when I began this work on anaphylaxis, two charts cannot provide material on which to base firm conclusions. They do suggest further research.

At this point it looks like neptune and pluto--influencing Angles and 6th houses in the 1st and 6th charts--are the significator sets for anaphylaxis. Combined with progressed sets which involve mars and saturn influence to Angles and 4th houses--necessary conditions for death for all of us--death can happen.

It is possible mars, rather than just being part of the set for death, belongs to the significator set for anaphylaxis. It would take more than two chart to sort that out, too.

Could the same influences describe another illness? Perhaps. But neptune and pluto are excellent descriptors of immune over-reaction.

As usual, I wish to point out there may be more to any significator set, in this instance for anaphylaxis, than I have shown. In this case each of their 7th charts shows serious problems at the time of their deaths. But then, the 7th chart usually does. It does not always tell why.

Other similarities between David’s and Stig’s charts invite discussion.

Each had meaningful transits--particularly in Pisces--to their 6th charts at the time of their deaths.

David’s were shown above in the death conditions of his 6th chart.
Stig’s were shown above in the death conditions of his 6th chart.

Stig’s b harmonic sun, ruler of b 6th house, was in Pisces in his 6th chart. David’s c harmonic sun, ruler of c 6th house, was in Pisces in his 1st chart.

Each had a moon in Pisces. Stig’s, in his 1st chart, was Angular. David’s, also in his 1st chart, was in a set which included an Angle ruler.

David’s conception neptune (12th house co-ruler) was stationary direct in his conception 6th house--so, therefore, all its harmonics were stationary direct in whatever house they fell.

Stig’s conception uranus (3rd house ruler) was stationary retrograde in his birth 4th house--so, therefore, all its harmonics were stationary retrograde in whatever house they fell.

Each had moons in Scorpio.

David’s birth moon (11th ruler, in b3rd/c 8th) was at 26 Scorpio 39 conjunct his b SN at 26 Scorpio 49. At the time of his death, progressed b uranus, ruler of b 6th house, was at 26 Taurus 37. Both were non-harmonic, so the set existed in all charts. Birth uranus rules his b 6th house. Transiting North Node (7:00 a.m. BST) was at 25 Leo 24.
Stig’s conception moon in Scorpio, ruling c 8th house, at 25 Scorpio 32, was near David’s in degree. In his 7th chart it picks up c7 North Node at 27 Scorpio 39.
In his 6th chart, Stig had two more moons in Scorpio--c6 (8th ruler) at 24 Scorpio 20, and b6 (5th ruler) at 21 Scorpio 23 (mentioned above). Both progressed harmonic plutos in his 6th chart were opposition the latter at the time of his death. Transiting North Node (2:30 a.m. PDT) was at 25 Scorpio 11.

Their moons in Scorpio appear more descriptors of their awareness of the nearness of death than causal in their deaths. (This assumes both had had serious allergic reactions before, and were well aware they could die in minutes from such reactions.)

Uranus was not without some part in both their deaths.

At the time David died transiting harmonic uranus for the 1st chart was at 4 Gemini 15R, on his c mars at 4 Gemini 49 (ruler of C Asc and c 8th house), his c1 neptune (12th co-ruler) at 4 Gemini 01, and his b1 neptune (6th co-ruler) at 5 Gemini 35. All were in his c 3rd house.

Transiting uranus played no part on the day of Stig’s death, but it had been transiting his b neptune (1 Libra 38, Asc ruler), c neptune (2 Libra 06, 4th ruler), progressed b neptune (2 Libra 03) and progressed c neptune (2 Libra 27) (the latter two for his date of death, 5/27/74) since the first time it passed over his b neptune on November 29, 1973. It turned stationary retrograde at 3 Libra 23 on January 31, 1974, passing back over all his non-harmonic neptunes. It turned direct again at 29 Virgo 16 on July 1, 1974--after his death--and finished transiting his neptunes (progressed c neptune last) at 2 Libra 47 on October 6, 1974. At that point it was finished transiting his neptunes.

In his 40-degree return (footnote 4) covering the period in which his death occurred, Stig’s uranus was at 0 Libra 04 R, having recently conjoined (on 4/9/1974) his b neptune (B Asc ruler, 12th co-ruler) at 1 Libra 38. Its harmonic position for the 6th chart was 0 Virgo 36R, playing into Stig’s set involving his b6 sun (6th house ruler) at 0 Pisces 57 (and C Asc, and b nodes, already discussed).

Both David and Stig had a harmonic uranus in Scorpio.

David’s b harmonic uranus in his 6th chart was lighted and ruling b 6th house when he was born. He had progressed c harmonic uranus (ruler of c 12th house) active but not forefront when he died. It was at 3 Scorpio 53R lighted by pc6 moon (5th house ruler) at 4 Scorpio 05 at the time.
In his 1st chart Stig had both harmonic uranuses in Scorpio. Neither were lighted.
Stig’s b1 uranus at 15 Scorpio 08 (12th house ruler), was in a set with c1 venus (6th house ruler) at 16 Scorpio 19 and c1 jupiter (C Asc ruler) at 15 Scorpio 58--all in b 8th/c 12th houses. I leave the interpretation of that to those bold enough to try it. It was not lighted or forefront when he died.
His progressed c1 harmonic uranus (3rd house ruler), at 10 Scorpio 26 and his c1 uranus (3rd house ruler) at 10 Scorpio 45 were active (lighted), but not forefront (Angular influence), when he died, by progressed b sun (ruler of b 6th house) at 10 Leo 43.

Their uranuses in Scorpio, like their moons in Scorpio, appear not causative in either David or Stig’s deaths. They seem descriptive of their experience.

However, in being descriptive their moons and uranuses in Scorpio and their lights in Pisces may, after all, play some part in cause of death. If so, they would be part of the larger signature set for death from anaphylactic shock. They do not belong in the main signature set. By themselves they have nothing to do with describing anaphylaxis. They occur in charts of individuals without allergies.

Those who have read this far may have noticed the play of 8th and 12th house influences in their signature sets. I probably missed some. My focus was on the 4th and 6th houses. I did not do Stig’s or David’s 8th chart. I did set up their 12th charts. Neither showed much activity for their deaths.

Finally, the question is, were their deaths avoidable? Their astrology was conspiring against each of these men when they died. On the other hand, it was a bee sting that killed David. It was a wrong medication that killed Stig. Their fatal illnesses were illness that are not necessarily fatal. With the proper antidote on hand, their responses were reversible. So, I am inclined to presume, their deaths were avoidable. At some point medical science will know how to tell immune system’s like theirs how not to over-react. At that point, astrology like this will no longer describe death from anaphylactic shock.

(1) The data did not say where he was when he died. I assumed Perth because that was where he was born.

(2) While these conditions exist at death, I am not willing, nor even able, to say they mandate death...just that they always occur with the chart(s) which is the main focus of consciousness at the time of death. Mars and saturn “enable” death. Death is not only a necessity, at the right time it is a blessing.

(3) Birth planets and Angles cannot be used for pre-birth conditions because birth has not yet happened. Conception planets and Angles start progressing at conception. However, the exact time of conception--that is, the conception chart--cannot really be known until birth, mother’s strong feelings about it notwithstanding. So, practically speaking, work with the conception chart and pre-natal influences cannot be done before birth.

(4) That return occurred on May 18, 1974 at 12:58:36 a.m. PDT, Pasadena, CA, 34N09, 118W09.

Data Acknowledgments
David Skorupa
Birth: 6/14/1946, 2:45 p.m. GDT, Perth, Scotland. From Astrodatabank database by Lois Rodden. Transits quotes the birth certificate, January, 1998.
Conception: 9/5/1945, 9:02:09 p.m. GDT, Perth, Scotland..

Stig Erlander, Jr.
Birth: 8/9/1955, 9:31 p.m. CST, Ames, Iowa. From Astrodatabank database by Lois Rodden. Pat Rice quotes his Dad from the birth certificate, May, 1997.
Conception: 10/30/1954, 10:48:27 a.m. CST, Ames, Iowa.

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