Mike J's 6mm Ackley Improved Reloading Page
Providing load data and information on the 6mm Ackley Improved Cartridge
Also known as the .244 Remington Improved

If you are looking for .243 Ackley loads, go to Jeff Milender's .243AI Reference Page

THE TWENTY CALIBER PAGE is now under construction. Please share your load data with us.
20 cal bullets are now readily available. Take a look.


My favorite manuals are from Nosler, Hornady and Speer.
Hodgdon and Sierra have excellent information in their manuals, but I do not like the binder type format.

***Read and understand the safety issues in these manuals before you begin.***

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6mm Rem & 6mm Ackley
Notice the sharp shoulder angle (40deg.)and reduced body taper of the Ackley, compared to the shoulder angle (26 deg.) and normal taper of the standard 6mm Remington. Upon firing, a 6mm Remington case comes out of the chamber with the new shape. The Ackley version has about 9% more capacity, produces less bolt thrust (according to Ackley's theory), and reduces case stretching. This Ackley case is loaded with a Nosler Ballistic Tip.

Click to see a case comparison drawing.
 "Loud Mouth"
This rifle started out as a new Remington 6mm VLS.  The original factory barrel was rechambered & re-crowned, pillar bedded, the action trued, trigger lightened, and a Holland Recoil Lug and muzzle brake installed.  All gunsmithing was done by Darrel Holland.  He is an excellent smith, IMHO.  Optics by Leupold, 8.5 x 25 x 40 AO with target knobs.

For what its worth, I will not rechamber a factory barrel again. The poor accuracy potential of most factory tubes isn't worth the cost savings of not going with a custom.

The lesson is: LISTEN TO YOUR SMITH!

Be sure to check all the links under "Load Data". There is a ton of good info here, sent in by numerous shooters. But please note that while the loads listed on this site were considered safe in the rifle in which they were fired, they may not be safe in yours.

Load Data for the 6mm Ackley Improved
This data is solely intended to give you a frame of reference, to see what other shooters have tried.
You may or may not have the same results.

Mike's 6mm AI Loads
Bullet wts. listed: 55, 68, 70, 80, 87, 95

Loads, targets, & rifle photo from Larry Clark
Bullets listed: 70 TNT & 70 Btip

Loads, rifle photo & forming notes from Henry Bruns
Bullets listed: 68 Berger, 70 Btip, 95 Berger

Loads & rifle photo from Charlie Homrighouse
Bullets listed: 55 Btip, Berger 95VLD, Starke 95FB, Berger 105VLD

Loads from Rex
Bullets listed: 58 Vmax, 65 Berger MEF, 70 Btip, 70 Speer HP, 75 Vmax

Loads & rifle photo from Jay Coy
Bullets listed: 80 Berger, 87 Vmax

Favorite Loads - VarmintGuy, Roy Bertalotto, Jay Mead, Bill Haley, Steve Stelling, Randy
Bullets wts. listed: 65 Berger, 66 Fowler, 68 Euber, 70 BR, 100 Rem, 105/107 VLD

Loads from The Varmint Hunters Association
Bullets wts. listed: 70 Btip, 95 Btip, 109 VLD

.244 Mashburn Loads from Richard Wild
The Mashburn round is very similar to the 6mm Ackley Improved. Take a look at Richard's gun.

Big Dog's Load Table and Rifle Photos
Bullets listed: 70 Speer TNT, 70 Sierra Blitz King

Loads, rifle & bear photo from Charles Sellitto
Bullets listed: 55 Nosler Btip, 70 Nosler Btip, Sierra 80 Blitz, Sierra 75 HP

Loads & rifle photo from Mike Westerlund

Loads & rifle photo from Dallas Walker
Bullets listed:105 Hornady Vmax, 105 Berger VLD

Loads & rifle photo from Stan Stewart
Bullets listed:105 Hornady Vmax, 107 Sierra

Hunt photos from Dave Poske

Clint Thompson's 6mm Ackley Project

6mm Ackley Loads from Jeremy Brown

6mm AI loads at the Accurate Reloading web site.
Lots of data for 100 grn bullets.

"Cream of Wheat" Fireforming

Making 6mmAI cases from Norma 7x57

Got a hog problem? Check out the traps at Wild Hog Traps.com

A few old hunting photos

Wild Hog hunting & trapping photos

.257 Roberts Ackley Improved Loads

GO GO VARMINT GO Message Board
Good place to share hunting stories & info

.243 Ackley Improved Reference Page

Varmint Hunters Association

Printed information on the 6AI can be found in the following:
Issue 8 The Varmint Hunter Magazine
Issue 25 The Varmint Hunter Magazine
P.O. Ackley's Handbook, Volume I (.244 Remington Improved)
Sept. '98 Precision Shooting
(Please let me know of others)

The National Reloading Manufacturers Association (NRMA) has a reloading safety folder,and the
Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) has powder and primer safety folders.
These can be obtained free by writing:
NRMA/SAAMI Safety Folders, One Centerpointe Dr., Suite 300, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Thanks for stopping by, check back soon for more data.

Thanks to shooting buddy Mike Gill for getting this page started for me.

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