My new .204 Ruger No. 1.

Remington's factory .204 loads

Here are some of the available bullets. Photo by Dan Clements
33Vmax - Unmussig 35 - Unmussig 40BT - Lucas 40RBT - Lucas 45RBT - Unmussig 50 - Berger 30, 35 40BT, 50BT

The Lucas bullets are no longer in production.

Here is a rendering of a few of the current twenty caliber wildcats. I drew these using Autocad R14.

Twenty caliber barrels can be obtained from:
Pac-Nor | Shilen | Douglas | Lilja | Lawrence | Hart | Krieger

Twenty caliber bullet manufacturers:
Sierra | Hornady | Berger | Calhoon | Nosler

Schroeder (619)423-3523 (no website)
Don Unmussig (804)320-1165 (no website)

Black Hole Bullets can be reached at:
PO box 2343 - Post Falls ID 83877 -


 .20 Vartarg Loads -- Art Wachtendorf

 .20 PPC Loads -- Art Wachtendorf

 Tactical Twenty Loads -- Dan Clements

 .20 Vartarg Loads -- Dan Clements

 Tactical Twenty Loads -- Dave Zimmer

 Tactical Twenty Loads -- Tran Doan's Rem 700

 Tactical Twenty Loads -- T/C Carbine from DannoBoone

 20 PPC Loads -- Rampro Pistol from John S.

20 PPC Loads from Mike Westerlund

20 PPC Loads & Rifle Photo from Ron McDaniel

 Tactical Twenty loads & photos - Mike J

Here are a few .20 caliber articles on the web.
Most of these are on the Small Caliber News website.
If you know of any others, please email the link for posting.

An excellent 20 Caliber page on

20 TNT | Tactical Twenty | 20 WBB | 20 BR Express | .20 Vartarg & Turbo
The single best source for tools and info on the various twenty calibers is Todd Kindler at Small Caliber News

Best message boards to contact other twenty caliber shooters:
Go Go Varmint Go -- AccurateReloading's Small Caliber Forum -- Jim Sabier's Small Caliber Forum

The National Reloading Manufacturers Association (NRMA) has a reloading safety folder, and the
Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) has powder and primer safety folders.

These can be obtained free by writing:
NRMA/SAAMI Safety Folders, One Centerpointe Dr., Suite 300, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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