A few hunting photos
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Christopher's big fish
Christopher caught this 10lb. 2 oz. stripper while fishing with Uncle Paul near Dallas.
Steph's coyote
Stephanie shot this coyote across a small canyon, while firing out of a ranch house living room window.
Mike w/deer
8 point buck taken 12-15-01 Trinity County, Texas .   He field dressed at 120lbs.
deer on tailgate Rifle used: Ruger M77 International firing handloaded 150 grain Nolser Ballistic Tips and H380.
A cold, wet front passed through at 4:30 am, and there was a light mist when he walked across the logging road at 7:50.  He was already across the road and heading into the woods when I shot.   Distance was 214 paces.
stand / horns
4' x 6' two man stand, on a 10' metal tower.
6 nice points, and two ring hangers.
view from stand This is the view from the front & right side windows.  This area is new-growth (7yrs) pine on timber company land.  The deer crossed from right to left in the top view, 50 yards or so beyond the feeder.  Oats & rye grass are planted near both feeders.  The acorn crop in the hardwoods was heavy this year, so very little corn or oats was eaten.  I have a tri-pod down near the hardwoods and a small a creek, but did not see anything there in spite of the acorns.
youth hunt
Texas Youth Duck Hunt, 2000
Mark, Christine, & Nick          Near Katy, Texas
Full limits for each.  Blue & Greenwings, & a Shoveler.
youth hunt
This was Christine's first hunt.  She had never fired a gun before.  After picking up her first duck, a Blue Wing Teal, she dropped the Browning Auto-5 Twenty to the bottom of the reservoir.  The gun was frantically cleaned while the Teal continued to dive into the decoys.  After the limits were filled, a big breakfast at the local greasy spoon topped off the perfect hunt.
3 varmints one pistol
Three varmints, one pistol -- Ruger MKII
Milton, Mike & Stephanie
1157 yards 1157 yards, on a Prairie Dog in the Texas Panhandle.  The rifle was the Remington 6mm Ackley Improved shown on the main page.  Shot was witnessed by Milton Fenley.   We went out the day before to place markers (bowling pins) at 1000yds plus, so as not to waste shots under the goal.  No, it was not a "one shot - one kill", but it is good for the "Club" record book anyway. 
Mark 662
Mark Spangler from Katy, Texas and his 662 yard Prairie dog.
Near Lubbock, Texas  1998
Ruger M77 VT  .22-250
Stephs long shot
Stephanie and her Prairie dog taken at 621 yards near Abernathy, Texas  1997
We were hunting with Larry Pate  -  806-892-3121
Milton Fenley and Mike Johnston witnessed the shot
Ruger M77 .22-250, Hornady 52 BTHP
goose hunt
Mike J, Joe Miller, Tim Walden, & Mark Spangler
A few snow geese taken on the Katy Prairie in 1996
Danny's Elk
Dan Hallmark with his bull Elk.  It weighed ~1,000 lbs., scored 385 B&C
White Mountain, Arizona  9-29-2001
crow hunt
Dan, Tim & Milton
~50 crows, Brazoria County, Texas
Crows were raiding a Pecan Orchard.
MMenser first ducks
Mike Menser's first duck hunt.
Three Blue Wing Teal.
Hunted in a rice reservoir near Katy, Texas  1997
Nicks dove hunt
Nick Herrin after an Opening Day Dove hunt.
Hunted over a plowed fallow field near fence line.
U. P. '96 deer hunt
Deer Camp 1996    Near Escanaba, on the Michigan Upper Penninsula
Tom Durocher  -  9/15/97
Lynn Durocher - 3/26/02
We sure miss you both.

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