Hog Hunting & Trapping
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Hog Trap
This is a trap built by myself and Scott Herrin.  Completed in mid February, we have not been able to get it set in an area that the hogs are currently working.  This pic was taken in my back yard, prior to taking it to the woods in Trinity County, Texas. Check back soon, & hopefully there will be pictures of this with a porker or two.

Good website with more hog trap info 

Same trap
The trap is built out of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1/8 angle & standard cattle panel.  It is 8' long and 4' square. The door is built out of 3/4 pipe, two ninties, and two T's for hinges.  A piece of 1/2" sch. 80 pipe is welded across the front for the door to hinge on, through the two T's.  The door has a latch that locks the door shut when it falls.  1/4" cable is strung from the door, along the top, and down to the trigger.
trap trigger
The trigger is a 12" piece of the sch. 80 pipe used for the door hinge.  1" angle is welded across the bottom, and rebar is welded to the angle, with a bend to hold the trigger.  Deer corn is spread all around & under the trigger, with a few kernals leading the way into the trap, and  scattered all around.  When the hogs are in the trap rooting around, the idea is to knock the trigger out from under the rebar to let the door drop shut.  I gues we will find out soon if it works.
first pig
This is my first hog.  Near Conroe, Texas.  Gun used was a Ruger .45 Colt, loaded with a 300 grn Speer & W296.  He was a tough one.  Took 5 of 6 shots to end the chase. 
Shot this one with a Winchester Model 94 Carbine, in .45 Colt.  Spooked him (and me) when I walked up on him near a deer feeder.  He bolted out of some heavy brush, along with 8 or 10 others.   I guessed his weight at 175lbs or so. 
Joe Miller
Joe Miller shot this sow while still hunting a low, wet area known to have lots of hogs.  After he dropped this one, several others were spotted running for cover. His gun is a Ruger M77 in 6mm Remington.
Mark's first hog
Mark Spangler shot this young boar while hunting from a deer stand.  Used a .308.

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