Loads from Jay Coy

A photo of his 6mmAI appear below the load table.

Start with 6mm Remington loads from a current load manual and work up.

Charge Powder
87 VMAX Moly
Fed 210 M
80 Berger Moly
Fed 210 M

Jay's Rifle

Jay's 6mm AI
Stolle Kodiak right bolt, left port repeater, Shilen 27 1/2" straight taper to .850"
Leupold 6.5x20x50 in Kelby two screw rings.
McMillan Fiberglass stock

Jay has considered selling the stock off this rifle.  If you think you might be interested, drop him an email.

Jay and his 13 yr old son both shot deer with this 6mmAI this past season.  Both shots were taken off the
back deck of Jay's house.  Both deer (a buck & a doe) dropped where they were shot.

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