Opus #10


    It must be the most intriguing game

    Ever, in the history of the universe,

    To have been invented. Ah! Who—what

    Mind—could have thought of such an

    Incomprehensible scheme for his or her

    Leisure? What mind could have espied

    The limitless scope of the various sub

    And supra-atomic interactions that

    Transpire in the course of but another

    Ingenious feature of the game known

    As the millisecond or some other sub

    Unit of the longer inconceivable essence

    Of the game called Time? What mind

    Could have envisioned the spinning of

    An electron, a nucleus, an atom

    A molecule, an elemental matrix, a

    World, a solar system, a galaxy, a

    Universe? What mind could see all

    These things in constant, self-

    Renewing, law-abiding motion, and what

    Mind could have seen, amongst all of

    This infinity, something as small and

    Ephemeral as Me? What mind could

    See me spawned, growing older, larger,

    More wise to know, yet never fully knowing,

    Its all-powerful, all-present being?

    And what mind could see me grow old,

    Wither, perhaps procreating along the way,

    Die, turn to dust in a blink

    Of its all-seeing eye? But what mind

    Could also see that I would never

    Die, that my true essence would

    Exist as a part of the game for

    What we might call—forever?


© NOV.'85-APR. '86