In Satin Bliss


The silver moon smiles aglow


Lighting the golden veil softly draped

And gently teased in the airy flow

From the moon-mirrored great lake


Sky blue eyes, radiant silver now

Look upon the night in wonder:

Is there love for me, where and how?

Her poor heart’s torn asunder.


The lake breeze blows and knows her name

So gentle, soft against her skin.

It say’s she’s not to blame

Says, in the end, she will win.


Her radiant smile shames the moon

Her golden veil mocks the sun

Breeze blows, you shall know love soon

Your emptiness forever, forever undone.


The angel recalls ancient happiness

And disrobes for this night’s sleep.

She feels the wind remove distress

In satin bliss she weeps.


        © June 28, 2000