False Piety



Back to reality, dream’s ended

Bread and circuses, moldy and staid,

A cloud of glass and heap of steel:

Twin Babel-like icons shattered, battered

By those with a plan of faith,

A cause we cannot truly know,

Yet in measures we have used and use again,

In false piety we now decry as evil.

Farewell freedom, you sleepy mirage,

As the noose tightens around liberty,

Strangling away fond memories, days,

Nights of frivolity in a blanket of naïveté,

That we are, will be secure in our depravity

And loss of a true spiritual guidance,

In blind pursuit of pleasure, treasure,

Not knowing, or dare, not caring,

What havoc we wreak upon others,

When we, in false piety, claim justice

As our solitary franchise, others be damned.



October 26, 2001