Part XIX

These 2 photos are the full resolution images available at the links below. They are processed differently (?) as they appear to show more detail than the same images from the narrow angle links at The very bottom photo is a comparison to show that the creature is stretching its neck out in the photo on the (E1401522). Also, note how the ear is going straight back while in the photo section pasted at the bottom (E1300965) it is drooping down the side of its head. I thought at first it was a scaling issue. So, I tried to adjust each of them to see if I could make them look the same. I could not compensate for the difference in slope of its forehead between the two photos. This creature is alive. Note also, that there was a sandstorm here only the year before. The entire area was engulfed. That should have wiped out details like pupils and whiskers if it was just an accident of nature. Wait a minute, did I say nature? Oh, I must have forgotten. There is no nature on Mars.

Sandstorm link


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1.) The slope of the forehead. 2.) The angle of the ear. 3.) Eye squinting vs. eye wide open. 4.) Mouth wide open vs. partially open.