Mars-Mania: Life On Mars
Part XV

In a photo blow up I swear I can almost see a pupil. These eyes are at least 9 feet across and the head is over 100 feet in diameter. We are going to have to re-think our theories about life. There was no reason before these photos were taken to ever expect more than probably dormant bacteria or Lichen like vegetation or fungus. Once acceptance of the evidence presented here sets in then scientists will fumble for explanations while their shock wears off. I have to sympathize with anyone who has stuck their neck out in the past and made unsubstantiated pronouncements about anything as an absolute truth. I would just say wipe the egg off your faces and start helping to figure out what this might mean and what the bigger picture is. Does life permeate the universe? Where ever there is rock and soil a symbiotic relationship starts with living organisms that cycle the material from living to dead and back again? Will the new paradigm and the younger scientists develop a new philosophy that is the opposite of the old? Will they look at reality with wonder and amazement and ask questions rather than dismissing thought?

The most compelling argument for life is near the bottom of the wide angle photos compared in Part XIV. If it moves then it must be alive. Something certainly moved because there is something new at the bottom of the last wide angle on the right. It is not a meteor because there is no impact crater and besides that it appears to be hollow. Almost like one of the creatures with its mouth wide open jutting up from a burrow. Of course, at 250 meters/pixel you better hope you don't see any teeth! Below is a close up comparison of the last two wide angle photos. If you do a rough estimate of the opening it is over 1000 feet! Why did it suddenly jump up out of the ground? Was there something flying by it could eat? I thought there wasn't enough atmosphere? Something lured it out into the open. It reminds me of a hungry baby chick the way its mouth is open. There has to be a food chain. IF there is one thing alive then there has to be food and maybe predators. Judging by the size of these guys I wouldn't want to meet their predators.

NOTE: All photos are courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems, the Mars Orbital camera and NASA. 3-25-01 4-10-01 6-06-01 1-19-02 2-11-02 2.91m/pixel image width=2.98km 3-21-02 3.06m/pixel image width=3.13km

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