Mars-Mania: Life On Mars
Part XVI

There is another way of viewing photographic data during analysis. That is to convert the photo to a negative image. I guess it is because of the way our mind perceives and processes images beyond our conscious control. I usually see things in a new light if the negative reinforces what I perceive in the positive image. So, let's take a look at the creature and the wide angle comparison photos.

The creature exhibits skeletal structure. I find that very interesting. The wide angle comparison certainly reinforces the differences in the area of the herd of creatures. The creature popping out and up in the bottom of the last wide angle exhibits interesting structure, also. These are similar to positive and negative comparisons of living structures on Earth. Background and inanimate objects don't usually have these characteristics that I'm aware of. We should also take a look at a negative image of the creatures we observed in the other section of this high resolution photo. I think this photo is a great example of how the background can disappear. It makes it far easier to study these anomalous creatures. The impressions on the surface where they are submerged are easier to distinguish.

NOTE: All photos are courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems, the Mars Orbital camera and NASA. 3-25-01 4-10-01 6-06-01 1-19-02 2-11-02 2.91m/pixel image width=2.98km 3-21-02 3.06m/pixel image width=3.13km

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