Mars-Mania: Life On Mars


Here is the final proof as the creature has two whiskers showing! Now, argue or debate this with a veterinarian. There is an enhanced version at the bottom. Are those paws, also?

Seriously, this may not be the final proof. But, some of what has been shown thus far has been brushed aside because "they" have seen it so many times before. The standard aeolian patterns on sand dunes. "A sandstorm caused the landscape to change." "There is no life on Mars, it's your imagination." Whiskers, eyes, mouth, properly positioned on a head are just imagination? The desert plain has blotches that are changing with the seasons. It could be water seepage and many of these mounds could be fungal or some kind of vegetation. They are changing with the seasons. Many of the astronomers before the 1960's wrote book after book about it. One got carried away and wrote about canals, also. But, now we have cameras there and we can see in two photos what lives off of the vegetation. We heard for decades that there could be no water or atmosphere on Mars. We have been hearing periodically about more and more water including the moon of all places. Does anybody see a pattern here, yet? I can't wait for the amount of atmosphere to start increasing and the amount of UV radiation to start decreasing in each new find.

NOTE: All photos are courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems, the Mars Orbital camera and NASA. 3-25-01 4-10-01 6-06-01 1-19-02 2-11-02 2.91m/pixel image width=2.98km 3-21-02 3.06m/pixel image width=3.13km

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