Mars-Mania: Life On Mars


Mars is a very curious place. It hides things in plain sight. It is easy for the trained scientists to glance at a photo, see something familar and then neglect to examine it closer. That is where anomaly hunters come in handy and help to keep the scientists honest. I have tried to be careful not to give them quick and easy at a glance anomalies to dismiss. Here is another photo of interest and its negative below it. I think the aeolian patterns crossing at right angles should present a problem. I can't help but think that thing on the right is an eyeball. Another thought to ponder is when these "things" are blurry is it because they were moving when we clicked the photo?

Note the difference between the negative below and the previous one of the creature with a whole face. The negative below clearly shows this is an inanimate object. The eye was an illusion. There is no skull or skeletal structure visible. There is no eye socket. This is just regular landscape. The dark patch on the left is probably vegetation.

NOTE: All photos are courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems, the Mars Orbital camera and NASA.

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All of the wide and narrow angle links to this region of Syrtis Major are below. Please note that only the three narrow angles listed above and on the previous page were used. It is interesting to note how different the other areas appear only miles away. There are a couple that are all messed up (digital garbage) and one showing the sandstorm (E0503351). Which incidentally occurred between the time there was nothing in the lower right and when there was.